Monday, October 10, 2011

Minneapolis Basilica Lights Dome Lavender in Time for "Coming Out Week"

Edit: In light of Archhbishop Nienstedt's current campaign to oppose abberosexual marriage in the state of Minnesota, it seems self-defeating that one of his largest and most visible churches, the Basilica of St. Mary's in downtown Minneapolis, is illuminating the consecrated towers and dome of this august building, with purple lights.

Apart from being a frivolous expenditure, it's clear that these flashy things lack a spiritual dimension. And in point of fact, it's time for "National Coming Out Week" which involves homosexuals having parties where they tell their poor families that they are sodomites. This event begins on the 11th of October. You might think this is all minor stuff. We hope not, but this current confluence of events and lights seems to mesh well with the Basilica's other projects, like useless and scandalous interfaith events where Rabbis, Imams and Protestants are invited to give talks. One Rabbi was even invited to give the "homily" on Good Friday Liturgy, when a the liberal Rabbi who promotes Cabbala, was allowed to take over the pulpit and do the priest's job.

St. Mary's has also participated in the Gay Pride Festival with their presence at a booth representing area "churches" who all recognize abberosexual marriage.

Of course, Father Corapi, Father Pavone, Father Donat Gionet in Canada, Father Micheal Rodriguez in Texas and Father Andreas Skobliki of Austria and the saintly Father Michel of Thieberville, France, are singled out for suspension and other canonical punishments often based on the flimsiest evidence. Some of these priests are able to speak to much larger groups of people than the others, but they all preach to churches overflowing with faithful eager to hear what they say, and by their example they reach a lot of people, by their gentleness and prayerful outlook, they bring people into the Church.

Meanwhile, creatures like the present pastor of this lavender hangout keep their jobs.

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  1. May the Archbishop put a stop to this. Even if they plead ignorance, this post is sufficient to warrant its extinction on the ground of scandal taken.


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