Monday, October 10, 2011

Holy Father Encourages Couples to Trust God's Will Against the World

Confront the Resistance

Italy. Yesterday, Pope Benedict visited the south Italian region of Kalabria. At the Mass he wore a dalmatic under a newly tailored baroque chasuble. In the sermon he criticized the alarming unemployment, the criminality and the wounded social structure. The Pope encouraged the newlyweds to give evidence for their faith: "When you meet the opposition of the world, said the Apostle: "I may do everything in him, in whom my power lies."

Switzerland.  Bishop Vitus Huonder of Church celebrated the Immemorial Mass in the Monastic Church in Einsiedeln.  It was a High Mass.  The Church was packed to the gills.   The occasion was the yearly pilgrimage of the Society of St. Peter, which goes from the village of St. Pelagiberg in Canton Thurgau.   The Bishop assisted Father Martin Ramm as Deacon and Father Dieter Biffart as Subdeacon.  In the Choir was the Rector, Franz Banauch of Wigratzbad, Father Alexander Metz and Father Thomas Achatz of the Berlin Institute of St. Philipp Neri.  The boys of the newly founded Catholic Musical Academy of Albbruck sang the Latin choral Mass.  In the Sermon Msgr Huonder stressted that there can't be any love without following the divine Commandments,  especially when it comes to pre-marital chastity.

Hindu Flag flown above the ruins of a Catholic Church 

India  On the Hindu feast of Dussehra -- which is celebrated on the 6th of October and concerns the victory of good over evil -- 300 extremists marched to a village in the city of Bakinga, where a destroyed Catholic Church is being rebuilt. The extremists flew the Hindu flag there. This was reported by the US-Newagency 'Catholic World News' on October. The church is located in the province of Kandhamal in the east Indian state of Orissa. It was destroyed during the anti-Christian uprising in August of 2008.

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