Friday, May 27, 2011

A Surprise Candidate Will be the President of the Catholic University of Eichstätt

So that the alleged Catholic University can continue to be mired and never constitute an actual break with Catholicism, the newly chosen must fulfill a service above all:  He must not step on the Old Liberal's feet.

© Pressefoto Universität Eichstätt
(, Eichstätt)  Today the University Boar of the Catholic University of  Eichstätt chose a new president on the third try.

This was according to the University in a press release.

Already in the first ballot, there was a two thirds majority for the weighty Dominican, Fr. Richard Schenk.

Father Schenk comes from the USA. His family wandered from Germany about a hundred years ago to California.

The plain clothes Dominican will take up his office on the first of October.

He will replace the Old Liberal Berlin Moral Theologian Andreas Lob-Hüdepohl (48).

He provisionally directed the University since the summer of 2009.

Lob-Hüdelpohl was also a front running candidate for the election for prisident.

He was held to be the favorite.

The Coffee Machine

Father Schenk studied philosophy in California and Theology in Munich.

There, he received his doctorate from the Conservative Dogmatic Theologian Leo Cardinal Scheffczyk († 2005) with a work about St. Thomas Aquinas, the Jesuit Karl Rahner († 1984)and the Philosopher Martin Heidigger († 1976).

In 1971 he entered the Dominican Province in California.

He was ordained in 1978 to the priesthood.

Since then he has taught history at various faculties.

From 1991 to 2000 he served as director for the „Forschungsinstituts für Philosophie Hannover“ founded by Bishop von Hildesheim in 1988.

From 1999 to 2003 he was the Regent of Studies for the Western Province of the US Dominicans.

From 2003- 2005 he was the Director of the interreligious "Intercultural Forum for Studies in Faith and Culture" at the John Paull II in Washington D.C.

In addition, Father Schenk has been a member since 1991 of the "European Academy of Arts and Sciences" in Salzburg.

For the question about what he wanted to do on his first day, Father said: "Order my espresso machine".

As per the German ‘Katholischen Nachrichtenagentur’, the plain clothes Dominican will make the Uniersity "more international, ecumenical and interreligious".

On the other site, Father is deemed as intelligent, faithful, but in liturgical things, indifferent.

It is therefore to be doubted that the decadent University can be set on a course of reform.

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Ray from MN said...

Eichstaett is the home of the Convent from where the Benedictine Nuns of the Benedictine Convent in St. Joseph and of St. Scholastic in Duluth came from.

I visited there with my aunt who was a nun at St. Scholastica when I was about to get out of the Army and she was in Europe on a sabbatical upon retiring.

They call it an "abbey" there, and the Mother Superior was called an "abbess" and wore a huge ring. My aunt got to talk to here but only from behind the grill and through an interpreter.

There's supposed to be an "annual miracle" that takes place there.

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