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Lutherans: Not Interested in Distancing from Old Rhetoric

As is commonly known, Luther persistently reviled the Pope as a heretic. Should you not take the wooden head of Wittenberg simply at his word?

(, Regensburg) The Protestants should finally distance themselves from the barren polemic of their founder Martin Luther († 1546).

Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller of Regensburg advocated this on Tuesday for the news service 'dapd'.

"It is time that on the official Protestant side that they officially distance themselves from the teaching that the Pope is anti-Christ."

Such expressions can do nothing but be reduced to an obsolete polemic -- explained Msgr Mueller.

Beating around the Bush

Actually, yesterday the members of the Protestant Communion refused the long overdue distancing.

The Bavarian "Bishop" Susanne Breit-Kessler said that the Bishops public proposal cam "as a complete surprise".

This was in the anti-Church 'Suddeutschen Zeitung'.

"No one today would describe Benedict XVI as anti-Christ. That's not something any person would say" -- she said speaking of the bush.

The president of the Evangelical National Synod in Bavaria, Dorothea Deneke-Stoll, took a similar tone.

As if she had spoke with the "Bishopress", Mrs Deneke-Stoll gave the same content for the 'Suddeutschen Zeitung':

"This Luther citation isn't something I've heard from any active protestant in this form. I can only imagine that anyone would dare to use it."

Bishop Mueller received a knife in the back from the supposedly Catholic Vice President of the Bavarian National Assembly, Comrade Franz Maget.

The Comrade reached up and took the abuse-hoax out of thin air, saying:

"Clearly, [Msgr] Mueller is worried that the abuse discussion of 2010 has been far more problematic than it has been for the Evangelical."

Sure enough: of course, the Comrade was silent about the real men in the charge of this abuse discussion.

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Giovanni A. Cattaneo said...

What protestant do or say should be of little matter to us.

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