Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn Addresses Problem of "Theologians"

He should deal with this -- rather than become dismayed.

"For a year young theologians, and future women religious teachers [sic!],  theologically engaged laypersons explained that it is inessential for the faith if there was an empty grave or not, that the faith in the resurrection of Jesus is not significant, if the bones of Jesus were to be found.    In the clear text that means: the resurrection is understood symbolically.  The actuality of Jesus goes further!  One such >>Easter Believer<<, reduces it to a point of existnetial dismay that Jesus lived on,  which can hardly be comforting, or awaken joy.  It is false labeling [...].  This sort intellectually dishonest deception has always been dismaying.  It has always been seen in the past as horseplay."

The Old Liberal Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna in a guest lecture for the regional newspaper 'Tirolean times' and 'Austrian News'.

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