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Traditional Nuns Join the Society of Pius X

Traditional Reparative Sisters of the Holy Ghost have taken the consequences after a year long terror from the side of Conciliar Jacobins.

Website of the Reparative Nuns of Niedaltdorf

( The Traditional religious community of the Reparative Sisters of Niedaltdorf have established themselves under the Society of St. Pius X.

The Sisters explained this in an open letter to the General Superior of the Society, Bishop Bernard Fellay.

The text is available on the website of the Society. [In German]

Niedaltdorf -- is a village in the community of Rehlingen-Siersburg in the district of Saarlouis located in the Diocese of Trier in Saarland.  The Sisters have been entrusted to run the elder home St. Antoniushaus.

In 2000 the Sisters were required to find a second house.

For the moment all the Sisters live in Niedaltdorf.

Worldwide there are twenty seven religious communities in the Society of PIus X.

Persecuted by the Communists and by the Conciliar Commisars

In their letter the Reparative Sisters thank "from the heart" and with "deepest gratitude" for their acceptance into the ranks of the Society.

Since their founding, it has been a goal of the Sisters, through the Old Mass, through prayer and service to neighbor to sacrifice and atone.

The foundress, Mother Cornelia Holewik, gathered her first daughters in Communist  Czechoslovakia between 1945 to 1966. 

The Sisters were inflicted with severe physical and spiritual torments during the Communist persecution -- explained the letter to Bishop Fellay:

"In true and real Catholic Faith for atonement for the mother house and enduring six years of factory work under the worst conditions, till she could travel to the Bundesrepublik after long, difficult battles."

In the Conciliar confusion the Nuns  " were exposed to many battles"  again:  "We have prayed all year for clear understanding."

They learned that  divine providence had led the Order in incorporation with the Society of St. Pius X  -- it went on.

There is "still where the true Catholic Faith is promoted and lived".

The Sisters of the Reparation invited Msgr Fellay to their house:

"Porae patent, magis cor"  -  "The doors remain open, even more so then the heart."

Link to original, here.


  1. Interesting. Traditional nuns accepted by Bp. Fellay whereas his own fellow bishop, His Excellency Bp. Williamson who has dedicated most of his life to the SSPX is not. That's what happens to even an SSPX bishop who questions the Sacred Cow of anti-Christ Judaism, namely the Sacred 6 Million Gas Chambers Hoax.

    James B. Phillips

  2. I believe that Jesus Christ is God Who dwelt among us because I find credible and reliable the testimony of those who were witnesses to His life and works - as that testimony has been passed down to us through many generations.

    I also find credible and reliable those who testify to the events known collectively as the Holocaust.

    My starting point is the traditional one - that the witness is presumed credible until the contrary is established. I do not consider the latter burden to have been met merely by claiming that the testimony contradicts scientific laws. If that were the case, no scientific theory could ever be disproved. And I could scarcely believe that a man rose from the dead.

    - Kevin

  3. On the question of the Holocaust, whether it was as generally portrayed or is an elaborate hoax is open to question. A bipartisan commission of historians, scientists, and the testimony of witnesses could give a final answer to the question. However, presently, historians,researchers, and scientists have gathered very compelling evidence that the question of 6 million is rather only approximately 350,000 with even qualifications to that number.

    The SSPX on the other hand is neither infallible or perfect but represents the best of those attempting to maintain the integrity of the Catholic faith. They too are a human element subject to fears and dangers to both their Society and personal welfare as much as anyone else. It is a fact that Judeo/Freemasonry is at this time at the height of it's power, worldwide and in the Church, a formidable power to deal with and courage is a rare element in any age, time, peersons. Bishop Williamson represents that courage against the real enemy but alas that courage is left to him near alone at the moment while others fears overcome that virtue.

  4. The have been many holocausts in history. There is a bigger abortion holocaust now.
    The one in World War II has been exaggerated to provide an excuse for the Freemasons to set up the Israeli state so they could take over the Holy Land.

  5. St. Thomas would agree that anything is open to question. He did not, however, demonstrate that Mary Magdalen's testimony was unreliable or incredible. He merely refused to believe anyone else.

    To testify as to another's death or disappearance, or as to having recognised another, are things that are well within the capacity of any rational adult. To challenge the reliability of such testimony would not be a simple matter. Nor has the the credibility of the witnesses to the Holocaust been challenged.

    That testimony is consistent with the slaughter having been wholesale genocidal, at a time when the populations of Europe were already in the tens of millions. If it is argued that the total figures are wrong by an order of magnitude, that is an awful lot of people left unaccounted for.

  6. If the Jews claim that there was a holocaust, I do not see any problem with their claim; the problem will arise only, if they want to impose their holocaust above Christ’s Divine Holocaust. History had witnessed many holocausts and I hope that these terrifying events may never again happen into the future. As for the sisters, the Conciliar Church is not ready to accept them into its arms.

  7. Anonymous at February 21, 2011 8:42 AM states: "I could scarcely believe that a man [in reference to Jesus Christ] rose from the dead." Neither could I, but He was more than a man. He was God.

    Anonymous at February 21, 2011 5:22 PM
    states " Nor has the the credibility of the witnesses to the Holocaust been challenged." Sorry to disabuse you of this notion, but it has been successfully challenged many times over as any honest, competent, and unbiased research into the matter would make abundantly clear.

    Rodolfo states: "If the Jews claim that there was a holocaust, I do not see any problem with their claim." (I could imagine a Jew saying, "If the Christians claim that Jesus Christ was crucified, I do not see any problem with their claim.") Unfortunately, it's not that simple. When they claim a holocaust they are referring to a specific unvarying sacred --six million gas chamber holocaust version. And if you dare question that version -- especially if you are a bishop in the Catholic Church (who has every right to question it) -- you may well be subjected to Judaic censorship and worse. Many are rotting in prisons in Europe for doing just that. The pope, himself, has bowed to the Judaics in publicly reprimanding an apostolic successor for questioning it. I should hope that this is not the kind of thing that you "do not see any problem with."

    For fear of the Jews. Not a whole lot has changed in the last 2,000 years!

    James B. Phillips

  8. Thank God, those nuns did the right thing.

  9. How could you all so easily get distracted by a post about Jews when this story has absolutely nothing to do with Jews, the Holocaust, Zionism, or anything like that. James B. Phillips, you are an anti-Christ. You took wholly and entirely good news and distorted it, turning a message of deep love and commitment to Christ through the traditional religious life and turned it into an occasion for you to hop on your soapbox and poison this blog. Truly Satanic, you do not build up the kingdom of God, the Church, but claiming to be faithful, you undermine her by calumniating faithful nuns and the SSPX (not to mention detracting Jews).

  10. I'm happy about the Nuns finding a place of refuge where they aren't persecuted for being Catholic as it was when they were in Communist Czechoslovakia behind the Iron Curtain.

    I am more than happy to defend Bishop Williamson and post articles on "revisionist" history, in any event.

    Freedom of speech is supposedly a democratic value and all.

  11. Silky Johnson (at February 27, 2011 1:04 PM), please read over carefully each of my posts. You accuse me of undermining the Church "by calumniating faithful nuns and the SSPX (not to mention detracting Jews)." You also state the following: "James B. Phillips, you are an anti-Christ." and then go on to say that my posting here is "Truly Satanic." I trust the people who are reading this will realize how utterly preposterous your words against me are.

    A solid Catholic Dictionary provides us here with the definition of calumny: "Injuring another person's good name by lying. It is doubly sinful, in unjustly depriving another of his good name and in telling an untruth. Since calumny violates justice, it involves the duty of making reparation for the foreseen injury inflicted." Lying consists essentially of communicating a falsehood with the intent to deceive. I have not calumniated the nuns in any way. I wish them all the best and I have said nothing against them, much less lied about them.

    Neither have I calumniated the SSPX in any way whose chapels I have attended regularly over many years. I even taught full time in one of their schools. Furthermore, I have regularly supported and continue to support the SSPX with my prayers, work, and money.

    Finally, you accuse me of detraction in regards to the Jews. Since when does the exposure of a horrible lie, the lie of which has carried and continues to carry immense negative consequences in the evil march to replace the Theology of Calvary with the Theology of the Shoah, constitute the sin of detraction? It is not a sin to work to expose a lie which is being used to uphold and strengthen the present day Synagogue of Satan which has infiltrated my Holy Mother Catholic Church. It is an obligation carried out in true charity.

    For you to pass personal and public judgment on me by stating that I am "an anti-Christ" is truly amazing, although unfortunately in a world inundated with "Holocaust" propaganda unfortunately not surprising.

    James B. Phillips

  12. Mr. Phillips, thank you for your contributions, you are very welcome. We apologize for not being more outspoken in your defense, and yet this story is about the good news of these poor and good Nuns finding hope and spiritual safety in the SSPX.

    With Respect,

    Webmeister Tancred

  13. My children attend school at a Society college. We attend Society Masses.

    I love the Society and The Holy Catholic Church. What I don't love is the action of some in denying the reality of The Holocaust of The Jews and others who suffered under the Nazis. St Theresa Of The Cross who died at Auschwitz was herself a Jew. They are the people Our Blessed Saviour and His Mother and all The Apostles were born from.

    My personal experience of Jews has been one of love and friendship. Even growing up they gave me the fun of The Three Stooges, the brilliance of Einstein, the talent of Danny Kaye, Neil Diamond, Leonard Cohen and so many others.

    May Our Lord bless and keep the Jewish people and lead them to the never ending joy of knowing and loving Him.

  14. Nobody's been doing that, so I'm surprised you'd suggest that anyone was.

  15. Tancred, the SSPX does not exist so that some people can hide out as true Catholics while peddling anti-Jewish hatred.

    "Nobody's been doing that" in this thread you claim. Well, you could have fooled me. I'm surprised that while you obviously don't care about your own reputation neither do you care for that of the SSPX.

    Bishop Williamson has been ordered to keep his silence and rightly so. Now why don't you?

  16. You're the one who wants to beat that dead horse.

    People like you belong in museums.


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