Saturday, October 23, 2010

The News Just Noticed: "What's a Dancer Doing in the Basilica?"

Actually, completely acceptable: The versatile altar space with the supper table can also be used as a dance floor.

[] Actually, Msgr Konrad Zdarsa was already named as Bishop of Augsburg on July 8th. In reality he will occupy his office on the 23rd of October - much later as prescribed by Catholic canon law.

According to Canon 418, Paragraph 1, the installed Bishop must succeed within two Months.

Meanwhile the mice are dancing in his new Diocese on the graves of its Episcopal patrons.

This was reported by the daily 'Augsburg Allgemeine' on the 4th of October with the title: "What is the Dancer Doing in the Basilica?".

"With her dancer's movements and in the language of pantomime, dancer Gabriele Hofweberin, at the Baslica of Saint Ulrich and Afra, told her story in various organ pieces, reported Peter Bader."

The Basilica is an Augsburg church. With its towers it is a thoroughly visible sign of the southern old city.

There are sarcophagi containing the bones of the Bishop Saints: Ulrich, Afra and Simptertus.

The dancer wandered through the entire table-altar room, over the steps and along the aisles.

They were at first, according to reports from the news daily "understated" with two orange-red robes, then later, only with skimpy, black clad bodies were to be seen.

The reporter went crazy:

"The Admiration and devotion one infers from her figures, girlishly unencumbered joy of life and - to the Toccata of Theodore Dubois - a whole love story with a shy and bashful approach, luck, despair of rejection and finally, new hope and fresh laughter.“

The applause of spellbound audience followed „what was a fleet footed presentation“- and let there be no more doubt that the former Sacred Space had become a concert hall.

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