Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Supreme Knight renews consecration to Our Lady of Guadalupe: And Insults Her

Despite these pious assertions, the Knights of Columbus is still a gutless and facile organization devoted not to the truths of the Catholic Faith, but to values completely alien and hostile to it.

Unfortunately, many Catholics will continue paying, praying and obeying.

On Faithful Citizenship, the Supreme Knight noted that “the vast majority of Knights of Columbus activity is directed toward matters of faith, charity and family life. We are not a political organization, and partisan politics is expressly prohibited by the Constitution and laws of the Order.”

“Our members include people of many political persuasions, and our goal is unity in faith and fraternity, whatever our political differences might be,” Anderson said. However, he explained that “we do, however, take positions on a limited number of key issues that we believe are fundamental to faithful Catholic citizens and involve matters that must transcend partisan politics.”
“Our guides in this area are two of the great documents of the Second Vatican Council: 'Gaudium et Spes,' which addressed the role of the Church in the modern world, and 'Dignitatis Humanae,' its teaching on religious freedom and the fundamental dignity of the human person.” [This is shorthand for not getting rid of members of the Knights who are Freemasons, Pro-Abortion or other brands of Unfaithful Catholic. On the contrary, the Knights will throw out those who are Pro-Life.]

Supreme Knight renews consecration to Our Lady of Guadalupe :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)


Pablo said...

I think you hit the nail on the head.

Here is a prophesy that has Freemasons and their infiltration of Holy Mother Church:

Our Lady of Good Success.

God be with you.

Please comment on this four hundred year old message.


Tancred said...

We need to be or become the salt of the earth, else the word will lose its savor.

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