Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ratzinger-Schülerkreis Discusses the Outcome of the Second Vatican Council

Editor: the Zenit article doesn't mention Cardinal Schönborn's participation, although the following article does. It will be interesting to discover what Cardinal Koch's paper discloses and how it is received. It would be interesting as well to know what, if any, bearing the current talks with the SSPX have on the talks.

Castel Ganndolfo: Archbishop Kurt Koch will speak as the main contributor about the Second Vatican Council and the Liturgical Reform -- even Cardinal Schönborn will take part.

Castel Gandolfo ( The new Vatican Minister of Ecumenism, Archbishop Kurt Koch will act as the main contributor at the upcoming meeting of the "Ratzinger-Schülerkreises" on the weekend in Castel Gandolfo. Even the Vienese Archbishop Cardinal Christoph Schönborn takes part again in this yearly meeting.

From the beginning on Friday to Sunday, the former post-graduates of Benedict XVI gather around, Koch will speak about "The Second Vatican Council between Tradition and Innovation." IN a further contribution, he will discuss the connection between the Liturgical Constitution of the Council and the post-Conciliar Liturgical Reform.

The meetings of the Schülerkreises, which Ratzinger has held since his time as Theology Professor in Regensburg, begins on Friday with an in-house practical report and an exchange of ideas about "The Outcome and Fruitfulness of Vatican II". On Saturday the group will hold a conference with their former professor in the Papal Residence.

After a common Mass on Sunday Morning the students of the Pope make their reports related to their meeting in 2008. The book "Conversations About Jesus. Pope Benedict XI in Dialog with Martin Hengel, Peter Stuhlmacher and his students in Castelgandolfo 2008" was produced by Mohr Siebeck. It was edited b y Peter Kuhn.

There are also several young post-graduates invited to the meeting of the Schülerkreises - the "New Schülerkreises", who will work on the themes and scholarly work of Pope Ratzinger.

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