Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cardinal of Mexico: Homosexual Perversion is Evil

The Homosexual-perversion has a much to do with marriage as the human bowel movment has to do with making Wurst.

[kreuz.net] Since March the city of Mexico has treated the unnatural homosexual paring as a normal, healthy marriage.

Against this unjust state privileging of a beloved perverse act has caused the civil government of President Felipe Calderon to complain.

Indeed the highest court in the land of Mexico denied the complaint.

The homosexual-judge refused, that the unjust-privilege of a socially useless perverse minority has contradicted the Mexican Constitution.

The fertilization is supposedly "not a fundamental aspect of marriage" -- maintains the Judge.

The Politicians Want to Destroy their Land

Norberto Cardinal Rivera (69) of Mexico City criticized the judgement on Sunday.

"The Church can not stop pointing to this as evil" -- declared the Cardinal.

For: homo-parings are only fake marriages.

The homo-pervsion is an "immoral confusion" -- asserted the Cardinal.

The politicians are dealing with marriage and family "as if they were depended upon, to destroy them and with them, the Nation."

The homosexual-perversion is against the plan of God and nature of marriage, "which Jesus has raised to a Sacrament" -- insists the Cardinal.

Simultaneously he emphasized, that the Catholic must respect the law and the homo-perverse may not be discriminated against.

That does not warrant, "the support for false laws".

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