Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dinesh D'Souza Sells His Own Mother, The Church, For a University Post

Editor: We've known the neoconservatives are willing to sell-out for status, money and power. Now Dinesh is demonstrating the fatal susceptibility of the neo-conservative media personality, who shows his moral and doctrinal pliability when there's a plum job at stake.

Perhaps the University didn't require Mr. D'Souza to step on Christ's face for his high-end position, but it's a good possibility he wanted to make it look good for any donors who might have questions about his loyalty to whatever it is they believe there.

Desouza writes:

"I do not describe myself as Catholic today. But I don't want to renounce it either because it's an important part of my background. I'm an American citizen, but I wouldn't reject the Indian label because it's part of my heritage," D'Souza said.

Is he Catholic or not? Howlingly Absurd writes at Angelqueen:

It is disheartening to read the denial of the truth of the Catholic faith by a former Catholic apologist. Someone needs to refute the apostasy in the poisoned ivy here.
Assuming that he is not merely appeasing and submitting to his wife and her religious views.
The Mass and Christ Himself are what he has left behind by leaving the Catholic Church. As well as the full teachings of the Catholic Church.
Sola scriptura is clearly false because the canon of scripture came from the Church and tradition which require reason informed by faith in order to be properly understood by educated Christians. The Catholic chaplains at Princeton and Dartmouth surely would have known that in the 1980s. So should Dinesh.
What a scandal not to teach one's wife and children such truth.
What on earth could have happened ten years ago to walk away from Fr. McCloskey and the truth of the Catholic faith? The truth of the Catholic faith remains the same today as it has for the last two thousand years.
No Protestant woman can make it otherwise. Nor any scandal among the modernists. Nor any neocon seminar.
"Profesor Noll, call your office."

Read further...How D'Souza denies the Catholic Faith

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Adam said...

Having read Mr. D'Souza's works for years, I've often wondered what religion or philosophy he would pretend to adhere to if suddenly there were no money to be made by writing as a "Christian" author.

Speaking as a Jew turned Evangelical, I wish Marvin Olasky and Dinesh D'Souza would reveal their true gods to the people who respect them, the gods of Money, Fame, and Power.

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