Thursday, August 26, 2010

Right-Wing Liberal Group Think and Rash Condemnations of the SSPX

What happens when you get a group of self-educated, conservatively minded Midwestern women together on a website so they can complain about society and the men who run it?

In this case, we have a young woman in her anger, rashness and hardness of heart getting her facts wrong and exaggerating her ability to move heaven and earth to excommunicate the SSPX. In her haste to issue her res terribilis, based we assure you on nothing more than some real or imagined slights she's suffered from SSPX adherents, condemning an entire group of people because she imagines that the rumor mentioned by Bishop Williamson that a Motu Prorio was in the works was actual, and that not only had this Motup Proprio been published, but that it had been rejected by the leadership of the Society.

If such a Motup Proprio existed, we have no idea what the Society would have done with it, but we at least on this end have no idea what is going to happen. Certainly some members of the SSPX are not pleased, either, with things they imagine to be going on.

The fact is, no one knows about the Motu Proprio, except for those who need to know about it, and a group of women, no matter how conservative or self-educated they happen to be, can make the Pope do something he hasn't done.

Anyhow, she doesn't like the Society, despises Bishop Williamson and will not be moved either way. There are many people, who, as in this case, out of ignorance, condemn this or that person and hold for dear life upon that misapprehension, to their eternal discredit, and possibly damnation.

If she's not more careful, she could be one of the best apologists for the society. Her wild accusations and factual inaccuracies could lead to not a few people taking the time to find out a little bit about the Society of Saint Pius X, human nature and perhaps a little bit about themselves?

Cheeky Pink Girl: I Declare SSPX to Be An Officially Separated Religion From the Catholic Church

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