Friday, July 16, 2010

Pope Says Mass Privately Says Bishop Fellay

*Bishop Fellay says, " the Holy Father celebrates the old Mass privately" and that an Italian Bishop has said he will leave the Church if he celebrates it publicly. Bishop Fellay said this in a speech at the 2010 priestly ordinations.*

( Pope Benedict XVI. And his secretary George Gaenswein celebrate the old Mass. This is according to the General Superior of the Society of Pius X, Bishop Bernard Fellay, in a speech in the 8th of July in the Brazilian city of Bahia..

You can listen to the speech on the page '' under user 'fbmvm'.

This celebration will not be done because of inner-Church resistance against the old Mass.

Msgr Fellay also mentioned in his talk an example of the battle against the Roman Rite.

At a priest conference in Italy reported a priest, that his bishop had threatened to leave the church if the Pope ever publicly said the old Mass.

Msgr Fellay: "The Bishop leads a war against the old Mass." Simultaneously, he sees a line of good Bishops and priests,

At least the heart is in the right place said Bishop Fellay about Benedict XVI., that he has a Catholic heart and loves tradition, but suffers from a progressivist understanding.

Benedict XVI. is trying to save the Vatican Council at any price.

The Bishop also said that part of the Roman Curia and the neoconsevative led State-Secretariat have torpedoed traditional initiatives of the Pope.

As an example the Bishop described the traditionally restored Trappist Abbey of Mariawald in the German Alps.

The Pope had already permitted them to retirn to the old discipline and liturgy. Actually the secretary of State has intentionally set the Decree aside.

Indeed the Bishop sees also that there are a great number of Prelates in the Curia who are well-disposed to the Societ Pius X. In the Cathedral of St. Peter's there are 20 old Masses celebrated daily.

*Three Examples for the Decline*

Finally, Msgr Fellay illustrated the decline of the Church since the Vatican Council with a few examples.

He cited a chancellor of the Diocese of Trier. He has made known that 80% of the priests in the diocese deny the real presence of Christ in the Host.

In the Diocese Langres in north-east France every priest is entrusted with 60 parishes.

In the United States the number of religious men and women have shrunken to 10% of their original numbers.

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  1. I personally doubt some of Fellay's cited stats, specifically the 80% figure for priests of the Diocese of Trier who do not believe in the Real Presence and the assertion that the number of religious men and women in the USA has dropped to 10% of their original numbers. Since there are around 42,000 priests and 50,000 or more sisters in this country, that would indicate original totals of 920,000 or more. Simply not true.

  2. While no explanation was provided of "shrunken to 10%," It's actually pretty accurate in regards to the nuns. Today there are about three communities of nuns in the US receiving new vocations, Ann Arbor, Hanceville, and Nashville. The rest are all aging to very old nuns who get no new postulants. Similarly, the priests are aging though thankfully we still get new priests both young and old.

  3. Anonymous:
    I find it hard to believe there are only those three. What about the Discalced Carmelite nuns in Valparaiso? Or the Benedictines of Mary in Missouri?

    Anyway, very hard to work '4shared' - I cannot find this speech. :(

  4. So 80% of priests in Trier deny the Real Presence, says Bp. Fellay?

    Consider the source.

    Next, he insists that "an Italian Bishop" has threatened to leave the Church if the Pope celebrates in the EF publicly.

    Note he does not say WHICH bishop.

    Again, consider the source.

  5. Jack,

    Yes, let us consider the source. The same source that has fought for the Faith consistently, teaching that the Old Mass was never abbrogated. He and the SSPX were ridiculed for this. Turns out they were right.

    Consider the state of the Catholic bishops. Each day one reads new commentary from a bishop on why they don't believe one or another of the Church's infallible teachings. Does it honestly seem that difficult to imagine a bishop saying what Bishop Fellay asserted?

  6. It is absolutely not true that only three communities are receiving new vocations. My community is also growing. We just received two new postulants this year. Additionally, while Ann Arbor and Nashville continue to receive new members and retain about 75%, Hanceville only retains about 20%. About half leave during the novitiate, although some do last through a year or more of temporary vows. They have had only two final professions in the past year. Additionally, they have been placed under the care of an apostolic administrator as a result of the recent visitation.

  7. I'm not sure why anyone would question what Bishop Fellay had to say here. Anyone introduced to Vatican politics by Reginald Foster knows it's true.

    It is also true that more than three communities of female religious are growing, but almost all the communities which are growing are faithful to the charisms of their foundresses and wear some kind of visible habit. Those who don't and integrated the "spirit of Vatican II" (NOT the Spirit of God) into their communities will soon all have died out. And good riddance.

  8. Why would it surprise anyone if 80% of the priests in Trier deny the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist? If anything, one should be surprised that it is *only* 80%.

    As for "the source", what's not to trust with Bishop Fellay? He has always be very straightforward in his dealings with the Holy Father and others in the hierarchy of Holy Mother Church.

  9. Well, there is one bit of good news out there if the Pope actually does find the backbone to say the ancient Mass publicly: one Italian Bishop will leave the Church.

    Could I please know who he is? I'd like to go over and help him pack his bags should the Pope ever return to traditional worship.

  10. The Mother of Mercy, the Dispensor of Divine Graces knows best:

    Her message is loud and clear.

    By the way, Bishop fellay is just a Bishop in a good position.

    The real one responsible for defending the Faith and keeping Tradition alive is Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

    Go to

    and listen to the Sermon 5th Sunday after Pentecost, by Father Cyprian, Father Prior of the Benedictine Monastery. It contains a message about the Archbishop.

    May God our Lord in His infinite and supreme goodness be pleased to give us His abundant grace, that we may know His most holy will, and entirely fulfill it.


  11. No, Bishop Fellay doesn't say which bishop has threatened to leave the Church if the Pope celebrates the Immmorial Latin Mass publicly. Wouldn't that be the sin of calumny if he did? Perhaps, in addition to dening the Real Presence of Christ in the Holly Sacrifice of the Mass, many Novus Ordo Catholics also deny the existence of numerous venial sins. If Novus Ordo Catholics did believe that Christ was truly present how can they be so presumptuous and prideful so as to not even bend the knee before receiving our Lord's graces. "Because of this, God greatly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bend, of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth"

    Saint Paul to the Philippians 2.9-10

    Remember only 1 out of the 10 lepers was truly grateful for the Saving Grace of Jesus.

  12. I stand to be Corrected - perhaps, I should have said it would be the sin of detraction being that the comment about the unnamed bishop is most likely or believed to be true. Calumy applies only if what is said is known to be false. I'm sure that is not the case.


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