Sunday, July 25, 2010

CCCR Billboard Campaign and Parish Presence in St. Paul and Minneapolis

[St. Paul- Minneapolis, USA] The Catholic Campaign for Church Reform has been active in the Archdiocese for a while, it features Michael Bayly and others and has a stock presence in the more liberal parishes like, Our Lady of Grace, where dissident, pederastic and homosexual promoters are normatively presented. They've managed to get together some money for a billboard campaign, but Archbishop Nienstedt has already said that they are not associated with the Archdiocese as Orate Fratres blogreports:

The billboard proclaiming a September, 18th, 2010, "Synod of the Baptized" stands just off a major throughfare leading to the archdiocese-a mere 3 miles away.

The church reform group responsible for purchasing the billboard ad is the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform. A local coalition of long-frustrated individuals belonging to various national dissident organizations now banded together. Their ultimate goal is to create greater schism within the church as they organize for what their calling the American Catholic Council to be held in Detroit, Michigan, in 2012.

Archbishop Nienstedt has previously found it necessary to warn the Catholic faithful concerning CCCR and the organizations' non-affiliation with the Archdiocese of Mpls/St.Paul or the universal Roman Catholic Church. He had this to say about the group back in 2007:

Last year, we looked at Our Lady of Grace and a defensive Dennis McGrath passed the buck then. Is it possible that Archbishop Nienstedt will close these parishes down? Certainly, Our Lady of Grace would not be a significant architectural loss if it were closed.

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