Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Opus Dei Replacement for Cardinal Mahony

Based on earlier reports that Cardinal Mahony is stepping down at 75, from American Papist, we have a report as to the identity of the man who will head the wealthiest and possibly most troulbed Archdiocese in the world.

According to Maximilian Hanlon, and other sources, the replacement for Cardinal Mahony should be the Opus Dei Archbishop from San Antonio, His Lordship, Jose Gomez.

Bishop Gomez was sent to the San Antonio See in 2004 and had been shepherding the Archdiocese of Denver as Auxiliary Bishop prior to that.

He was a lot more generous with the Immemorial Mass than Cardinal Mahony was and had this to say about the Motu Propio:

... pope's move will help Catholics "be able to clearly see the growth and progress we have realized since Vatican II, while at the same time preserving the rich heritage and legacy of the church." [1]

If he promises to be like his fellow Opus Dei Bishop, Archbishop Finn of Kansas City, this should be a real welcome to the auto-destructive regime of one of the most scandal ridden clerics in the history of the American Church. Archbishop Finn once reminded Catholics that we are in the Church militant and "in a war". Such triumphalist language shows well on Opus Dei.

We would also like to say that this posting is typical of the appointments by Pope Benedict. Earlier this year, he appointed the most conservative Bishop in Belgium to lead the country in Brussels, Archbishop Andre Joseph Leonard . Or the new Auxiliary Bishop of Linz, Father Wagner, who was shouted down by the liberals in that most challenging Austrian Diocese. Or Bishop Jose Munila of Spain in December.

Another not so surprising appointment was Archbishop Carlson, formerly of Sioux Falls and Saginaw, who had a legendary reputation for administration and conservatism.


  1. Wow! Talk about the "good news"! Blessed Easter to you, cousin!

  2. I'm not sure I understand this... "the replacement for Cardinal Mahony should be..."

    Are you saying that Abp Gomez has been selected as the co-adjutor? or are you saying he should be?

  3. This is information we received from an often credible and well-connected source. It should happen, but it may not, but it is an appointment which makes sense given the Holy Father's other appointments to major Sees. The profile of the new Bishops is that they are orthodox, strong in promoting vocations to the priesthood and far more traditional than the sorts of appointments we've had in the past.

  4. OK... so it's idle speculation :)
    Happy Easter!
    Χριστός ἀναστάς! ἀληθῶς ἀναστάς!

  5. That should be worth a bunch of rosaries! I'll start today with that.

    There's no doubt in my mind that it will be an Hispanic archbishop, so that lowers the size of the universe of "possibles." There can't be more than a half dozen in that universe.

  6. It's being reported on now...

  7. I would say the appointment of the bishop in Saskatoon falls out of step with the appointments aforementioned above. Bishop Bolen is his name... Modern ecumenist, I believe...

  8. That's a very good point, but overall, the striking sea change is that conservatives are being appointed to the major Sees and being favored with important positions in the curia.

  9. Deo Gratias! as an LA resident, I'm quite excited, Liturgical ridiculousness is coming to and end


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