Saturday, April 10, 2010

NCEA Conference with Garrison Keillor is Over

And Keillor was permitted to speak and allowed to give the impression that Catholic doctrine is as mutable as Keillor's choice of spouses, religion and locale.

Given Keillor's own Episcopalian religious affiliation, we don't understand why he insists on speaking on behalf of an organization he openly and shamelessly despises? Does this mean that he, in the parlance of the character assassins at NPR and the NYTs, support the "Nazi" Pope and his secrecy and medieval ism?

Perhaps it has something to do with the money and those city-slicker ways he learned when he got booted from New York City for being too boring and came crawling back to the little pond in flyover land.

What's really strange in Lake Woebegone is how the Communications Director will spin this, despite the 200k plus salary he receives to dither in his office and offer "no-comment" to journalists covering important stories.

It may not happen too soon, but these Archdiocesan offices really need to get the Todd Tambergs (Communications Director for Los Angeles) and Dennis McGraths into retirement.

Why is it that because it's religion based, that you can be incompetent, evil and lascivious but still make a lot of money? Even if you get caught at the above, you can always cry on camera and elicit sympathy from your supporters like Jim Baker did before he went to prison.

Check out the list of speakers. It's a practical guarantee that if you looked up their writings you'd find all manner of heresy, and these are people who are running Catholic education. No wonder Catholics don't know their Faith...

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