Tuesday, February 16, 2010

US Catholic is styling its USCCB Seamless Garment

US Catholic writer Bryan Cones is angry about Deal Hudson's attacks on the USCCB for its relentless pandering on behalf of liberal social and political agendas.

One thing Mr. Cones doesn't seem to understand is the idea that we may not participate in a moral evil that good may come of it, as we do in the case of working with Planned Parenthood, and the Catholic idea of subsidiarity, which gets completely lost in the USCCB's breathless and sycophantic support of the neo-Marxist ideas promoted by the Democratic Party.

This is a pretty good example of the seamless garment argument created by one of the most heterodox champions of modernism in the American Church. It basically entails the mistaken idea that you can work with one anti-Catholic agenda and ignore another anti-Catholic agenda (Abortion rights movement, or Pro-homosexual movement), while the former is deceptively camouflaged as a Catholic position: in this case, the idea that the Catholic Church should support wealth confiscation (theft and envy)and present it, deceptively, as Charity.

Of course, the ecclesiastical hissy fit usually flows from this erroneous position in the typical manly response that goes like this:

Can we just be honest here? Deal Hudson is a Republican. He thinks everyone should be a Republican, and he thinks if you're a Catholic, you should be a Republican because the only issues you should ever cast a vote on are abortion and gay marriage (as if the GOP is really pure in practice on either of those issues). Abortion and gay marriage are, after all, why Jesus came to earth. And Catholics aren't allowed to take political action on any other pressing social issues that cause human beings to suffer and die until (1) abortion is illegal and (2) gay people aren't permitted any recognition in civil law for their relationships or families. Catholics should just vote for the GOP candidate and write a check to Catholic Charities in the meantime to help care for all those people that are left behind while we work on abortion and gay marriage.

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