Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Women priests will no longer be contained

Priestess Jeaney gets some help from Rip Taylor at a Bacchanalian celebration, where young men, if there are any present, may be sacrificed. Perhaps young men fear the women dominated Church because they fear being subject to the fate of Pentheus?

Using spurious scholarship to support their claims, these women on a mission officiate at ceremonies where journalists often outnumber participants. A small number of people really want this to happen, but it's a sure-fire way to empty a church as most of America's main-line denominations are discovering as they sink into irrelevance; unfortunately for them, sneaky PR gadjetry often enhances the hilarity of their position rather than lead them to consciousness of the problem. That's what makes satire so wonderful, is the blissful ignorance of a man, or in this case a woman, about to step into a casm of well-deserved ridicule. Of course, the practice of allowing women on the altar at all is often confusing; as much as we might revere particular women, they don't belong up there any more than the elderly Knights of Columbus guys who insist on "doing" the readings on Sundays in somber colored suit and tie to the deafening tedium of the scant "massgoers" who endure it all, again. From an aesthetic standpoint, it demeans the liturgy, it's part of an overall programme to mashe everything down to the level of pablum which most men don't find very necessary or enervating.

The overweening presence of women in parish life, in liturgical functions is simply more evidence, certainly stronger evidence then their archaeological "evidence" of wymyn Bishops, that there is a common causality between low participation in Church by marriageable adult males. It's an opportunity to take a nap or stay in bed on Sundays.

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