Monday, October 19, 2009

Rethink Redux: Cormac Brissett

After much consideration, hand wringing, self-doubt and pious meditation, we've decided to consider the condition of our soul, upon taking in the many concerns that have been iterated here and elsewhere that what we're doing here isn't righteous but amounts to calumny and detraction.

Upon reflection, we've had to consider the times in history when the Church's societies have come under attack from outside forces, forces within the Church and even within their own societies; unjust attacks, as was the case with the suppression of the Knights Templar which resulted in the forced confessions of many brother Knights all based on the suggestion that the Knights were involved in worshippng the devil and comitting unnatural acts with one another. Of course, when one looks between the lines, all it amounted to was a desire by Phillip IV to focus his power and have access to the fabulous wealth of the Templars.

Ironically, the date of our blog post is October 14th, the day after the Templar Grand Master, Jaques de Molay, along with some of his brothers, were arrested and accused of Satanism and homosexuality. French troops had already threatened Rome in 1303 when they arrived at Agnani to arrest Boniface VIII and accuse him of heresy, and French troops again threatened his successor, the French Pope Clement, if demands for a speedy condemnation were not met. Reluctantly and perhaps tragically he aquiesced. It seems that Phillip was not content with bringing the Pope to heel, but some of the Pope's guardians as well.

We've also taken into account Henry VIII's own unjust confiscation of Church lands with the usual condemnations directed at the Church then too, and the unfortunate suppression of the Jesuits in 1773 which conincided, incidentally, with the mass infiltration of Masonic societies throughout Europe by Adam Weisshaupt's illluminist conspirators.

It's a terrible story of betrayal and injustice and it is a historical lesson which should give anyone pause when he considers the Holy Societies and Religious Orders of the Church.

Unlike Henry VIII or Phillip IV, we're not looking to consolidate our power, although there are undoubtedly those who do today; therefore, it's important that we are mindful that an attack on the American Church might amount to a benefit for the Church's enemies.

Unfortunately, the Church's enemies have successfully infiltrated the Church. Unlike some of the aforementioned historical lessons, including the Soviet Union's own use of similiar tactics to attack Catholic and Orthdox churchmen, these are valid claims. Undoubtedly, however, and to our shame, there was some truth to the claims levelled against the Church and Her Religious Orders: but what of the motivation?

What we've experienced in the past forty years and more has been a wholesale defection of many of the Church's societies to the point where they are almost unrecognizeable from pre-conciliar times. The infiltration of the Church by men with Revolutionary agendas is well documented, and this is in no wise to be exaggerated in the case of the Society of Jesus. Moreover, there are a considerable number of homosexuals in their ranks, some of whom engage in pederasty. It is the motivation of the airing of this news to give some consolation to past victims, possible redress to present victims and to prevent any future crimes of this nature occuring with the frequency they have in the past occured, with benign neglect on the part of many parts of all too often fallible churchmen.

So, after much consideration of the Church's history in this regard and the threats without and the threats within, we must regretfully maintain our initial posture of revealing this information to the public in hopes that it will serve to reform the parts of the Church we cherish and encourage those who are guilty of not being who they claim to exit their offices. We'd hope, moreover, that those responsible for protecting men like the aforementioned Cormac, would be removed.

One wonders at the fervor of the defenders of these vices. Would they be as fervant in the defense of a man who was loyal to the orthodox Patrimony of the Catholic Faith? They would not.


Anonymous said...

This is about the most pretentious crap I have ever read on the internet

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've met this Cormac Brissett - the poster here is spot on regarding this chaps predilections. A scandalous fellow to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I've met this guy too... charming with a certain insouciance.

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