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Frequent Immigrant Violence in Magdeburg

Several injured at Magdeburg Hasselbachplatz as fight escalated on Magdeburg Hasselbachplatz while several foreigners clashed on Monday night. A man was mortally wounded. Five suspects were detained for the time being, and two were released.

Police and fire department with flashing lights on Hasselbachplatz

Magdeburg Hasselbachplatz is the frequent sight of disturbances aand brawls.

Image rights: MDR / TNN 

In Magdeburg on Monday night in a dispute on Hasselbachplatz left a man critically injured. Police reported that around 9 pm, up to 30 foreigners had entered into quarrels.

According to previous findings, two perpetrators had arranged to meet Hasselbachplatz. They were each accompanied by several other people. At the meeting, it came first to a verbal confrontation. Thereafter, hammers, chains and batons were used. The seriously injured is reportedly a 44-year-old Turk. He suffered knife wounds. Eyewitnesses report that it was a conflict between Kurds and Arabs.

Five suspects arrested

The participants fled after the attack in different directions. Five suspects could still be arrested. According to the police, they are Syrians aged 17 to 24 years. The police are investigating because of a breach of the peace, dangerous bodily injury and on suspicion of attempted manslaughter. Why the men attacked is currently unclear. The investigators searched the area for murder weapons and secured traces.

According to research by MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT, the 44-year-old victim was spotted at a slot machine in a bar on Hasselbachplatz before the altercation. On the way to the ATM then the man  had fallen into the dispute.

Hasselbachplatz is the scene of brawl

First references to backgrounds

Regarding the possible motive, the police told MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT that there were indications that the two groups had planned to meet. Possibly, there are references to an incident on Old Market last Thursday. On that day, a group of Syrians had passed a booth of Kurds on the Old Market. Both groups got together.

Police: "Hassel not a focal point"

The police currently do not see Hasselbachplatz as a focal point for violence. Accordingly, it has been very quiet there lately. The police and public order would take action after the previous riots.

Police are checking around Hasselbachplatz 24 hours a day, according to police spokesman of North Precinct, Marco Kopitz. The officers patrol at least once an hour. But there is no fixed location. Also the public order office is regularly involved. Whether the presence of the police is further strengthened, according to information from Kopitz, is currently not known. However, a joint city guard of public order and police will continue to be examined.

According to the police, it can be assumed that the renewed conflict has nothing to do with Hassel's previous problem. The officers announced that they were now evaluating video footage and hearing witnesses for more information about the background.

* Editor's note: In an earlier version it was said: On Tuesday afternoon, the five suspects were released. The police corrected this information on Wednesday morning. Only two men were released. Three are now in custody.

Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Archbishop Aguer Challenges Pope’s Martyr Who Wasn’t Killed in Odium Fideli

Edit: Communion without being in Communion, consecrated  virgins who aren’t virgins, Popes who don’t believe in God, what next? Martyrs who didn’t die in odium fidei?
"The beatification of 'Montonero' Bishop Enrique Angelelli splits Argentina. A well-known prelate, Archbishop Hector Aguer, took a stand against the martyrdom of Angelelli in odium fidei, who was the victim of a road accident in 1976, whom the proponents of the beatification saw no evidence of murder. Archbishop Aguer breaks the taboo of political correctness and wonders why it was not rather a cause of beatification for the Catholic Catholic Carlos Alberto Sacheri, who was really a victim of Marxist terrorism, and was murdered in front of his children since he was the one who exposed and criticized communist infiltrations in the Catholic Church.”

Vaticanist Marco Tosatti on Nuova Bussola Quotidiana on the beatification of Bishop Enrique Angelelli, which was made possible by Pope Francis, who recognized his death as a martyrdom of hatred against the faith on 8 June, although it is not even clear that he was killed.

The question is in the air: Will Bishop Angelelli be beatified because he maintained good contacts with Marxist circles? And is not the Thomist, Carlos Alberto Sacheri, to be beatified because he was murdered by Marxist terrorists?

Archbishop Hector Aguer was for many years the antagonist of Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the Argentine Episcopate. Pope Francis left his critic a day longer in office than canonically provided. He retired from the Archdioceseon the day of his 75th birthday.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: NBQ
Trans: Tancred

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Fears the Holy Water at Notre Dame in Paris is Poisoned

They had crossed themselves only after celebrating Mass with holy water. But then Catholics in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris complained of tingling on their faces and headaches.

Paris ( They had crossed themselves only after the celebration of the Mass with holy water. But then Catholics in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris complained of tingling on their faces and headaches. The French media reported. The water had smelled remarkably bad, a priest explained to media. However, the police who were summoned could not detect anything, so no investigation was initiated. As a precaution, however, the holy water containers of the cathedral were completely emptied and cleaned, then refilled with fresh holy water.

The Notre-Dame de Paris, built from 1163 to 1345, is one of the earliest Gothic church buildings in France and is still a diocese. In the huge five-nave interior, up to 9,000 people can assemble for liturgies. It is one of the landmarks of Paris and is visited by many tourists.

Photo Notre-Dame de Paris (c) kathpedia / Verena Buchhas / Creative Commons License

Trans: Tancred


Youth Crash in the Churches of Rome for Youth Meeting

Sleeping in the Church of Saint Louis, King of the Franks

Rome) At the weekend a big meeting of youth took place in Rome  with Pope Francis.

For two days, Saturday and Sunday, 50,000 young Catholics from all over Italy came to Rome last weekend. 195 out of 226 dioceses participated in this event in preparation for the Youth Synod, which will take place in the Vatican in October. The meeting was organized by the Italian Episcopal Conference.

Church of St. Louis of the Franks in the city

On Saturday, a vigil took place in Circus Maximus. Most of the "Papaboys" spent the night in Rome. Many attended Sunday Angelus, where - despite the great heat - 90,000 people were counted. At the end of the two days, Pope Francis gave the young people the "missionary task and blessing of the gifts" that will bring them to Panama for World Youth Day 2019. It is a replica of the Cross of San Damiano and the image of Our Lady of Loreto.

Not everyone had obviously made the night for Sunday. Several churches remained open overnight for "moments of spirituality, culture, entertainment and animation," according to the Roman daily Il Messaggero.

Since some people without accommodation, some young people, also stayed in churches, for example in the French national church of San Luigi dei Francesi. Sancti Ludovici Francorum de Urbe is the titular church of the Archbishop Cardinals of Paris. Not all Romans were enthusiastic about it. There are so many religious settlements in Rome where it would have been possible to sleep or sleep on the floor.

In the Latin name of the church, the ethnic emphasis of the old king's title remained as King of the Franks, after to Louis IX. this title was replaced for one with a territorial emphasis on the dominion as King of France. The colloquially customary translation into German as the Church of St. Louis the French therefore relates less to the saint, but above all to the fact that it is the French national church. Connected to the church was not only the accommodation of the priests who looked after them, but also the former French hospice in Rome, where pilgrims and travelers from France were cared for. The current cardinal priest is André Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Paris from 2007 to December 2017.

Saint Louis IX. died in 1270 during the Seventh Crusade during the siege of Tunis of dissentary. His last words were: "We will advance to Jerusalem." The words are authenticated and therefore no legend, as it says in the German Wikipedia entry on the king. On the death bed, the king was in the first rank of the heavenly Jerusalem.

The consecrated church in Rome was under construction between 1518 and 1589 between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon.

St. Louis IX,

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred

“Rapper” Gets Two Year’s Probation for Sex Trafficking Minor — Tortures Her

Edit: sounds familiar.

Alparslan G. (24) was sentenced to two years probation

Article By: BENJAMIN SACK published on
14.08.2018 - 09:29 

Düsseldorf - For more than a year, Alparslan G. (24) sent a 14-year-old to turn tricks. The girl had run away from home. G. came with her, persuaded her to prostitution and offered her services as "Coco R." on the Internet.

When the girl wanted to visit her mother, the situation escalated. Hobby Rapper Alparslan G., according to the charge, showered her hands and arms with boiling water, hit her face with his fist, and rammed a ballpoint pen into her thigh.

His lawyer Selim Tasci: "The accusation of the charge corresponds to the truth."


Monday, August 13, 2018

Rapist With Migrant Background Attacks 74 Year Old Woman

[Focus] The tenants in the retirement home in Fohlenweg are shocked. Many are afraid. On Saturday morning a burglar had probably penetrated through a hinged window in one of the ground floor apartments at 5 clock and there attacked a 74-year-old woman who slept in bed.

"We can not rule out that it is an attempted rape," says police spokesman Alexander Junghans MZ. There is a high priority search for the perpetrator.

Attempted rape in Halle: 74-year-old victim not fit for questioning. 

What happened exactly in the morning hours is determined by criminal investigators in the field of sexual offenses. The attacker is said to have sexually groped the woman several times, who was awake and struggled with all her strength. She ran out of the apartment in front of the building and shouted for help.

This resolute action of the elderly woman may have prevented worse. Neighbors alerted the police. "What exactly happened in the apartment, we do not know yet. The victim was injured by blows and came to a hospital. We were not able to hear her yet.”

Attempted rape in Halle: police are hot on the trail of the culprit

The police are hot on the trail of the culprit. Through the detailed descriptions of witnesses there are indications of the identity of the intruder. It should be a person with a migration background. On Saturday, the police had a track dog in use until Sunday evening, but could not find the fugitive.

The case from Halle-Neustadt strikes fear in the hearts of many Halle residents. Especially in the face of the hot summer, people sleep with the windows open. "A tilted window is like an open one and attracts offenders. Nevertheless, everyone can protect themselves,” says Junghans.

Prevention against burglars: police advice 

The police spokesman, himself an experienced prevention official, recommends lockable window handles. [Not guns?] Then it would be much more difficult for perpetrators to get through a tilted window into a building. Without locked handles, experienced burglars would have an easy time. With tools, they succeed in just a few moments to open a window from the outside. In Fohlenweg, residents are now closing the windows at night. The uncertainty is great at least until the perpetrator is caught. (Mz)

This article was written by Dirk Skrzypczak
Trans: Tancred

Insidious Persecution of Christians, “Even With Us in Europe”

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, Archbishop of Genoa, spoke at the feast of the Martyr Laurentius of a devious persecution of Christians "also here in Europe".

(Rome) The feast day of St. Lawrence, deacon and martyr, was celebrated on 10th August. This is a big celebration in Genoa. The cathedral is consecrated to the saint. In his homily, Angel Cardinal Bagnasco, Archbishop of Genoa, under Benedict XVI., also President of the Italian Episcopal Conference , addressed the increase of an insidious persecution of Christianity.

An excerpt from his sermon:

"Dear friends, his example [of the martyr Laurentius] reminds us that persecution is part of the Christian faith: 'If they persecute me, they will persecute you too' (Jn 15:20). We should not be surprised, just as we can not yield to the naive optimism, according to which there is only respect and benevolence around us. It is not so! Even if you do not talk about it, there is an anti-Christian, discriminatory regime. And this happens even in our Europe, the lap of the gospel and the cradle of civilization. Sophisticated norms limit the freedom to publicly profess the faith, and it is increasingly being pushed into privacy. Under the pretext of not wanting to violate the different religious or cultural feelings, one wants to create a uniform, leveling way of life by eliminating legitimate and respectful traditions, or by changing concepts, places and symbols. It is clear that in this way one seeks to dilute the appearance of the faith with the intention of wiping it out in the collective and personal consciousness, reducing it to a tradition of which one only has a vague memory. "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Islamic Preacher Calls for Islamic State in Vienna Mosque

In Vienna, in addition to an official mosque, there are numerous prayer rooms recognized by the IGGÖ (Islamic Community in Austria) including the Attaysir Mosque in Favoriten. Symbolic picture (Interior Islamic Center Vienna): Zairon via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0] (cropped image)

Edit: was Sobieski’s charge and the stalwart defense of Vienna for nothing?

In Vienna, a mosque of the IGGÖ is under suspicion of radicalism. FPÖ has filed charges for glorifying terrorist offenses and high treason. This was reported by Vienna’s Kronen Zeitung..

The Krone was leaked a mobile video of an imam’s speech in a Viennese mosque. A preacher appears who calls upon the youth to found an Islamic state ("Youth plays the most important role in jihad and proselytizing"). Another imam instructs mosque visitors how to behave towards so-called "infidels": to attend church occasions is "haram" (forbidden). "It's just like prostration to the cross. For Allah it is much worse than drinking alcohol or murder! "

Similar events already in the previous year

According to the report, the Islam expert Amer Albayati was immediately fiercely critical. "Political Islam is a threat to social peace and our security, it must be stopped immediately," Albayati tells Krone.  It is not the first incident in the mosque in Vienna-Favoriten. Only last year, an imam in the same institution also demanded the full veiling of women.

Already at that time there were indications of the use of a similar wording in relation to dealing with 'infidels'. It is unclear in what context the incidents are. So, it's possible that the video that emerged is footage of the same incident - or that sermons in the Attaysir Mosque are part of the program.

FPÖ club chief: "devious Islamization of Vienna"

FPÖ club boss Johann Gudenus spoke via press release. "The video of a hate speech in the Attaysir Mosque in Pernerstorfergasse 22 in the tenth district, which has now surfaced, once again shows the devious Islamization of Vienna," commented Gudenus. "Either the IGGÖ is looking with benign neglect or it does not have its mosques under control - both are intolerable."

Gudenus calls for IGGÖ opinion

According to the office of worship, Attaysir Mosque is an independent mosque community. "And: It is part of the Austrian Muslim umbrella organization (IGGÖ)," added the FPÖ club chairman. The IGGÖ bears responsibility for what happens there and who speaks there. "I expect an immediate statement of the IGGÖ on the recent incident," said Gudenus.

According to the Krone report, the FPÖ sees this confirmed in its criticism of political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. The "hate preachers" would ruin the years-long, time- and cost-intensive integration work "in no time". Now they want to "quickly pass a law," said the FPÖ politician.

Trans: Tancred

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Islamists Attack Orthodox and Catholics in Somali Region of Ethiopia

Militias in a Somali region attacked ethnic minority institutions - Several Ethiopian Orthodox priests were killed - Local Catholic Bishop: Somali rebels attacked exclusively places of worship and killed only Christians

Rome-Addis Ababa ( The  recent violence in eastern Ethiopia appears to be particularly affecting local Christian churches and their faithful. According to local sources, the Vatican press service "Fides" reported that at least six Ethiopian Orthodox priests had died in riots in the Somali region. Already at the beginning of the week, Patriarch Abuna Mathias had lamented an unnamed number of slain priests and arson attacks on several churches. The exact number of civilians killed is still open.

The Catholic Bishop Angelo Pagano told Fides that he had just blessed a chapel in a suburb of the provincial capital of Jijiga last Saturday when riots broke out. He observed a fire in a nearby Orthodox church, said the Apostolic Vicar of Harar. As he tried to approach in his priest's robe, young men armed with sticks began throwing stones. Later, an Orthodox priest had already been found dead, he was apparently able to take away another injured priest along with the village elder, the bishop said.

The next day, it was found that at least eight Orthodox churches were set alight in the Vicariate of Harar and priests, deacons, and church workers were killed. Also, the new Catholic chapel he had blessed the day before had been destroyed, Pagano reported: "They could not set them on fire because they were made of bricks, but they destroyed everything we could not take, icons, crucifixes, power generators.”

The source of the violence is a conflict between the regional government of Somalia, which NGOs have in the past repeatedly accused of human rights violations against their opponents, and the Ethiopian government under the new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. While Abiy’s predecessor gave regional governor,  Abdi Islley a mandate to take steps to prevent the Islamic Al-Shabaab militia from neighboring Somalia from advancing on Ethiopia, Ahmed had announced comprehensive reforms in the region, said the "Austria Press Agency" Rashid Abdi, of the International Crisis Group. The regional government is now worried about its unrestricted power, the expert said.

According to "Fides" service, under the command of Regional President Abdi Illey, the notorious “Liyu police”  disrupted a regional assembly meeting in the provincial capital, Jijiga, last week, which was dealing with human rights violations in the region. The Ethiopian military then surrounded the building of the regional parliament and the presidential palace of Abdi Illey. As a result, members of the Liyu police would have attacked targets related to ethnic minorities.

Abdi Illey is now believed to have been arrested and taken to Addis Ababa. On Monday, he had called the local Christian religious representatives to his office, as the Catholic bishop Pagano reported on Thursday to "Fides". "He said he wanted peace, and he told us to tell our believers not to take revenge because the vandals were criminals," as Pagano was quoted. The bishop, on the other hand, pointed out to Abdi Illey the religious background of the attacks. "He should have seen how the Somali rebels behaved, attacking places of worship and killing only Christians," the bishop said.

Copyright 2018 Catholic Press Agency KATHPRESS, Vienna, Austria ( All rights reserved

Friday, August 10, 2018

Position on Immigration is Leading to Decline in Pope’s Popularity

(Rome) The popularity of Pope Francis decreases because of the immigration problem. This was the result of a poll published on 6th August by the Italian daily La Repubblica. The Church leader has secured the approval of a globalist establishment, but is losing popular support.

The ruling Pope has traditionally enjoyed the highest prestige in Italy. This also applies to Pope Francis. He is still the most popular figure on the Apennine peninsula. His approval ratings, however, are on the decline. The reason for this is his demand for unrestricted immigration. Since 1 June, Francis has been in open contrast with the new Five-Star Movement and Lega, which has declared zero tolerance for illegal immigration. The poll confirmed what the recent parliamentary elections in Italy have already proven: the left and right-wing political forces that dominated the country over the past 25 years, symbolized by Silvio Berlusconi (center-right) and Matteo Renzi (center-left), are "Out". The events are currently dominated by the two parties of the current government coalition and their top representatives Luigi di Maio (Five Star Movement) and Matteo Salvini (Lega).

La Repubblica is the leading, left and only daily newspaper, which Pope Francis reads regularly according to his own report. The survey was conducted by the opinion and market research institute Demos Coop.

"Francis pays for his defense of migrants"

When Pope Francis was elected in March 2013, he reached his highest popularity in Italy with 88 percent. Today, only 71 percent see his activities as positive.

This development has even been revealed among the regular churchgoers, for it is among them as a matter of course, to show fundamental sympathy for the Pope. Among the regular churchgoers, general sympathy fell by ten percent, among occasional churchgoers by 12 percent and among non-practicing Italians by 17 percent to only 45 percent (2018).

In other words, Francis also fails to win the circles who are far from the Church, to which he pays particular attention and constantly sends signals from the Church..

The alienation also affects the youth. In the age group of 15-24 year olds Francis reaches only sympathy values ​​of 58 percent. As the main reason for this loss of approval La Repubblica identified the attitude of the Pope toward mass immigration to Europe. The newspaper therefore headlined:

"Francis’ loss of popularity, who pays for the defense of migrants".

The well-known sociologist Ilvo Diamanti, who analyzed the survey results for La Repubblica, writes:

"The decline in popularity reflects the fears of demographic change".

Since Francis seeks the conflict on the subject of immigration, he provokes resentment. No profit from the pontificate of Francis seems to be able to be drawn from the Church, whose approval levels are falling parallel to those of Francis.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: La Repubblica (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Argentine Bishop Refuses Kneeling Communion to Faithful

(Buenos Aires) The Bishop of Santa Rosa in Argentina refuses to allow the faithful to receive the Holy Communion kneeling.

Msgr. Raul Martín is one of the first bishops imposed on Argentina by Pope Francis after his election. On September 24, 2014, he appointed Father Martín Bishop of Santa Rosa in the state of La Pampa. He comes from the clergy of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, which was headed up to his election as Pope by Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

In Santa Rosa, he succeeded Msgr. Mario Aurelio Poli, whom Francis had made his successor as Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Primate of Argentina two weeks after the conclave.

The faithful of the Diocese of Santa Rosa speak of an "open persecution" of "all priests" who are faithful to the traditional Magisterium of the Church. The Latin church language is to be strangled, and a Holy Mass in the traditional form of the Roman rite would be "even unthinkable". This is clear from a report by faithful to the Spanish-language news site Adelante la fe.

Above all, it is also complained that Bishop Raul Martín "fights" against Communion kneeling on the tongue. "Many men and women, old and young" continue to receive communion in the diocese on their knees. For this they are "ridiculed" by their bishop.

The report includes a video that was taken last Sunday, August 5, when Bishop Raul Martín visited the parish of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. It reproduces parts of the bishop's sermon. Receiving Communion in the traditional way kneeling and in the tongue has been maintained in this parish to this day. The previous pastor was therefore "banned to another city" by Bishop Martín. The bishop had "visited" the parish in no time. The real purpose of a visit was "not the salvation of the believers," but the purpose of ensuring that "they no longer communicate kneeling."

On the same day he gave the sacrament of Confirmation to children of the parish, "but denied the confirmands communion, as they knelt." The same happened to the Boy Scouts of the parish. He admonished the church choir not to sing Latin, he even accused them of "disobedience".

Disappointed and indignant believers have now addressed a letter to the bishop, expressing their grief at his visit and pointing out that he demands things that "are incompatible with the teaching and the order of the Church."

The doctrine of the Church "is 2,000 years old," the letter says, "it did not come into being in the 60s or 2013, but comes from Our Lord Jesus Christ, who followed all the followers of Saint Peter and all the saints ,”

The Roman Congregation for Worship and the Order of the Sacraments has repeatedly and unequivocally stated that although Holy Communion can take place according to the dispensations of the local Episcopal Conferences, as Paul VI did, it is allowed as the ordinary form of reception of Communion, which continues to be kneeling and on the tongue. Therefore, this actual and therefore most appropriate and dignified reception of Communion should never be denied to the faithful (instruction Redemptionis sacramentum on some things concerning the Most Holy Eucharist to be observed and avoided, n. 90, 2004, note against the refusal of priests dispensing Communion on the tongue to the kneeling faithful, Prot.No .: 1322/02 / L of 1 July 2002).

The faithful of Santa Rosa, but also other faithful who are experiencing similar things, should write to:

Congregation for Divine Worship and the Order of the Sacraments
Prefect Robert Cardinal Sarah
Secretary: S.Ex. Arthur Roche
Palazzo delle Congregazioni - Piazza Pio XII, 10
00193 Roma
cultdic [a]

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Youtube (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Pope’s New Primate of Mexico Faces Bitter Resistance From Rebellious Clergy

Cardinal Aguiar Retes

(Mexico City) Pope Francis made Carlos Aguiar Retes first cardinal, then archbishop of Mexico City and at the same time the primate of the largest Central American country. Half a year after his inauguration, the clergy of his archdiocese are already rehearsing the uprising.

When Pope Francis was elected, Norberto Cardinal Rivera Carrera was still Primate of Mexico. It soon became clear that the cardinal did not want to follow the new course in Rome with enthusiasm or follow certain points of conscience. Cardinal Rivera was among the 13 Cardinals who wrote a letter to the Pope at the beginning of the second Synod of the Family in October 2015. In it they complained of "ready-made results". In other words, they charged that the Synod of Bishops was programmed. The criticism affected not only the form, but also the emerging result.

Cathedral of Mexico City

In February 2016, Francis undertook a pastoral trip to Mexico. Cardinal Rivera then made clear his criticism of the tone of the Pope's dealings with the bishops of the country. Again, it was not just about the form, but about differences in content. Although the criticism was not signed by name, neither in Mexico nor in Rome was the authorship of the primate doubted.

Mexico's church had experienced a severe and bloody persecution in the 20th century. Anti-Catholic laws restricted their room for maneuver for decades. As a consequence, the Catholic community brought much greater inner cohesion into the 21st century than the Church in many other Latin American countries. The Mexican local church is less offended by Marxist liberation theology and more conservative, which is why it could successfully withstand the evangelical competition.

This explains some differences in the understanding of the Church by Cardinal Rivera and Pope Francis.

Pope Francis gave Mexico's church a new head

The papal response to this opposition to his course was not long in coming. A few months after the family synod and the visit to Mexico, Francis began to look for a successor.

In November 2016, he created Archbishop Carlos Aguiar Retes of Tlalnepantla, a Cardinal. He set a different purple bearer aside for Primas Rivera. Francis had already implemented this strategy in other countries, including Venezuela. A direction or personality not desired by him is neutralized and a pleasant one strengthened.

Aguiar Retes and Jorge Mario Bergoglio know each other from the Latin American Bishop Council CELAM, whose Secretary General and Chairman of the Mexicans, he was between 1999 and 2015. During this time in 2007, the V. CELAM General Assembly of Aparecida took place, which is of particular importance for Francis, since he was responsible for the editing of the final document.

Priestly rebellion against Cardinal Aguiar Retes

On August 4, Mexican weekly Proceso reported a "priestly rebellion against Cardinal Aguiar Retes."

Priests were increasingly distancing themselves from the archbishop-primate. The main reason, according to the news magazine, are massive "structural reforms" in the country's most important diocese.

According to Guillermo Gazanini Espinoza, spokesman for the Centro Catolico Multimedia (CCM), the cardinal attempts to impose "drastic" interference on the archdiocese "without involving the priests and taking into account the work done over the past decades". Among other things, Cardinal Aguiar wanted to enforce a centralization of finances.

"Half a year after being installed as Archbishop Primate of Mexico, Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes has already provoked an escalation of protests emanating from his own priests and the Mexican Episcopate," says Proceso.


Many of his priests, as well as other bishops, consider the primate, placed by Pope Francis at the head of the Mexican Church, "authoritarian".

Among other things, there is outrage because of his cooperation with the controversial US victim organization SNAP. SNAP is accused of enriching the abuse scandal, leading a fight not against abuse but against the Church. At the time, SNAP even wanted Pope Benedict XVI. in front of an international criminal tribunal. An unresolved matter to date, in which some saw the fingers of the Obama administration in play. SNAP constitutes an “abuse of justice" and wants a "staged justice" for their financial benefit, it says in the US, but also in Mexico City.

Cardinal Aguiar Retes "puts the devil in the house"

Priests and laity were more astonished when last June 4th, SNAP and Cardinal Aguiar issued a joint statement announcing "Collaboration to Combat Sexual Abuse".

At a press conference on June 10, the Primate even went so far as to say that SNAP was the only organization that "follows Pope Francis's example". "They are best organized," said the Cardinal, who asked his Archdiocese to "open the gates" for SNAP.

Gazanini from Centro Catolico Multimedia sees it differently:

"SNAP has systematically fought the Church so far".

Even more:

"SNAP has always maintained that popes, in cooperation with the governments of some countries, form a kind of international mafia to cover a network of pederastic priests. In the US, they made a lot of money by accusing all sorts of people of pederasty, and dioceses were willing to pay big sums of money rather than letting matters go, hoping to avert a public scandal from the church. It is really not known if they really care about the victims or more about the money."

Cardinal Aguiar Retes, therefore, not only engages with the enemy, but "puts the devil himself into the house, and this without any necessity. The Church today has precise protocols to follow. SNAP does not need it for that."

Zero tolerance does not mean zero tolerance + SNAP

The Mexican Bishops' Conference reacted with a press release the day after Cardinal Aguilar Retes’ press conference. It reminded the public, as well as the primate, of everything that the Mexican Church and dioceses have done to protect potentially vulnerable children and adolescents. In this context, according to Gazanini of the CCM, the Bishops' Conference spoke of "zero tolerance", that is to say that zero tolerance also means zero tolerance and not zero tolerance + SNAP.

CCM, mouthpiece of the Aguiar critics

In addition, the Cardinal’s plans to divide the archdiocese into several diocese and  “radically” to change the formation of priests is criticized. There are currently eight suffragan bishops in the archdiocese of Mexico City. Each manages a vicariate. Cardinal Aguiar wants to make every vicariate an independent diocese, which would then be part of his ecclesiastical province.

There is no recognizable, objective reason for that, Gazanini said. Behind the plans of the primate is therefore the intention of a substantial suspected conversion of personnel. In this way, Cardinal Aguiar Retes wants to get rid of a part of the auxiliary bishops inherited from the predecessor. Whoever faces him will be promoted to diocesan bishop and others will be replaced. This has significant implications not only for the Archdiocese and the ecclesiastical province, but also for the Mexican Bishops' Conference. There is considerable concern not only because Primate Aguiar’s courser, but also against the course of Pope Francis.

The Centro Catolico Multimedia is run by the Congregation of the Society of St. Apostle Paul, who plays a not insignificant role among Mexico's Catholic media. The CCM is currently the main speech tube of the Cardinal's critics.

As Guillermo Gazanini Espinoza points out, "we do not want a conflict with the primate, but we want a dialogue that is denied to this day." Above all, Gazanini contradicts the claim that the action was preceded by the former Primate, Cardinal Rivera. "That's completely wrong. It is not about Norberto, but about the authoritarian attitude of Aguiar. "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL / Wikicommons / Media Report / CCM (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Widespread Reports of Benedict XVI’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

Fake News: false report of the death of Benedict XVI

(Rome) Fake news is a reality, even though it may be rarer where it claims to be the mainstream. A recent hoax concerning Benedict XVI. is profoundly tasteless.

It all started with a message posted yesterday on Twitter. The account is #CardRGomez and was therefore attributed to Cardinal Ruben Salazar Gomez, archbishop of Bogota in Colombia.

Fake News

The message was:

"URGENT. From Rome came the news of the death of the emeritus Pope, His Holiness Benedict XVI. "

Shortly thereafter another tweet followed from the same account:

"Cardinal Pietro Parolin just confirmed to me by phone the news of the death of His Holiness Benedict XVI. An official statement from the Vatican will be published in the next few minutes. "

Cardinal Ruben Salazar Gomez was immediately contacted by a radio station and denied this, in complete surprised. He had neither received such a message from Rome nor published the mentioned message on Twitter.

Just over an hour after the first Twitter message, a third message was posted on the same fake account:

"False message from the Italian journalist Tommaso Debenedetti".

Correction by the Archdiocese of Bogota

The archdiocese of Bogota issued a press release, clarifying that Cardinal Ruben Salazar Gomez had nothing to do with the Twitter messages or received any reports from Rome of the type published there. The cardinal had deleted his Twitter account months ago and personally does not use this medium for communication at all.

"The message attributed to Cardinal Salazar is therefore wrong. It has no credibility. The Archdiocese of Bogota has taken steps to erase the Twitter account, which inappropriately misuses the name of the Cardinal, as soon as possible. "

Tommaso Debenedetti, named in the third Twitter message, became known as the Fake News disseminator. For more than ten years, he has been among the internationally renowned for leading the “leading media" by the nose.

"Simply by giving them what they wanted," as he explained several years ago.

In 2011, he sent false reports around the world via Twitter fake accounts. His "specialty" included fabricated interviews with celebrities, including Pope Benedict XVI, the Dalai Lama and writer Mario Vargas Llosa.

"Would like to become master of lies"

Debenedetti, comes from a well-known Jewish family from Biella. His father, Antonio Debenedetti is actually a journalist, and even one of the most famous in Italy. His grandfather Giacomo Debenedetti was a writer and well-known literary critic. The grandson is by definition "just a teacher" and said in 2014 of himself:

"I would like to become the master of the lie".

After all, he was cited in the 2004 interview essay published by today’s writer, editor and Pope confidant, P. Antonio Spadaro, in the Roman Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica about his grandfather Giacomo Debenedetti.

If indeed he is behind the false Twitter message of the death of Benedict XVI. is not said. The self-incrimination sounds like the fake news in the fake news. He himself stated some time ago, to have "settled down".

Whether Debenedetti or not, to allow himself a bit of fun in the death of another person, is and remains tasteless.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Twitter / Archbishopric Bogota (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Best Baby Money Could Buy — Aberrosexual Buys Baptism in Buenos Aires

Flavio Mendoza with dog and son (whom he had artificially inseminated and  for 130.000 Dollars, carried to term by a “surrogate mother.”)

(Buenos Aires) One of the most famous and richest aberrosexuals in Argentina had his child baptized in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. The child was born for payment by a "surrogate mother".

The 43-year-old aberrosexual ballet dancer, choreographer and artistic director Flavio Mendoza can not naturally have children because of the lifestyle he has chosen. In order to fulfill his "wish" nevertheless, he had a "surrogate mother" deliver an in vitro fathered child: a son.

He had the child who was born in April baptized in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires and made the christening a "Mendoza show". His current aberrosexuals partner, 32-year-old Daniel Allodi, appeared by his side.

The "surrogate motherhood", inappropriate because it is a euphemistic term, is said to have cost Mendoza $ 130,000.

The weekly Caras, a paper of the rainbow press, placed the baptism in its current issue on the front page. Caras was the only newspaper that Mendoza allowed to photograph during baptism.

The baptism was performed by the priest Alejandro Russo. In the Caras article Mendoza confirms that the child was artificially conceived and paid for as a "surrogate mother."

"God has blessed and enlightened my son," Mendoza is quoted, who also used his statements for aberrosexual propaganda. It was "impressive to experience this moment as a gay man," because according to social conventions, no one thought that he could become a father.

"Being able to hold my baby in my hands with the help of a spare belly was the best reward of my life."

For the church, such baptisms are not without problems, because they are bring the public’s attention to advertising events for homosexuality. But this is counted by the Catholic Church an a blasphemous sin.

Already in the spring of 2014, the baptism of an artificially conceived child for a lesbian mother in the Cathedral of Cordoba caused a sensation.

In both cases, the Church behaved according to the ostrich head in the sand, principle. The head was stuck in the sand and they pretended that it was a baptism like others. One could also speak of the behavior of a service provider. The baptism of the child is for the Church. Nevertheless, she can not exclude the environment and the context. Certainly she can not let herself and the baptism sacrament be misused for aberrosexual propaganda.

Already in Cordoba there had been  criticism that for the cathedral was made available for the baptism. It could have taken place in a small chapel and been closed to the public.

In 2014, Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner had used her role as a godmother to politically promote aberrosexuality. In Cordoba, as in Buenos Aires, there was no clear explanation of the Church teaching on aberrosexuality that would have to be associated with the baptisms in order to avoid misunderstandings.

It happened another way in another case and also in Argentina. The successor of Kirchner, the acting president Mauro Macri was denied sponsorship of a baptized as a remarried divorced. It would be all the easier if there were no prohibitions to be pronounced, but "only" to affir Church  doctrine.

Text: Giuseppe Ardi
Image: Caras (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Arson Attack Against Church in Nantere

The Parish Church of  Saint-Pierre de Neuilly was the target of an arson attack on Sunday 

(Paris) Once again, an arson attack was carried out in France against a church.

Saint-Pierre de Neuilly

Attacks against churches, cemeteries and religious symbols are becoming increasingly worrying in France. They can be thought to be a consequence of the progressive de-Christianization of the country. France's king once had the title of Rex Christianissimus, and France itself - right behind the Holy Roman Empire - ranked the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church.

Last Sunday, unknown people set fire to four different places in the parish church of Saint-Pierre de Neuilly.

Some believers, who were near the church at the time and heard the smell of burning, rushed to the church. The quick intervention prevented a spreading of the flames. The police are looking for the perpetrators.

The St. Peter's Church of Neuilly was planned from 1883 in the Neo-Romanesque style to meet the population growth of the city at the time. The foundation stone was laid in 1887. When the construction work was completed in 1914, the First World War prevented the consecration of the church, which became possible only in 1922 and was done by Cardinal Dubois.

The parish belongs to the diocese of Nanterre.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Vatican Changes Catechism Again — Chipping Away at the Faith of Your Fathers

Edit: someone pointed out to me that FatherZ noticed some changes in the Catechism. Not only are the works of a Freemason interviewing the Holy Farher available, but subtle attacks on the morality of Church teaching as well! H/t to Alberto Cassaleto who informed us of this change on Twitter which has banned us:


After, the evil version with its omission:


Monday, August 6, 2018

Diocese of Passau Hinders Summorum Pontificum

In the diocese of Passau there are problems in the implementation of Summorum Pontificum. Not for the first time. Pictured: The Passau Cathedral.

(Passau) The Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum represents a law binding on the universal Church. However, eleven years after its entry into force there are still bishops who disregard it.

At a well-known Lower Bavarian place of pilgrimage a group of believers are formed with the desire for a Holy Mass in the Immemorial Mass of the Roman Rite. The size of the group at 30 met all the necessary conditions, which are called for in the motu proprio.

The church rector of the Pauline Order responsible for the pilgrimage church was informed and agreed that a priest proposed by the faithful should celebrate Holy Mass in its traditional form.

The Pauline Order is a Polish men's order whose motherhouse is located in Czestochowa. He has two monasteries in the diocese of Passau. Since 2002 he has been in charge of the famous pilgrimage church Maria Hilf Ober Passau. Since 2014, the well-known pilgrimage church on Gartlberg.

For now, once a month, a Mass is supposed to take place. For two months in a row it could actually happen that way.

"A probably bad-tempered person must have communicated this to the diocesan instruction of Passau,” it is said in a copy available to the editors.

The Diocesan leadership ordered the end of these Mass celebrations. The place of pilgrimage is not to become a place of Mass celebrations for the traditional rite. The church rector was no longer allowed to provide the church for the celebration. Otherwise, the competent religious priest was apparently threatened with action.

A conversation with the faithful, who want a Holy Mass in the traditional form, was not sought by the diocesan instructions. They were "ignored", as the letter says.

The binding Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum speaks a clear language:

Art. 5 § 1. In parishes, where a group of faithful adhering to the earlier liturgical tradition exists permanently, the pastor willingly accepted their requests to celebrate the Mass according to the Roman Missal published in 1962.
It is not the first time that the implementation of the motu proprio of Benedict XVI has been hampered in the diocese of Passau. It is the traditional rite, which for more than a decade after the entry into force of Summorum Pontificum,
causes consternation.

Experts suggest that wherever problems arise with the implementation of Summorum Pontificum, contact the relevant Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei in Rome. The Commission works efficiently and swiftly.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Catholic Governor of Nebraska Will Ignore Papal Opinion on Capital Punishment

Edit: canon law 915 will be invoked in 1 ...2....3... It’s doubtful the local ordinary will do anything about this, but maybe the pope will get involved. Remember all that concern about episcopal jurisdiction?  

Anyway, if you don’t enforce a law, what good is it?

[Kearney Hub] Ten days before the State of Nebraska is set to hold an execution — its first in 21 years — protesters took their message to the Omaha church where Gov. Pete Ricketts worships.

About 40 people gathered Sunday morning outside St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church. With its 6116 Dodge St. address, the midtown church also offered protesters high visibility.

Protesters waved signs that said “No Executions” and “Who Would Jesus Kill?” and questioned the governor’s Catholic faith. One waved a picture of Pope Francis above the words “I SAID NO!” in reference to the Vatican’s recent announcement that the death penalty is now completely unacceptable.


Cardinal Müller: No Christian is Obliged to Follow Green Pope

Cardinal Gerhard Müller criticizes a "left-green" agenda of Pope Francis and some bishops. No Christian is obliged to follow them.

(Canberra) The Australian newspaper The Australian published in its weekend edition (The Weekend Australian) from 28./29th of July a clear criticism of the administration of Pope Francis. The article was written by Tess Livingstone, who had a conversation with Cardinal Gerhard Müller. Headlines such as, "Green Pope is fallible" and "The Pope is not infallible in environmental matters, says a major cardinal," was the direction of the story.

Livingstone's key message from Cardinal Müller is:

"Christians are not obliged to follow the left-green agenda of Pope Francis".

Specifically, by the climate change agenda is meant, Pope Francis of the Catholic Church, while his predecessors were anxious not to be hitched before a dubious, politically and ideologically motivated cart. But Cardinal Müller is not just talking about climate change.

According to the author, referring to Cardinal Müller, there is no obligation for Christians to fight fossil fuels or for compliance with international climate agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement of December 2015, which is based on the claim that man is to blame for global warming.

As a reminder, this agreement was strongly supported by Pope Francis. He had a climate conference held in the Vatican in spring 2015 in cooperation with the United Nations, at which scientists who doubted the allegation of a human-induced global warming were summarily excluded. Then the Pope published an eco-encyclical, illuminated the façade of St. Peter's Basilica with suggestive images at the High Feast of the Immaculate Conception, sent a message to the climate conference in Paris, tried to prevent the election of Donald Trump and warned against the climate agenda his election victory.

What Livingstone writes could also be said: Pope Francis takes on the role of a kind of supreme religious leader, who in the name of religions as a moral authority pressures to enforce and maintain a certain political direction. However, the Catholic church [maximum] leader is, and this is criticized, active not in his own, religious sphere - and certainly not in the sense of the truth. Rather, he fulfills the role of a global ecclesiastical civil servant, as envisioned by the enlightened state church, such as Josephinism.

"We are not a party of the Greens"

Cardinal Müller, who was in Australia for a priestly meeting, told Livingstone:

"We are not a party of the Greens".
More and more Catholics are gaining the opposite impression when, with a shake of their heads and astonishment, they take note of Pope Francis' statements and gestures.

Instead, Cardinal Müller warns of such powers, because these are the same forces that restrict the freedom of religion and want to force hospitals to perform abortions. These forces "are moving towards totalitarianism," which is why Church leaders and citizens must confront them.

The separation of Church and state (God and Emperor) was vital, and environmental politics had nothing to do with either faith or morality. In other words, Pope Francis ought not interfere. This is not a topic of the Church, but, according to Cardinal Müller, the various parties and their constituents.

Just recently, Curial Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, a close associate of Pope Francis, called for environmental protection to be incorporated into canon law. The cardinal said this at a conference on the "energy transition" organized by a Catholic ecology movement in Rome.

Such a demand and positioning contradicts Cardinal Müller. Church leaders should focus on religion. Instead of such interference in day-political topics, a new evangelization of the youth is needed, especially in Germany. For this, the liturgy must be focused on Christ and should not degenerate into a "religious entertainment".

Taboo Word "Schism" - "Fathers do not retreat"

Tess Livingstone threw another, hot button keyword in the round:

"There is one word that princes of the Church shun: the 'schism'".

Cardinal Müller also makes an exception when he emphasizes that it needs "clarity" based on "God's Word" given by Jesus Christ. This "clarity" is needed by the Pope and the bishops. From them it was required to overcome the "schism" that already existed de facto, and which is generally described by the division into a "conservative" and a "progressive" wing in the Church.

Cardinal Müller also spoke with Livingstone about Benedict XVI, whose Collected Works the cardinal publishes. His Grace raised another question. He described the resignation of a pope as a "problem,” as well as the duty first introduced by Pope Paul VI. of the bishops to retire at the age of 75.

"These are fathers, and fathers do not retreat," said the cardinal.

He also named another shortcoming. Many of the cardinals who will elect Pope Francis' successor do not know each other. Francis replaced the previous practices in cardinal appointments and appointed numerous unknown bishops from unknown dioceses. According to Cardinal Müller, it is problematic that the pope conducted five consistories for the creation of the cardinals, but for four years he had no longer convened a single general assembly of the College of Cardinals. This lack also contradicts the alleged collegial and "synodal", "modern style" of which Francis says he wishes to promote.

Finally, Cardinal Müller handed down another side blow. Pope Francis listens to "so-called friends" who did not always prove to be friends.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: The Australian (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

German Bishops Turn Tomb of Saint Paul Into Disco for Blasphemous Mass

(Rome) What's wrong with the church? This question is asked by believers after what happened on Tuesday during the pilgrimage of German altar servicers (minis or Ministranten) in the Patriarchal Basilica of Saint Paul outside the walls.

Altar servers from different countries were recently in Rome for the 12th International Altar Server Pilgrimage. It is the largest of its kind to date. 50,000 ministrants have come to the Eternal City from the Federal Republic of Germany alone, and another 4,000 from Austria.

The actual altar server pilgrimage lasted fom the 30th of July to the 3rd of August.

On July 31, an incident occurred that caused astonishment, anger and disappointment among Roman believers.

Officially, on the morning in the papal basilica of San Paolo Fuori le Mura (Saint Paul Outside the Walls) a Mass for "German Ministrants" should be celebrated. This much did the astonished Romans understand. The basilica is one of the most ancient churches in Christendom. In it, just below the altar, is the tomb of the Apostle Paul. Here he suffered martyrdom and was buried after his execution more than 1950 years ago. At the altar above his grave, only the pope and the sacred bearer delegated by him may celebrate Mass.

Catholic Psychedelic Trance?

Eyewitnesses reported that the organizers, i.e. the German pilgrims in charge of the pilgrimage, staged a spectacle in the church that was reminiscent not of the sacred liturgy but of profanation.

Indignant witnesses spoke of an "unbelievable, even apocalyptic scene," says Corrispondenza Romana. The church was immersed in a sea of ​​lights that corresponded to a disco or a psychedelic spectacle. "What happened is suitable for a rock concert, but is not suitable for a holy place," said the news site. Choir, keyboard instruments and drums were positioned right next to Saint Paul's grave. The apse and the ciborium of Arnolfo di Cambio was completely hidden.

The columns, ceilings and walls of the basilica, which display magnificent works of art, mosaics, frescoes, stone carvings and woodwork, were dipped in neon-colored headlamps such as were used by the Psychedelic Trance Festival O.Z.O.R.A.. Large screens, stages and a multitude of loudspeakers were set up throughout the basilica, which were sounded at full volume.

In its origin, the basilica was built by Emperor Constantine the Great and consecrated in 324. Under Emperor Theodosius in 391 it was extended in its present dimensions. On July 31, 2018, it was transformed into a gigantic disco for the German ministrants.

The organizers stated that around 9,000 German ministrants were present at the spectacle. Had the majority of the ministrants from the German-speaking world spared the "event"? The ministries of each diocese come only on different days and at different times to St. Paul Outside the Gates.

Exclusive right of use "bought" with 18,000 euros?

Believers were also irritated that the organizers appointed by the diocese, including a German priest, with incredible vehemence denied all other, tourists, tour guides, ordinary believers, even the parishioners, access to the basilica. What did they have to hide? Should not their desecration of the venerable basilica be seen?

The vehemence was justified by the remark, that they had paid 18,000 euros for the use of the structure, which probably meant no rent for the church, but the cost of the stage, light and audio technology. Anyway, according to Corrispondenza Romana, "the cost of exclusive use of the basilica" was claimed.

The Catholic news service reported that Vatican security forces had to intervene to make it clear to the organizers that a "privatization" of the church was ruled out, no matter how much money was spent on the choreography.

The "show" was to be continued until Saturday. "Unless someone from a higher place intervenes," said Corrispondenza Romana. Believers complained that already last Sunday, they started with audio samples at the highest volume. These songs were played in the perfect rave party style.

Corrispondenza Romana commented on the incident by saying:

"It has long been known that Germans humble and humiliate the sacred liturgy by disfiguring its nature. That they now claim to do this in the house of others is really unacceptable. It is still to be revealed who has authorized such use of the basilica and under what conditions, and what action is now to be taken in the face of the grave, serious and shameful battlefield. "

The Freiburger

So who is responsible for the spectacle in the basilica?

Organizers of the Rome pilgrimage are the diocesan posts for youth ministry. Each diocese set up its own website for the ministranten pilgrimage. There you will find something.

According to this, the ministrants of the various diocese were brought to the Psychedelic Trance Festival on different days and at different times. The ministers of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, led by Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the President of the German Bishops' Conference, is still fronting the spectacle. For them St. Paul Before of the Walls was on Saturday, August 2 from  5 pm  on the program. The keyword is meaningfully "Animazione" including "Diocesan final service with Cardinal Reinhard Marx" from 6:30p.

On the morning of July 31, it was the turn of the ministers of the Archdiocese of Freiburg. You have, so the official website,

"With a joint service in the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, the Freiburg program of the International Ministrant Pilgrimage opened. The Freiburg Auxiliary Bishop Michael Gerber welcomed the boys and girls from 250 parish and pastoral units. The motto of the pilgrimage is "Seek the peace and hunt for it."

The faces and posture of many adolescents were embarrassed during the spectacle. They are not to be reproached. They were forced to participate. So much is certain: The show was not their invention. It was given to them from above, because the Church leaders and their full-time apparati are obviously convinced that they have to be "cool" for adolescents to bring them to church.

Noted on the Margins

In the Archdiocese of Freiburg, a logo was designed for the pilgrimage, in which two at least questionable or misleading symbols can be seen.

Ministrantenwallfahrt Rome 2018: Logo of the Archdiocese of Freiburg with death rune and SED handshake emblem.
This is the death rune used by the so-called "peace movement". It was already featured in antiquity as an upside-down cross, and therefore seen as an anti-Christian symbol. At that time it became known as Nero Cross. The Muslims who invaded Europe via Spain in 711 used it out of contempt for Christians. It was also used in the fight against the crusaders by the Muslims in the Middle East. In 1958, the Communist Bertrand Russel sought a symbol for the "peace march" initiated by left-wing groups against NATO. Russell, known for his radical rejection of Christianity, opted for the Death Rune or Nero Cross, though not without ulterior motive.

But why should Catholics need to have a reverse cross?

The second symbol is the handshake, also known as Fraternizing Hands, which has been a symbol of Freemasonry since the 18th century. Since 1848 it also belongs to the socialist symbol canon, first used in 1848 by the General German Workers' Brotherhood, which at that time worked closely with the Communist League. In 1946 it became the emblem of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED). As late as 1998, the CDU placarded the SED handshake symbol in the Bundestag election campaign with the message "Watch Out Germany!"

Attention should also be paid to those responsible to the church, which through misunderstanding or even anti-Christian symbolism exposes them to young Catholics.

Ministrantenwallfahrt Rome 2018: Logo of the Archdiocese of Freiburg with death rune and SED handshake emblem.

Confraternity hands, symbol of the Freemasons, Austria around 1800

Fraternity hands, part of the Socialist Symbol Canon since 1848

German ministrants with death runes

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Diocesan websites on the ministranten pilgrimage / Corrispondenza Romana / Youtube (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Ex-Cardinal McCarrick’s Questionable Protégés

Cardinal Farrell: Doubts about suitability as a church prince and dicastery leader. Farrell had bad masters and even acts as a gay lobbyist.

(Rome) The removal of US Cardinal Theodore McCarrick from the College of Cardinals is spreading in more distant circles and raising new questions. These also involve questions  about the career of another cardinal, that of Cardinal Farrell.

McCarrick, today 88 years old, led various diocese, most recently until 2006 as Archdiocese of the prestigious and influential Archdiocese of Washington at the US capital.

According to the official language of the Holy See, McCarrick himself has requested to be relieved of all rights and duties as cardinal. Formally, that's true. In reality, Pope Francis sent him an ultimatum to see the resignation on his desk.

Cardinal Farrel

Although Francis leveled a formal, canonical procedure with the acceptance of the resignation, he already imposed heavy penalties against the former Cardinal, which amounts to a prejudice. The US Bishops' Conference even wrote that he had been suspended "a divinis". That's not true, but the punitive measures are very close.

McCarrick is accused of sexual misconduct. The facts are so clear that there is no doubt about his guilt. He has maintained homosexual relationships with adults and youths, including minors, for decades, to priests and seminarians. Although, as it turned out, this perversion was known to many people at all levels of the church hierarchy, McCarrick was not only able to cling to his double life but, according to Vatican writer Sandro Magister, "make a triumphant ecclesiastical career."

The case has recently been set in motion by the announcement of a former seminarian. On July 16, the New York Times reported it. Then everything went very fast. On July 20, this daily newspaper published again. Already on July 28, the Vatican announced McCarrick’s resignation from the College of Cardinals.

The incredulous eyes of a dismayed Catholic public quickly turned to another man: Cardinal Kevin J. Farrell. He is considered McCarrick's closest confidant. Could it be that he did not know anything about the sexual transgressions of his mentor all these years?

On July 31, Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press (AP), an international news agency, spoke to Farrell, who is quoted as saying he "never" knew or even "suspected" anything.

One reason for the Vaticanist Sandro Magister to take a closer look at Farrell's "wondrous career".

“Much has been written about the McCarrick case these days, but little is said about how it affects not only the main actor of the affair, but also church officials associated with him who have also benefited in their careers, lie hard on the edge of miraculous." 

The career of one particular man raises "serious questions", says Magister: that of Kevin Farrell. The now 71-year-old American was created a Cardinal in 2016 by Pope Francis and appointed as Prefect to the head of the newly created dicastery for Laypeople, Family and Life.

Farrell's "bad teacher" and a "wonderful" career

Farrell was born in Dublin in 1947 in Ireland. In 1966 he entered the religious community of the Legionaries of Christ "when this organization was still small, and its sinister founder Marcial Maciel was still surrounded by the aura of total respectability."

In 1978, Farrell was ordained a priest for the Order. After assignments in various countries, he was sent to the United States in the early 1980s. In 1984, he left the Order over a “disagreement" and had himself incardinated in the Archdiocese of Washington.

When Maciel's faults became known and led to his conviction, Farrell never commented. Rather, he denied having ever had any contact worth mentioning with Maciel.

"However, credible testimony indicates that he held important offices and duties in the Legion, and not only enjoyed an episodic closeness to Maciel, which makes a total ignorance of his superior's unhealthy behavior unlikely."

In 1985 he was appointed by the then Archbishop of Washington, Director of the Spanish Catholic Center, in 1987 Caritas Director of the Archdiocese and in 1989 to the diocesan financial administrator. The real career began in 2001.

Bad teachers Marcial Maciel and Theodore McCarrick

To understand, take a look first at McCarrick's career ladder. It led him first to the auxiliary bishop of New York, then to the episcopal chair of Metuchen, finally to the Archdiocese of Newark and 2001 to that of Washington. Although there were already very serious concerns at the time, as voices of his disorderly sexual behavior became known, McCarrick was able to continue his steep career unabated. There were warning voices sounded in Rome. An archbishop of Newark, however, enjoys high reputation and weight.

Arriving in Washington, he was also awarded the cardinal’s hat because of the importance of the Archbishop's seat.

His appointment as Archbishop of Washington in 2001 also became a key year for a stunning career move for Kevin Farrell. McCarrick made Farrell General Vicar and eleven months after his accession to the throne also to his Auxiliary Bishop.

When the misdeeds of the Founder of Christ's Legionaries became known, Farrell could do nothing, although questions about accomplices and cover-ups came up, because, according to Magister:

"McCarrick had become such a power in the US episcopate, and not just there."

He wanted to have Farrell by his side and put him through in Rome. He wanted more. Farrell was not to live in the Archiepiscopal Palace, but to live on the fourth floor of a former orphanage, which had been rebuilt accordingly.

"All the more, it seems unlikely that Farrell does not want to hear about his patron's repeated, unrestrained sexual adventures."

In 2006, McCarrick was retired because of reaching the age limit. Nevertheless, he maintained a "considerable weight in the high hierarchy of the Church". A year later, Farrell left Washington for having been named "Bishop of Dallas," a not insignificant diocese in the United States, with the "obvious support of his mentor."

The chameleon 

During the term of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI., Farrell kept himself under cover. He never drew attention to himself by progressive statements. McCarrick, on the other hand, criticized the instructions of the then Prefect of the Faith, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, to the US bishops, to deny Communiom to Catholic politicians who support abortion and support the killing of unborn children. In 2004, McCarrick supported the presidential candidacy of Democratic politician and abortion advocate John Kerry. These circumstances were probably decisive for the fact that Benedict XVI. retired McCarrick immediately upon reaching the canonical age limit in 2006.

Farrell changed his behavior abruptly with the election of Pope Francis. Since then, he has been vocal in public and took sides in the controversial course of the new pontificate. The behavior suggests that Farrell previously held progressive positions, but concealed them for career reasons. Magister on Farrel's change after the election of Francis:

"He soon joined the group of the new progressive leaders, like Blaise Cupich and Joseph Tobin in the United States, whom Jorge Mario Bergoglio promoted to Archdiocese of Chicago and Newark, and promptly made both cardinals. And McCarrick was the patron of both.”

Farrell enthusiastically welcomed the controversial post-synodal writing Amoris laetitia in the interpretation that every person living living a sexually irregular manner of life  is to be allowed to Communion (including remarried divorcees, but not only). Pope Francis called him to Rome in 2016, promoted him to Cardinal and appointed him Prefect of the new Dicastery for Lay, Family and Life.

Farrell as a gay lobbyist

As such, the present Cardinal Farrell wrote the foreword and a recommendation for one of the books, according to Magister, "which most represented the new Bergoglio climate.” This is the highly controversial book published in June 2017 by the US Jesuit James Martin "Building a Bridge. How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter Into a Relationschip of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity.” The extended revision 2018 contains the Farrell foreword.

James Martin: controversial book with Farrel preface

James Martin is one of the most famous US Jesuits and leading author of the US Jesuit magazine America. With this book he wants to initiate a fundamental revision of Church  teaching on homosexuality. Martin follows the path that was given by Cardinal Kasper to the remarried divorced. It’s not that the teaching should be changed, but "only" the pastoral approach. However, the secretive statement that is made here is that the doctrine will then virtually change over to the changed "pastoral way".

The unquestioned support of Farrell shows that the course of the Jesuit in Rome is desired. Pope Francis had previously James Martin to the Consultor of the new Ministry of Communications. An unerring signal of benevolence. Cardinal Cupich, the spokesman for the progressive episcopate installed by Francis, promptly rushed to help James Martim.

Farrell, on the other hand, grants James Martin, as the Roman dicastery leader for the family, access to the World Family Meeting, which will be held in Dublin this year, at the end of August. Homosexuality, a contradiction in terms, will be represented for the first time with its own program.

It was easy today, according to Magister, John Paul II, and those responsible for being too careless, ignoring the warnings, and promoting a "notoriously unimaginative" cleric like McCarrick.

"Even more daring, however, appears to be the decision of Pope Francis to appoint a figure like Farrell to Rome and to sit down at the headquarters of the family cadastre, who successively had serial offenders like Maciel and McCarrick as his bad teachers, and also as an advocate of recognition Homosexuality occurs. "

Farrell is not an isolated case.

The gay lobby in the Church

Of the nine Cardinals appointed by Pope Francis to the C9 Cardinal's Council to lead the Universal Church, "three have already been hit by allegations of sexual abuse.”

The Australian Cardinal George Pell has to answer in court in his homeland. He was, however, an outsider in Bergoglio’s Rome. He came to his position only because in 2013 he was the only Cardinal in Oceania. His departure from Rome was not mourned by Bergoglians. The trial will have clarity.

The Chilean Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz, representing South America in the Cardinal Council, is a personal friend of the Pope. He defended, against any and all evidence, the ex-priest Fernando Karadima and his pupil, the now deposed Bishop Juan Barros Madrid. Errazuriz managed to persuade Francis three and a half years to mount an untenable defense of Bishop Barros, exposing him to international criticism.

Cardinal Maradiaga (left) with his now emeritus auxiliary bishop

The Honduran Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, the coordinator of the C9 Cardinal Council, is one of the Pope's closest confidants. He is even said to have ambitions for the succession of Francis. His suffragan bishop allegedly led a homosexual double life and is said to have maintained homosexual relations with priests and seminarians, even seducing seminarians, but the cardinal did not want to know about it. Rather, although the Auxiliary Bishop was retired on July 20, every wrongdoing is denied. Already in the spring of 2017, a confidant of the Pope, who went to Honduras to review allegations advanced in Rome, confirmed in his report the homosexual double life of the right hand of Cardinal Maradiaga.

"In addition," said Magister, "there are not a few churchmen with unrestrained homosexual behavior that populate Bergoglio's court."

Already in June 2013, the case was made known about Battista Ricca, the director of Santa Marta, whom Francis appointed as personal delegate and prelate of the Vatican Bank. Magister then revealed the "scandalous behavior" of the Vatican diplomat Ricca at the Apostolic Nuncio of Algiers, Bern and Montevideo. From Switzerland, he took his homosexual playmate directly to his next job in Uruguay. Nevertheless, he was also looking for satisfaction in the scene. [He was caught there in an elevator with a rent boy of indeterminate age.]

Pope Francis acknowledged the allegations with that infamous sentence that has weighed heavily over his pontificate and became emblematic of its orientation ever since:

"Who am I to judge".

"This famous phrase actually became a universal pass," says Magister.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: AP / Settimo Cielo / MiL (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Closing in on Wuerl

Edit: finally, it looks like Wuerl is about ready to go down. It’s unfortunate that Church Militant uses the cringey #metoo rhetoric associated with feminist grievance mongering, though. It’s one of the dangers of this, that cleaning the progressive baddies from the Church becomes another progressive campaign to further destroy the Church. It’s often seemed to us that these bad actors want, either as part of a bigger conspiracy or knot, reforms to be introduced to make the Church more subject to the state, and the decadent democratic insistutions of the West. As anyone knows who’s been following the coverups in the Franklin Abuse Scandal, or the coverup of sex trafficking in children by prominent members of the establishment in UK, that would be a very bad idea. Imagine Tony Podesta and his brother having a say in the Church’s oversight of sexual abuse?

[Church Militant] As the nation awaits the release of the bombshell Pennsylvania grand jury report, some are wondering whether Washington, D.C.'s Cdl. Donald Wuerl will be the next cleric to fall after Cdl. Theodore McCarrick.
Cdl. Donald Wuerl (L) and Cdl. Theodore McCarrick (R)
Wuerl was bishop of Pittsburgh for nearly two decades, from 1988–2006 — one of the six dioceses investigated in the grand jury report. As many as 300 predator priests from all six dioceses are named, but Pittsburgh stands out for supplying the largest share: nearly one third of the total number. 
According to reports, at least 90 priests in Pittsburgh alone are implicated in the findings. And — a fact largely unknown to the public — Wuerl was named in multiple lawsuits during his tenure there, accused of conspiring to cover up sex abuse.

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