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Pope in Denial: Classic Projection

Edit: this is the strategy of people who abuse their power. Notice the lack of any argument. He’s talking about himself.

While God’s holy Church is made up of sinners, it also has its share of hypocrites who love to cry “scandal” to point out the failings of others and make themselves appear pure, Pope Francis said at morning Mass.

“The devil doesn’t have anything to do with repentant sinners because they look to God and say, ‘Lord, I’m a sinner. Help me,’ and the devil is impotent,” the pope said Sept. 20 during Mass in the Domus Sanctae Marthae.
“But with the hypocrites he is strong,” Pope Francis said. “He is strong, and he uses them to destroy, to destroy people, destroy society, destroy the church.”
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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

French Gynecologist Says, “Abortion is Murder”

TV interview with Bernard de Rochambeau: "Abortion is Murder".

(Paris) Statements by Bertrand de Rochambeau,  President of the gynecologist association Syngof, the largest association of women's gynecologists and obstetricians in France, caused a great stir in France. The well-known gynecologist made only a factual statement.

De Rochambeau said on September 11 in an interview for Quotidien TV channel TMC, why he does not perform abortions. His clear and logical justification: Because abortion is murder. The doctor said:

"We are not here to kill lives".

De Rochambeau relies on freedom of conscience. The French abortion law, Loi Veil, enshrines the right to conscientious objection.

The journalist responded by saying that the law did not speak of killing a human being and asked de Rochambeau if abortion was murder. The gynecologist answered without hesitation:

"Yes Madam!"

"That's my belief, because that's the reality."

Thus, he drew on himself, just as the show was broadcast, the aggressive reaction of the French Minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn. "Nothing and no one" should "hinder" abortion, said the Minister in a press release signed with Marlène Schiappa, State Secretary for Gender Equality.

The writer Schiappa is a radical feminist from a Trotskyist family, who became a member of the Socialist Party (PS) in protest against her father. Since 2017 she belongs to Macron's movement La République en Marche (REM). With her State Secretariat, she promotes gender ideology and participated last June as the first French member of government in San Francisco (USA) at the oldest “Gay Pride” in the world. Since last year she is in dispute with France's gynecologist. Israel Nisand, President of the French professional association of gynecologists and obstetricians, was "shocked" by "false figures" spread by Shiappa. The Secretary of State had claimed that 75 per cent of all births in France were terminated, and described this as a form of medical "violence against women."

Hematologist Buzyn was not affiliated with her appointment to the government of President Emmanuel Macron. Since then she also belongs to the movement REM. Buzyn had already been a staunch defender of Loi Veil, the French abortion law named after Simone Veil (1927-2017). Those who are not pro-abortion advocates would have no chance to become health ministers in a French left-wing government. Acting President Macron has been a member of the Socialist Party until 2016 and was Minister of Economic Affairs under President Hollande. Agnes Buzyn, a Jew like Simone Veil, was first married to Pierre-François Veil, a son of Simone Veil.

In their statement, Buzyn and Schiappa reviled Bertrand de Rochambeau:

"We must not allow any attack on women's rights to free access to the intended termination of pregnancy, no matter which side it comes from."

Similar statements were made by senior government representatives of the medical association and feminist organizations. The statements of de Rochambeau were called "scandalous and intolerable". They are a "stain on the entire profession".

Syngof made it clear that de Rochambeau did not speak in his role as chair of the advocacy group, but stressed at the same time that "the right to freedom of conscience is not up for discussion".

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred

US Psychologist: Those Who Use the Term Clericalism Are Participating in the Coverup

Edit: we noticed this word being childishly thrown around by some of the usual suspects, and it is so widespread that it’s being used by more trusted news sources also. This is a problem with heresy, and laicism (secularism) is being posed as the solution. 

Those who are familiar with the depredations to religion caused by government agencies, particularly in the United States, not to mention the deep moral depravity of government officials would do well to question more government and lay oversight. 

Does anyone still recall the Franklin Savings and Loan scandal?

US psychologist Richard Fitzgibbons has dealt with priests for almost 40 years. In all these cases involving children or adolescents, the perpetrator was previously involved in homosexual relationship

Washington DC. ( The well-known US psychologist Richard Fitzgibbons criticized in a contribution to "LifeSiteNews" the explanations that the abuse crisis of the Catholic Church has something to do with clericalism. If you do this, you engaging in part of a coverup of the problem. Fitzgibbons recalled that the recent Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report clearly stated that there was clearly a homosexual problem. 73 percent of the victims can be assigned to this category.

In his opinion, the abuse crisis is rooted in psychological and spiritual conflicts among bishops and priests. It is about narcissism and "profound weakness in male confidence," which can lead to a homosexual relationship system.

In his clinic, he had treated victims of priests for almost 40 years. In any case involving children or adolescents, the perpetrator was previously involved in homosexual relationships. Fitzgibbons is director of the Institute for Marital Healing and has worked with thousands of couples for the last 34 years.

You can read an essay here in pdf for free.

Trans: Tancred


Monday, September 17, 2018

McCarrick’s Crimes Are “Private Matters” According to Pope’s Advisor

Cardinal Maradiaga, one of the closest pope's confidants, says after being heavily criticized after the revelations, he has received "death threats".

(Rome) As far as Pope's confidant Cardinal Maradiaga, Archbishop of Tegucigalpa and coordinator of the C9 Cardinal's Council is concerned, ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's crimes committed under canon law are a "private matter" and an "administrative issue".

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga is one of the busiest figures in the current pontificate, earning him the nickname "vice-pope". Indeed, the Primate of Honduras and former President of Caritas Internationalis is said to have ambitions after Francis’ succession.

Religion Digital, the main progressive news portal in the Spanish-speaking world, published an interview with the Cardinal, which sounded a bit different in tone than he has recently.

Aberro-lobby in the Vatican a media fantasy

In January 2016, in an interview with the daily newspaper El Heraldo de Honduras, he confirmed the existence of a "gay lobby in the Vatican" that puts "pressure" on Church leadership to make decisions in their favor. Among other things, Maradiaga said at the time:

El Heraldo: Was there an infiltration of the gay community into the Vatican or a similar attempt?

Cardinal Maradiaga: Not only that, the Holy Father himself has said that there is a "lobby" in that sense. The Holy Father is slowly trying to clean it up. These are things ... you understand and there are actions to serve them pastorally, but what is wrong can not be true.

Now he is saying:

"The gay lobby in the Vatican is something that exists more in the printing ink of the media than in reality."

Cardinal Maradiaga

Cardinal Maradiaga: Papal critics have "no faith"

The comment was based on the former apostolic nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who in his famous dossier, published on the 26th of August, lists Cardinal Maradiaga as one of the ex-Cardinal McCarrick's patrons. The former Vatican top diplomat, sneered Maradiaga ironically, should know himself that the "gay lobby in the Vatican" is above all a media fantasy.

In general, the interview surprised by its non-answers, which in turn and in their way, nevertheless, also gave information.

The cardinal was specifically addressed on the Viganò dossier and the McCarrick case:

Religion Digital: The Viganò dossier accuses the Pope of covering up Cardinal McCarrick's homosexual relationships with seminarians and calls for his resignation. What do you think about this?

Cardinal Maradiaga: Making a private issue into a bomb that explodes in the world and whose splinters violate many people's beliefs does not seem right to me. I think that a management question should be spread on calmer and more objective criteria, and not with a load of bitter expressions. I think that Msgr. Viganò, whom I knew, is not the same person who writes and says these things.

Religon Digital: If it is true that Viganò informed the Pope, then why did not Francis act?

Cardinal Maradiaga: Actually, I do not know to what extent the Holy Father acted or not. This is an issue beyond my knowledge and competence. I believe that the Pope is a man of God who always acts with faith and wisdom.

Maradiaga's thesis: All is just a conspiracy against Francis

Already in the past, the Honduran cardinal had complained of a conspiracy against Pope Francis. It’s an allegation in which he repeatedly linked criticism against him with criticism of Francis, and was a victim of Franciscan critics who would attack him to actually hit Francis. Religion Digital has no problem picking up on this thesis and accentuating it.

Religion Digital: Is the Viganò dossier part of a conspiracy of the extreme right in the US that does not accept the Magisterium of Francis?

Cardinal Maradiaga: From the first moment one could perceive that there has been a reaction against Pope Francis, who wants to interfere with his teaching. Tensions are inevitable in the face of diversity, but to seek the truth and love the Church is a duty for all, especially when acting out of faith. Accepting or not accepting the person of the Pope does not come from the secular optics of sympathy and antipathy, but from that of the faith. When faith is lacking, the foundation is missing.

It is also not new that Cardinal Maradiaga, without responding directly to the criticism, denies that critics of the administration of Pope Francis have faith.

Homosexuality and priesthood

Religion Digital: Is there a gay lobby in the Vatican?

Cardinal Maradiaga: I have the impression that the idea of ​​a gay lobby in the Vatican is disproportionate. This is something that exists more in the printing ink of newspapers than in reality. It is obvious to me that the purpose of all these expressions, charged with poison and slander, is to strike the Holy Father. But if they have no faith, the actors of this media circus will not give up their lies.

Religion Digital then wanted to get from the pope's confidant an answer to a question that has become particularly explosive and topical in the context of recent scandals. However, the cardinal owes a clear answer to a clear question. Most readers of Religion Digital and probably most of the faithful can not do anything with his answer. The non-Catholics, certainly not.

Religion Digital: Can a homosexual who has achieved a clear psychological and sexual maturity become a priest?

Cardinal Maradiaga: All Bishops' Conferences in all countries of the world are aware of the absolute and apodictic principles of the Church, such as those set forth in Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis.

The progressive medium was satisfied with that. Inquiries were waived.

Religion Digital: Did Cardinal McCarrick support the election of Francis, and did the Pope feel indebted to the North American Cardinal?

Cardinal Maradiaga: First and foremost, one has to understand the ultimate significance of this assertion in the case of Msgr. Viganò. It seems to me baseless. He was not in the conclave. I honestly do not believe it.

But that's not all.

"Hitman” and "death threats"

Two days after Religion Digital, the Italian daily Il Giornale also published an article with a sensational headline citing a conversation with Cardinal Maradiaga:

"The war in the Church does not know a truce: 'Eminence, if you speak, we'll kill'”

The author is Fabio Marchese Ragona, a journalist who has maintained close contacts with the Cardinal for many years. The subject is alleged death threats against the Honduran Cardinal..

"After the allegations and attacks of the past months, also through the dossier of Msgr. Carlo Maria Viganò, which targets the Pope and other cardinals, one of Francis' closest associates received anonymous phone calls, in Spanish, with serious death threats: If he publicly opposes those who accuse him, he will be dead."

While Cardinal Maradiaga, in an interview with Religion Digital, reneged on all his critics and those of Pope Francis, in an interview with Il Giornale he tries to give the impression that all his critics are threatening him with death.

Already on August 29, he had in an interview, described the Vaticanist Edward Pentin (EWTN, National Catholic Register) as a “hitman.” With several revelations published last spring, Pentin, a reputable professional journalist, had weighed in heavily on the Cardinal.

Allegations scratch the papabile image

But it is not only Pentin's revelations that scratch the papabile image of the archbishop of Tegucigalpa. A few days ago, a priest raised new charges, which according to Maradiaga's own account, was suspended without stating a reason and without any possibility of defending himself. The priest is the native Spaniard Bernardo Font, who addressed Pope Francis in July with an open letter.

Like ambassador widow Martha Reichmann Valladares, he feels cheated by Maradiaga.

Recently, the cardinal denounced the social networks he accuses of spreading criticism against him as "fecal networks." With respect to Il Giornale, he now more or less stated that any criticism of his person was a form of murder threat.

Observers doubt that such a defense strategy can last long, but above all that it helps Pope Francis.

They defended Maradiaga in the end of January and declared the then criticism of the cardinal for settled. But the criticism did not stop, and new revelations were added, so that in July Maradiaga had to sacrifice his right hand, Auxiliary Bishop Juan Jose Pineda, in order to keep himself. Pineda's departure, in turn, has a lot to do with homosexuality and the question of whether or not homosexuals can and should become priests, which Maradiaga answered only very evasively.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Il Giornale / Religion Digital (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Cardinal Müller: “Corruption of Doctrine Always Brings Corruption of Morals Behind It”

“It is not clericalism, whatever that may be, but turning away from the truth and moral licentiousness are the roots of evil." Preaching for the priestly ordination of Brother Michael Sulzenbacher SJM. By Gerhard Cardinal Müller

ROM ( documents the preaching of the former Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, Gerhard Cardinal  Müller, upon the priestly ordination of Michael Sulzenbacher SJM in Rome in the church of Sant'Agnese in  on 15.9.2018 in full length - thanks Cardinal Müller for the friendly permission to publish [This was stolen from e-commerce website Be sure to hit their paypal

Dear brother Michael Sulzenbacher,

I admire - in human terms - your courage and - spiritually speaking - your trust in God. In difficult times, you will approach the sacred altar. With your Adsum you express the readiness to sacrifice your whole being and life to God. This is the decisive step on your earthly pilgrimage and an hour of grace for the whole people of God.

But the Church, founded by God and made up of human beings, is, according to its human side, in a deep, man-made crisis of its credibility. In this dramatic moment, we suspect and fear the possible negative consequences of scandals and leadership mistakes. Involuntarily we think of the splitting of Western Christendom in the sixteenth century or the secularization of spiritual life in the wake of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution.

It is not clericalism, whatever that may be, but the turning away from the truth and moral lawlessness are the roots of the evil. The corruption of doctrine always entails the corruption of morality and manifests itself in it. The grave rejection of the sanctity of the Church without remorse is the result of relativizing the dogmatic foundation of the Church. This is the real cause of the shock and disappointment of millions of faithful Catholics. Analyzing the causes of secession from the one Church of Christ in the sixteenth century, the church historian Hubert Jedin (1900-1980) stated in the first volume of his "History of the Council of Trent": "The word reform hid heresy and the emerging schism.” (I, 151).

At that time as well as today there is much talk of reform.

What is behind the iridescent and media-friendly propaganda formula "reform of the Curia and the whole Church", if not - as I hope - the renewal in the truth of the revelation, and the following of Christ, is meant? It is not the secularization of the Church, but the sanctification of men for God, that is true reform.

It is not reform but a heresy to think that the doctrine of the Church can be kept, but for the sake of the weak man, one must invent a new pastoral which diminishes the claims of the truth of the Word of God and of Christian morality.

The salvation of sin is based on the truth that Jesus is the Son of God. Without the truth of the Incarnation, the Church would shrink to a mere innerwordly improvement agency. For our yearning for God and the desire for eternal life, it would have no meaning. The priest would only be the official of a social-religious movement. The Church does not gain in relevance and acceptance when she adds the drag of the spirit of the times to the world, but only when she brings the torch to it with the truth of Christ. We should not care about secondary issues and work on the agenda of others who do not want to believe that God alone is the origin and the sole purpose of man and of all creation.

For the real danger to today's humanity is the greenhouse gases of sin and the global warming of unbelief and the decay of morality when no one knows and teaches the difference between good and evil. The best environmentalist and nature lover is the Herald of the Gospel that there is only survival with God, not just limited and brief, but forever and ever.

In the opinion that Christian dogma is no longer the basis and criterion of morality and pastoral, a christological heresy emerges. This is to contrast Christ, the teacher of divine truth, and Christ the Good Shepherd. Christ, on the other hand, is one and the same person. He did not keep silent before Pilate, but "offered his good confession and acted as a witness to the truth." (1 Tim 6,14). To the relativism of Pilate, who embodies the cynicism of worldly power, Jesus contrasts the redeeming power of the truth of God: "Yes, I am a king, for that I am born and come into the world to bear witness to the truth, and everyone that is of the truth will hear my voice." (John 18:37).

One and the same Christ says of himself "I am the way and the truth and the life" (Jn 14: 6), who is also, as the bonus pastor, (Good Shepherd) the pastoral of the Church in person, revealing the mystery of His person and mission "I am the good shepherd, the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep." (Jn 10:11).

To be a witness to the truth of Christ and Servant of the Good Shepherd: this is the mystery and origin of the sacramental priesthood in the Church of the New Covenant.

The only high priesthood of "the sublime shepherd of his sheep" (Hebrews 13:20) excludes any other path to God other than through Jesus Christ, but the sacramental and ecclesiastical realization of redemption once for all by Christ himself, the ministry the mission of the apostles. In the Holy Orders, the apostolic authority and mission passes to the bishops and priests.

So, dear brother, at this hour the word of St. Paul to his fellow apostle and follower of Timothy: "Escape from false doctrine, be servant of the Word, proclaimer of the true faith, and fighter for the truth of Christ, so you will grasp the eternal life to which you have been called and for which you give the good confession to many witnesses.” (1 Tim 6,12). These many witnesses today are all gathered here: your mother and father, who gave you the first witnesses to believe in Christ, the "savior of the world" (John 4:42), with your grandparents, siblings, and brothers all relatives and friends, the confreres of your community, the many priests and deacons, and finally also me. As a bishop, I have the authority of Christ to give you share in the authority and mission of the Messiah through the laying on of my hands and the consecration prayer. Thus, in the person of Christ, the Head of the Church, with the power of the Holy Spirit, you can teach, guide and sanctify the believers (PO 2) so that they may come to the knowledge of the truth, love God above all and neighbor as himself even.

He is a true pastor who, with the love of God, looks upon the people entrusted to him and, in his spiritual activity and Christlike way of life, aligns himself with the high priest to whom he serves. The good shepherd is different from the hired one because He loves people with the heart of Jesus and Mary and because he uses his life for the flock of the Lord. The apostle is "the co-worker of God, servant of Christ, steward and dispenser of divine secrets" (1 Cor 4: 1, 2 Cor 6:1). He is concerned only with one thing, "in full reverence for the Lord, to win men for Christ." (2 Cor 5:11). He has been given the ministry of reconciliation for proclamation and sacramental mediation. And that is why consecrated priests, like the apostles, are "sent by Christ, and it is God who admonishes them: be reconciled to God." (2 Cor 5:20).

Certainly he also stands in the ranks of the faithful and needs on the way of the earthly pilgrimage - like all of us - the grace for his spiritual work and the forgiveness of God for his sins and omissions. But the truth of the faith he proclaims and the salvation he conveys in the sacraments does not, thank God, depend on the depth of his spirituality or the high morality of his life, but on the objective salvific effect of the sacraments. For Christ uses man, but He does not depend on them in His saving action. For He alone is the "author of eternal salvation" (Heb. 5: 9). While Christ was without sin, all believers and their shepherds need forgiveness. The confession of our sins belongs in the confessional. But if consecrated persons lead a double life in cynical contempt for their vocation, these deeds belong to the spiritual judgment. Evil acts must be condemned by the ecclesiastical authority, the wrongdoers judged to be punished according to the law. Anyone who considers ecclesiastical criminal law incompatible with the Gospel of love does not act out of mercy but out of contempt for the people who have been deceived of their rights and dignity. "Woe to the world with its seduction, there must be trials, but woe to the person who caused them." (Mt 18,7). This applies in a special way to those who, through the ministry, have become role models, typos, for the faithful, and are sanctified in the holy consecration with the Holy Spirit.

So I would like to remind you, dear brother, and all of us, before receiving the holy ordination, the apostle Peter's admonition to his fellow priests: "Carry as shepherds on the flock of God entrusted to you, not out of compulsion, but on a voluntary basis as God wills it, not out of greed, but out of affection: do not be rulers of your communities, but examples for the herd. For when the chief shepherd appears, you will receive the never-fading garland of glory." (1 Pet 4: 2-4).

And in the reverse direction, all believers should feel responsible to their pastors when they read in the Hebrew letter: "Think of your leaders who have proclaimed the word of God for you, look to the end of their lives, and imitate their faith ... Obey them, and submit to them, for they watch over you and must give an account of them, and they shall do it with joy, and not with sighs, pray for us. " (Heb 13: 7, 17f).

Dear Brother Michael, We pray for the grace that you will become a good priest after the Heart of Jesus and His dear Mother Mary. So be it! Amen.

Rome on September 15, 2018

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller - Homily preached by Michael Sulzenbacher SJM, in Rome in the Church of Sant 'Agnese in Agone

Trans: Tancred

Foto (c) Servi Jesu et Mariæ


Pope: “The Whole Mass Lasts 40 Minutes”

Pope Francis: "The whole Mass lasts 40 minutes, but the sermon does not take more than eight minutes".

(Rome) On September 15, Pope Francis visited the Mediterranean island of Sicily. Pope Francis said in his address to the faithful gathered on the Europaplatz in Piazza Armerina in the diocese of the same name:

"How many times have I heard, 'Ah, Father, I pray, but I'm not going to Mass, I'm not going there'. But why? Because the sermon bores me. It takes 40 minutes! '"

Then Francis answered that a sermon lasting 40 minutes was impossible, because the whole Mass was to last forty minutes, but the sermon doesn’t take more than eight minutes.

The Pope said:

"No, the whole Mass takes 40 minutes, but the sermon doesn’t last more than eight minutes.”

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

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The Hunt for Viganò Begins

The Man Called By Jorge Bergoglio To Hunt Down Archbishop Vigano

Here is the man who has been given the task by Bergoglio to hunt down #Viganò. Let us pray that all the Holy Angels bring confusion and obstruction to everything he; Domenico Giani; does to that end!

"If Viganò is afraid for his life to the point where he has to destroy his cell phone and go into hiding overseas, it is not only out of fear of being tracked down by a staffer of the apostolic nunciatures and missions of the Holy See spread throughout the world — the "long arm" of the Secretariat of State that has ordered discovery of Viganò's whereabouts — but also if not principally out of dread for the intelligence capabilities of the Vatican City State's paramilitary Corps of Gendarmes of the Vatican City State currently led by Domenico Giani.

An ex-officer of Italy's much-feared financial police force called the Guardia di Finanza, the current Commandant of the Corps and Inspector General of the combined police and security forces of the Vatican City State is also the lead bodyguard of Pope Francis, just as he was for Pope Benedict. Every member of the Police and Security Forces of the Corps of Gendarmes, just like every member of the fabled Swiss Guards, is a former member respectively of Italy or Switzerland's military or police forces.

When Abp. Viganò served as secretary general of the Vatican City State, General Giani reported to him. Now, in a dramatic turn of events, it is Gianni who has been ordered by his superiors not only to ensure the personal security of the Pope, but equally coordinate in the hunt for Viganò.

[Ordo Militaris Radio] In 2008, the Vatican City State joined INTERPOL, the world's largest international association of police forces with offices based in 192 countries. As a result, the Vatican now has access to tremendous resources and databases through its official police contacts and INTERPOL office locations throughout the globe.

The Vatican intelligence services even have a Gruppo Intervento Rapido (GIR), or "rapid-intervention group," which is known to possess highly sophisticated and innovative technological and logistical assets used in the furtherance of its assignments.

The greatest danger to the life of Viganò is said to arise from Freemasonic elements of the Santa Alleanza or Entità possessing absolutely no moral scruples who will do everything in their power to prevent the archbishop from making any additional disclosures not only embarrassing to the Holy See, but even more, capable of destroying the reputations and concrete chances of certain cardinals from being elected to the Throne of St. Peter.

Outside of Italy, and even inside the country, it is not generally known to Catholics just how well inserted ideological Freemasons are into the intelligence services of the military apparatus of Italy and other European nations, and consequently the Vatican City State, which derives a number of its police, security and intelligence forces from among those nations' ranks.

While it is known that powerful groups of freemasons such as Propaganda Due ("P2"), who in the past had successfully infiltrated Vatican institutions such as the Institute for the Works of Religion (Vatican bank), have been disbanded by the Italian government, it is not known to many that successor groups of dangerous ideological Freemasons have succeeded in reconstituting themselves under different labels and taking control of key dicasteries of the Roman Curia.
Viganò and his heroic whistleblowing pose more than a threat to him personally, they pose a very real and credible threat to entire networks of very talented individuals who will stop at nothing to destroy the Catholic Church as we know it from within, once and for all.

The Vatican's search for Viganò, therefore, is not so much a mission of the Santa Alleanza to accomplish than an exercise of unholy powers to fulfill."
Please Read The Report By Church Militant: Santa Alleanza: The Vatican Intelligence Service


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Please, no applause at the farewell

Claudio Scimone (1934-2018)

(Rome) On September 6, the well-known Italian conductor Claudio Scimone died in his hometown of Padua. With his last will he set an example and rejected a bad habit.

During his studies with Dimitri Mitropoulos and Franco Ferrara, he worked as a music critic in the 1950s. He gained international fame with the chamber orchestra I Solisti Veneti, founded by him in 1959, which he directed until his death. The discography recorded with this orchestra by Scimone includes around 300 recordings. Scimone's Vivaldi discography alone includes more than 250 works. He has conducted a variety of orchestras worldwide, from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London to the New Japan Philharmonic in Tokyo, the Belgian Radio Symphony Orchestra and the French Radio to the Bamberger Symphoniker, to name a few. Overall, the number of concerts conducted by Scimone on all continents is estimated at over 6000.

From 1961-1974 he taught chamber music at the Conservatory in Venice first, then that of Verona. From 1974-1993 he was director of the Conservatory of Padua. From 1979-1986 he directed the orchestra of the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon in addition to Solisti Veneti, whose honorary conductor he became after that time. His academic research was mainly works of the 18th and 19th centuries. These included the reconstruction of the Vivaldi opera "Orlando Furioso".

The Requiem for the maestro took place last Saturday at his request in the Chiesa degli Eremitani in his hometown of Padua. Napoleon Bonaparte had closed the church and the former Augustinian monastery in 1806, where once Martin Luther spent the night of his trip to Rome in 1511, when the then Augustinian priest spoke better of Rome than the "reformer" Luther a few years later.

The monastery is no longer there, but the church with its magnificent frescoes from the 14th century has served the Catholic cultus again since 1808. Not only did the maestro want his funerary office to be held here, but in death he gave a lesson on decent behavior and liturgical bad habits.

In the church, his last will was read out, asking the congregation not to follow the fashionable bad habit of applauding in the church or cemetery "but to say goodbye to them both inside and outside the church" to renounce applause to match the seriousness and meaning of the moment.

This desire was followed by the more than a thousand present, including the President of the Italian Senate, the church rights activist Elisabetta Alberti-Casellati (Forza Italia), which is why the coffin of the great musician and Christian believers reposed in complete silence after the Requiem, at which his Soloisti Veneti played, as he was carried from the church, accompanied only by the prayers of the priest and the ringing of the death knell, as it is customary in Italy as "Ausläuten".

Text: Norberto Zuccalà / Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Friday, September 14, 2018

TV Station of Italian Bishops’ Conference Puts “Table” in Most Important Pilgrimage Site in Christendom

The Laurantanian Basilica of the House of Loretto 

(Loreto) "What do you do to avoid celebrating ad orientem?" With these words, the traditional website Messa
in Latino commented on the "table" that was set up in the Santa Casa, in the Holy House of the Annunciation of the Angel to Mary.

In this way, the celebration of the Novus Ordo with the back to the east and the image of grace becomes possible.

"There has never been anything like that in the Holy House!"

The reason claimed for the transformation were apparently the  "necessities" for the depiction of the Mass at the TV station TV2000, which is owned by the Italian Episcopal Conference.

"What is scandalous for believers watching TV2000 in showing them the direction of celebration as it has been for centuries in the Holy House?"

So far, no criticism by believers in this regard has become known. It is therefore rather the responsibility of TV2000, "who do not like that in the Holy House of Loreto the doctrinal provisions on celebration were observed," said Messa in Latino.

Among other things, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, the later Pope Benedict XVI, celebrated several times (1988, 1991, 1999 ...) in the Santa Casa and in each case ad orientem.”  In 2000, the Roman Congregation for Divine Worship and the Order of the Sacraments clarified that:

"It would be a grave mistake to think that the main direction of sacrifice is to the celebrating community ... the spiritual attitude (of the celebrating priest) must always be the representative of the whole Church versus the divine Jesus Christ".

Tabernacle and knee benches removed

The new "table" in the Holy House of Loreto

The new "table" in the Holy House is not the first intervention in the famous pilgrimage church. In 2010, the Tabernacle and the Holy of Holies were removed from the Santa Casa. The reason given for the move was the growing number of tourists who would not enter the house as pilgrims. However, this made the house of Mary a kind of "museum".

In addition, at the turn of the year 2017/2018, the pews were replaced in the basilica. The meaning of this action is explained to the faithful only with "rennovation mania." There were pews before that, too. The difference between the old and new pews is that the new ones have no more knee benches. The faithful people, who are in the majority flocking to pilgrimage, have to “toss out" kneeling, says Messa in Latino commenting at that time. A signature petition of believers did not succeed. The incumbent prelate of the basilica points out that the decision to purchase the new pews was made shortly before his appointment in May 2017. Now they are just there, and you can not change that anymore.

Historically the most important place of pilgrimage in the Catholic world

The sanctuary of Our Lady of Loreto, also known as the Lauretan Basilica, is located in the Italian Marches and is the historically most important place of pilgrimage of the Catholic world. Since the end of the Crusades there is the house of the Holy Family of Nazareth. In this house the angel announced to Mary the Incarnation of God. While the house has been in Loreto for about 750 years, the foundations of the house can be seen in the Annunciation Basilica of Nazareth.

The Holy House before the removal of the Tabernacle (2010)

Today's pilgrimage church towers like a divine castle on a ridge and offers an impressive view of the Adriatic Sea. It dates from the 15th century. The magnificent facade was begun in 1571. A fateful year. In the Battle of Lepanto south of the Adriatic, Christians were able to defeat the Turkish fleet and thus stop the Islamic advance on Europe, at least at sea. In gratitude for the victory, the Christian commander in chief, John of Austria (Don Juan d'Austria), Marcantonio Colonna and Sebastiano Venier, released their galley prisoners who had been sentenced to rowing on ships for crimes. For their part, these pilgrims made a pilgrimage to Maria Loreto and brought their galley chains as a gift to the Blessed Mother. From them were forged the great church grates, which can still be admired today in the basilica.

The place is so important that the great nations and linguistic spaces have donated chapels in it, so there is a French, Slavic, American, Polish, Spanish and also a German chapel.

Popes and saints visited the sanctuary, among the younger ones were St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Gianna Beretta Molla.

But nothing seems to be safe from the rage of innovation.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred

No Episcopal Appointments from Rome in a Month

For a month, no episcopal appointments have taken place. What is happening in the Congregation of Bishops?  In the picture their Prefect Marc Cardinal Ouellet.

(Rome) Bishops have not been appointed by the Holy See for nearly a month. Since last August 18, the Vatican press office has not announced a new episcopal appointment.

"Something is happening in the Congregation for the Bishops," said the Spanish news site InfoVaticana, which is being targeted by the Vatican for its critical coverage of Pope Francis' administration.

Every day at noon a daily bulletin is published by the Vatican Press Office. It has its own section "Resignations and Appointments". Since mid-August, retirements have been announced but no appointments of new bishops.

Due to the total number of dioceses around the world, there are usually several new appointments every week. For example, in the last week of May, Pope Francis appointed three archbishops, four bishops and two auxiliary bishops.

Prefect of the Roman Episcopal Congregation is the "Ratzingerian" Marc Cardinal Ouellet. Since his election, Pope Francis largely marginalized the Prefect. In episcopal appointments, especially those involving diocese that are "strategically important," appointments have often been made to the Congregation for the past five years. Cardinal Wuerl from the McCarrick circle, now charged by a grand jury, was influenced by Francis to make appointments the United States. His resignation is in the air.

The "break" in episcopal appointments coincides with the publication of the Pennsylvania Report, which severely incriminates Catholic clerics over the sexual abuse of minors.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred

Sex Abuse is a Big Joke for Pope

Edit: this was posted by Zenit English  The comments section on Twitter is savage.

Lifesite Editor, Henry Westen writes:

The photo of smiling faces, unfortunately, lends itself to the interpretation that top leaders in the Church do not take the abuse crisis seriously. One can only imagine what victims abused by Catholic clergy are experiencing while viewing such a photo.
At least they got one to retire at 75, the customary time for a bishop to submit his resignation.  It is doubtful that anything will remedy this situation but real and meaningful sacrifices and restoration of the practice of the Church’s precepts...

Anyway, if you think that Viganò’s fears of being murdered are unfounded, it wouldn’t be the first time witnesses and whistleblowers were threatened with death.
He’s covered up before, as with notorious Modernist, progressive, Rossi.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Vatican Confirms Investigation of Sistine Choir

(Rome) In addition to investigating the misconduct of a bishop in the United States, Pope Francis also ordered a review of the finances of the Pontifical Choir of the Sistine Chapel. This was confirmed today by the Vatican Press Office, without giving any further details.

The two topics are unrelated.

The daily La Stampa, which is also the producer of the ecclesiastical news portal Vatican Insider, and is coordinated by the papal house Vaticanista Andrea Tornielli, reported that Francis had established an investigation against Maestro Massimo Palombella, the musical director of the world-famous Sistine choir, and investigative director Michelangelo Nardella. The charge, according to the Turin newspaper, is for embezzlement, fraud and money laundering.

Critics are convinced that since the emergence of Mgr. Domenico Bartolucci in 1997, the famous choir "is only a shadow of its former greatness," said Vatican writer Sandro Magister in 2010.

Pope Benedict XVI. emphasized his sympathy for Maestro Bartolucci, who was not only the person, but also his understanding of sacred music and its repertoire. The musical reference Bartolucci, who celebrated throughout his life in the traditional form of the Roman Rite, was the Gregorian chant and the polyphonic tradition of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594). The famous composer himself was choirmaster of the Sistine Chapel.

In 2010, Benedict XVI created. the then 93-year-old Bartolucci cardinal. At the same time he appointed, however, at the suggestion of his Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone the Salesian Palombella to the new choral master. An appointment that triggered considerable criticism not only in traditional circles.

Main critic was the Vaticanist Sandro Magister.

The Pontifical Choir of the Sistine Chapel has existed since 1471. Its task is entirely in the musical arrangement of the liturgical celebrations of the Pope.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Jan Sobieski Before the Gates of Vienna 1683

King Jan Sobieski before the Gates of Vienna on September 12th, 1683, following his
glorious victory

Edit: things have been dark before and our enemies are many and powerful. There are traitors within, but we have won before woth God’s help and our true friends.

The Turk is now within the gates!


The Media Has Long Known Pope’s Dishonesty as He Protected Progressive Predators Like Daneels

“If Coverup Fails”

Edit: this whole media frenzy could have been launched years ago since most of the information has been available for years. Even Mark Shea knew that Bergoglio had rehabilitate the perfidious Daneels.  What’s really interesting is how dead the consciences of these men are!

In 2010 it became known that the then Bishop of Bruges had abused his nephew for years. Cardinal Danneels wanted to cover up the incident, as a secret recorded conversation proves

Brussels ( In 2010, it became known that Roger Vangheluwe, the then reigning Bishop of Bruges, had been abusing his nephew for years. On April 23, 2010 Vangheluwe offered Pope Benedict XVI. his resignation, which one hour later (!) was accepted. On the same day, Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussel, who was already retired, and former Primate of Belgium, Godfried Cardinal Danneels (archival photo), said: "There has not even been the appearance of an attempt to cover up the matter or to spread over it the mantle of secrecy."

Before the resignation, there was a conversation between the victim, his family and Cardinal Danneels. On August 28, 2010, the Belgian newspaper "De Standaard" published the transcript of this conversation. This was recorded secretly, it documents the perfidy with which Cardinal Danneels at that time tried to cover up the deed of his episcopal brother and to silence the victim.

Mark Vangheluwe, the victim, published the book "Letter to the Pope" in 2017. In it he describes his years of attempts to make his uncle admit his guilt and take responsibility. At the end of this development was the conversation of April 2010. Roger Vangheluwe was thereby cornered. Now he bet on Danneels, who would have probably launched a last attempt for him to get the coals out of the fire for him.

Benjamin Leven has translated on his blog the transcript of the Flemish and provided comments, read yourself in German( see link below). Leven was editor-in-chief of the journal "Gottesdienst" and "praxis gottesdienst" in Trier from 2013 to 2015 (both published by Herder Verlag) and has been the editor of Herder Korrespondenz in Berlin since October 2015, since February 2017 in Rome.

Reading tip: Link to the blog of Benjamin Leven: "If cover-up fails"
"If cover-up fails"

Trans: Tancred


Pope Sends Felicitations to Murderous Sandanistas

Papal sympathies for the Sandinista government of Daniel Ortega

Edit: earlier, he called down divine wrath upon them.  What happened? 

(Managua) On August 30th, US columnist and native Argentinian Andrés Oppenheimer lamented Pope Francis' silence on the situation in Nicaragua. Oppenheimer called the papal behavior "shameful" and demanded an opinion on the "death of at least 322 people in the past four months in protests against the government." Other sources speak of over 400 dead killed by government units or paramilitary groups affiliated with the left-wing government. Meanwhile, it was known that Pope Francis would take a position, just not in the sense of Oppenheimer.

Anyone who has known the history of Nicaragua since the 1970s knows how much the local Jesuits and Marxist liberation theology had on the Sandinista revolution, the overthrow of Somoa and the establishment of a socialist dictatorship. In connection with Pope John Paul II's visit to Nicaragua in 1983, this break through the middle of the Church became particularly visible internationally. In the 1980s, the Western European New Left came up with enthusiasm for what was then the latest "socialist experiment.”

While the Jesuit and Minister of Culture Ernesto Cardenal in 1958 greeted John Paul II at the airport, sarcastically falling to his knees, he was greeted at the same time with a question that he defied the call to resign his ministry, as Church law prohibits clerics from the exercise of political office. At the adjoining Pope's Mass in Managua, the regime and its clerical supporters occupied the square in front of the Pope's pavillion with convinced Sandinistas who whistled and shouted at the Pope. That was the tolerance of Catholic Marxists towards the Pope.

In 1983, the Sandinists, whether clerical or anticlerical, and their European supporters saw the pope in Rome as an enemy. In 2018 they will see one of their own in him.

Tempora mutantur.

Greetings from Pope Francis to Comandante Ortega

As it is now known, Pope Francis actually commented on Nicaragua on August 31, a day after Oppenheimer's column, albeit quite differently from what the columnist had hoped.

Pope Francis sent a message of greeting to Nicaraguan Sandinista President Daniel Ortega via the Apostolic Nunciature in Managua. The occasion was the National Day, celebrated on 15 September, commemorating the 197th anniversary of the country's independence from Spain.

Yesterday, the "Comrade" Rosario Murillo, Vice President of Nicaragua and wife of President Ortega, "pleased" the public announced the contents of the papal letter.

"I deeply appreciate the wonderful, fitting letter of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, to Comandante Daniel Ortega and the people of Nicaragua. And we appreciate the attention of Lord Nuncio, with whom he sent us the letter of the Holy Father, that we might celebrate together in these days of the Fatherland and of the heart.”

And what exactly did Pope Francis write to the Comandante?

"His Excellency, Mr. José Danel Ortega Saavedra
President of the Republic of Nicaragua
On the occasion of the National Day of Nicaragua, I cordially greet all the sons and daughters of this beloved land and assure you of my prayer that Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, will grant you the graces of a brotherly reconciliation and a peaceful and united life together.
Francis PP. "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred
What happened? 

Liaisons dangereuses McCarrick–Bergoglio

Moral Theologian: Bergoglio’s Election Was Illegally Organized

Pope Francis with Cardinal McCarrick: "Bergoglio is my friend".

(Rome) In the case of McCarrick and the entanglement of Pope Francis, the well-known moral theologian and Dominican, Fr Giovanni M. Cavalcoli, has spoken up and has conceded to those who say that the election of Pope Francis was organized in an illegal manner.

The case of ex-Cardinal McCarrick, formerly Archbishop of Washington and formerly of Newark, severely burdens the Catholic Church in the United States. Due to the so-called Viganò dossier of the former Apostolic Nuncio in the US, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the case became a burden for the universal Church. The former top diplomat of the Vatican accuses Pope Francis, of rehabilitating and promoting McCarrick and repealing  Pope Benedict XVI’s sanctions, although he had been informed of his sexual depravity. Msgr. Viganò also accuses Francis of having chosen McCarrick's friends and confidants, whom the nuncio regards as a “homo-lobby", since his election. Three of McCarrick’s protégés Francis has even raised to Cardinals.

"Homo statue" in the church, but the pastor does not understand the criticism

Before the conclave, a "very influential" person visited him

Implicitly, the head of the Church is accused of promoting "homo-heresy" (Dariusz Oko) in the Church: through precipitously rising careers for aberrosexuals or aberrophiles who have covered for an aberrosexual milieu in the Church or (aberrosexual) sexual abuse of minors (or still cover them up).

The fact is that homophilic circles inside and outside the Church are massively trying to overturn church doctrine on homosexuality. Examples of this are breaking out in all directions in the West. One of the most recent examples is the parish of San Martino in Azzano, in the municipality of Seravezza in the Italian province of Lucca, where in the summer a statue was erected in the parish church showing two men kissing each other. The statue was only removed when it came to protests in the social networks. Neither the pastor, Don Hermes Luppi, nor other parish officials could understand the criticism of the Homo statue.

"Bergoglio is my friend!"

Now the moral theologian P. Cavalcoli has spoken with a "spontaneous reaction" to the traditional website Messa in Latino to the case McCarrick and the allegations against Pope Francis. He commented on a highly explosive statement by Msgr. Antonio Livi, the former Dean of the Philosophical Faculty of the Lateran University, adding a no less controversial statement.

Father Cavalcoli OP

Msgr. Livi has participated in a meeting on 1 October 2013 at the Villanova Uiversity. This is the oldest and most respected Catholic college in Pennsylvania, the state where the homosexual Pennsylvania Report (Homo) exposed large-scale sexual abuse of minors by clerics. The RAI Vaticanist Aldo Maria Valli had drawn attention to this meeting at the end of August.

McCarrick acted as a speaker (see video below) a few months after the election of Pope Francis,1 and boasted that Jorge Mario Bergoglio was his longtime friend. In his own words the emeritus archbishop of Washington, at that time Cardinal, who, according to his own admission obviously had contributed to the election of Bergoglios himself, said:

"Bergoglio is my friend!"

Visit from a "very influential" person

McCarrick revealed in his enthusiasm that in the period following the resignation of Benedict XVI.,  the conclave was visited by a "very influential" person, "a gentleman". So it was a layman, not a cleric. He had spoken to him about the then archbishop of Buenos Aires and promoted his election as pope. If the papal election succeeds, said the great unknown, whose name McCarrick did not reveal, Bergoglio will reform the Church within five years.

At the same time, McCarrick left no doubt that he was delighted with Bergoglio's successful election. The cardinal used terms and phrases that are typical of Pope Francis. McCarrick's familiarity and agreement went so far that in his speech the Cardinal openly called on Bergoglio to radically rebuild the College of Cardinals, the World Episcopacy and the Roman Curia. McCarrick expressed the certainty that Pope Francis would be able to appoint Cardinals within two years (ie by 2015) after the way he is, thereby implementing the hoped-for fundamental transformation.

Francis "will change the papacy"

McCarrick literally expressed his hope that this Pope will "change the papacy."

So did the ex-cardinal of today mean that Pope Francis should appoint aberrosexual fanatics in his name as cardinals?

For Francis to appoint more Cardinals just like me.

In fact, Francis made three close McCarrick friends cardinals (CupichTobinFarrell ). All three belong to the modernist direction in the Church and all three spoke out in word and deed for a change in Church doctrine and attitude to aberrosexuality.

Former nuncio Carlo Maria Viganò reports in his dossier on how much he marveled at a visit to Rome, Cardinal McCarrick after the election of Francis and in spite of  the sanctions imposed on him by Benedict XVI. to go in undisturbed in Santa Marta and go out. As we know today, he had risen to Francis’ closest circle.

Vaticanist Aldo Maria Valli concluded:

"Is it not time, in the name of the ever-emphasized transparency, that a clarifying word be said to the Liaisons dangereuses McCarrick-Bergoglio?"

Election of Pope Francis was orchestrated in an illegal manner

Monsignor Antonio Livi became even clearer, saying that Bergoglio's choice was orchestrated in an "illegal" manner.

Moral theologian P. Cavalcoli OP said:

"Msgr. Livi is right in saying that Bergoglio's election was illegally orchestrated by the modernist group of St. Gallen, who also evidently included McCarrick, who spoke at the convention in the style of the well-known, arrogant boast of the modernists. "

Cavalcoli, however, added:

"But that does not mean that his choice was invalid, and Francis is not the true Pope. If he was not, the College of Cardinals would have let us know. The vote was not Illegal but how the vote was procured. It is forbidden - as dictated by logic - that the Cardinals come to a concord among themselves before the conclave. If that was not the case, why would the conclave be needed? 
The election of a pope is not a political election, preceded by election propaganda, but an act of free, personal conscience, which is why every cardinal decides without external influence and in complete independence before God and the elective body. "

In short, a papal election must be made without a prior visit by "very influential" persons.

"Call Them Modernists"

Fr. Cavalcoli added a request to his thoughts:

"An Advice on the Terms: To name these villains, the term 'progressive' should not be used, which is completely innocent. Call them what they really are: modernists, say, heretics like the Rahnerians. For progress and tradition are essential factors in the life of the Church that complement each other, such as inhaling and exhaling.”

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: MiL/Youtube (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred AMDG

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Evil Cardinal Wuerl May Resign

Edit: how is he even a Church employee at this point? The +++Cushing legacy continues.
[Washington Post] Washington's archbishop, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who has faced mounting calls for his resignation over his handling of sexual abuse cases, wrote on Tuesday that he will soon discuss with Pope Francis the possibility that he steps down from leading Washington's Catholic Church.
Wuerl did not say in his letter to priests whether he will ask Francis to accept his resignation, which he submitted three years ago at the customary retirement age of 75. But he acknowledged that many among the faithful have questions about their bishops' ability to lead them to healing due to the huge sexual-abuse crisis in the church, and said he would be discussing his resignation with the pope.
"At issue is how to begin effectively to bring a new level of healing to survivors who have personally suffered so much and to the faithful entrusted to our care who have also been wounded by the shame of these terrible actions and have questions about their bishop's ability to provide the necessary leadership," Wuerl wrote to the priests of the Archdiocese of Washington.


New Accusations Against Maradiaga: Leaves Diocesan Priest Destitute After Stealing Inheritance

New allegations against Pope confidant Cardinal Maradiaga are raised by the Honduran priest Bernardo Font Ribot.

(Tegucigalpa) Honduran priest Bernardo Font sent a letter to Pope Francis, bringing new charges against Cardinal Maradiaga, Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, coordinator of the C9 Cardinal Council and close confidant of the Pope.

Cardinal Maradiaga

This priest is accusing the primate of Honduras of having lost his private fortune. At the same time he informed the Pope to have reported to Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga for damage to his person and his property to the Honduran judiciary.

Bernardo Font Ribot asks Pope Francis in his letter of 5 July 2018, published by the Honduran weekly, Criterio, that he be reinstated in the priestly ministry, from which he was removed by Cardinal Maradiaga, and that his material losses be restored..

The fortune lost to the priest by the cardinal, according to his information, is his family inheritance. Therefore, when he stood without anything, Maradiaga suspended him after decades in the pastoral service of the priesthood.

Private assets used for construction of Maradiaga’s media

Born in 1943, Bernardo Font is from Seville in Spain. In 1969 he was ordained a priest in Rome in the church of the then Jesuit Riccardo Lombardi and lives in Amapala in the Honduran department of Valle. He describes to Pope Francis how he got to know Cardinal Maradiaga in person, who named him the responsible manager of the church's media in the country. For their construction, he had provided the inherited private assets that his father had left him. These were several real estate properties and shares in airlines and other companies in both Honduras and Puerto Rico.

In his letter, Font emphasizes that Cardinal Maradiaga, through his personal dedication as well as through the use of his private fortune, helped to build up ecclesiastical media in the country, which are now grouped together as Suyapa TV. Likewise, at the request of the Cardinal, he had given support to the central Honduran seminary in Suyapa and to the parish of Miraflores, both in the Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa.

The cardinal had asked him from the beginning to continue the inherited business, because "he could help us better". So he continued the entrepreneurial activities of his deceased father in the belief that he could best serve the local church.

It was then because of the sale he became the subject of slander by the lawyer of Jorge Alberto Maradriaga, as he hoped to enrich the cause. The matter had clarified, however, and he was relieved of all allegations in court.  Maradiaga’s lawyer, however, was arrested in 2008 for documentary falsofication and fraud.

No reasons for suspension concocted

However, on 9 February 2005, Cardinal Maradiaga, suspended him together with his two assistants at that time, the now-retired auxiliary bishop Juan Jose Pineda and priest Carlo Magno Nunez from the priesthood, without giving him the opportunity, either before or afterwards.

Most recently, in 2015, he requested in writing from the Cardinal a declaration of his suspension without receiving an answer.

He himself assumed that he had been removed from his position because others wanted to take his place. The cardinal probably dropped him because he was - meanwhile destitute - no longer interesting.

He lives today penniless and is morally and psychologically excluded. He needed medical treatment because of the severe depression he had fallen into.

In his letter to the pope, Font Ribot also comments on the current Church crisis. In the Catholic Church of Honduras, there is a "dramatic crisis". Under Cardinal Maradiaga, arbitrary actions were taken against "many priests". Among other things, Font Ribot mentions "the homosexual crisis in the seminary of Our Lady of Suyapa," a crisis directly related to Auxiliary Bishop Juan José Pineda.

"Exclusion and Persecution" for Priests Unknown to the Government

Auxiliary Bishop Pineda was retired about two weeks after the letter was written to Pope Francis - but without mentioning any reasons. It is not known whether Francis had already received Font Ribot’s letter at this time. The fact is that so far the priest has received no answer from Rome.

Font Ribot also complains that those Honduran clerics suffer "exclusion and persecution" who are "not close to the government" and that the Church hierarchy "with few exceptions" is manifestly "complicit in the system of dictatorship and corruption" present in the country.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred

First “Gay Marriage”: Now He’s Celebrating for Old Catholics

The Homo-Heresy and it’s spread throughout the Church

(Rome) In early July, a priest from the diocese of Verona caused a stir and continues to do so. The competent bishop refuses to take any action and thus proves how "homo-heresy" (Dariusz Oko) is spread and protected in the Church.

In April, Pastor Giuliano Costalunga disappeared overnight from his parish in the Lessinian Alps. Later it was announced that he had entered into a "gay marriage" on April 28 in Gran Canaria. As it turned out, his homo partner had lived with him at the rectory for years.

Ordination despite known homosexuality

It came to light that Costalunga's homosexuality had been known since his seminary days. The then bishop of Verona therefore refused to consecrate Costalunga in 1996 as a priest.

Homo-heresy: Costalunga's celebration for the Old Catholics

The way in which Costalunga was nevertheless ordained a priest is currently a theme that moves the universal Church: not specifically the individual case of this priest, but the apparently numerous "isolated cases" that homosexual men are ordained priests despite the Church's ordinance against them.

Costalunga did, which apparently is not rare or is even a common practice elsewhere. There is a change from the home diocese to another diocese, where one either turns a blind eye to increase the number of ordinations, or those responsible, sometimes up to the diocesan bishop, are even entangled in the homo-heresy (Dariusz Oko), as was the case with ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

To counteract the homosexualization of the clergy and the sexual abuse of minors by clerics, which is more than 80 percent of homosexual nature, Pope Benedict XVI. tightened Church regulations, candidates with "deep-seated" homosexual inclinations not to include in seminaries and certainly not to consecrate priests.

As recent scandals and revelations show, these provisions have been ignored in some diocese with the utmost concealment. Rather, Homo-cliques formed in the clergy, which promoted and covered each other within dioceses or orders.

The result is priests like Giuliano Costalunga. When he was ordained a priest outside his diocese and had received a Bishop's change at home, he was able to return to his home diocese unopposed. He brought his homosexual partner with him - also without objection.

The embrace with his home bishop

Costalunga with chasuble in the colors of the gay sceneCostalunga with chasuble in the colors of the gay scene

The incumbent Bishop of Verona, Mons. Giuseppe Zenti, gave himself in early summer to a meeting with runaway and now "married" Costalunga, which became a media spectacle. In front of the camera, the bishop and the renegade ex-pastor embraced each other on July 5 in the church of the parish which Costalunga had abandoned overnight in April.

Under pressure from the public, Bishop Zenti made three statements. On homosexuality he quoted Pope Francis as follows:

"I have no right to judge".

To Costalunga's priesthood, he said:

"I still regard you as my priest. Unless you seek dispensation, you will be a priest.”

And as a general statement after all:

"For me, there is only marriage between a man and a woman".

Neither did the bishop speak of sanctions against Costalunga nor were they initially known. According to the teaching of the Church, homosexuality is a grave sin, and canon law punishes it as a crime among clerics. Under pressure from the public, the bishop indirectly condemned "gay marriage" by affirming natural marriage. However, the bishop could not or did not want to reach an equally clear statement on homosexuality.

Celebration for the Old Catholic American Church

In fact, Costalunga was suspended a divinis. A procedure for laicization is underway. He himself made that known and at the same time that he would join the Old Catholic American Church, which was founded just a few months ago. "I'm still a priest for them and I can celebrate Mass," says Costalunga. He had requested no resignation:

"That would be the confession of a guilt that I do not have."
On the 6th of September, he actually celebrated his first Mass in Bergamo for the Old Catholic American Church in Italy.  Catholics of the diocese of Verona and members of the Waldenses (Italian Calvinists) also celebrated with him in solidarity.. The celebration took place in the Auditorium Gramsci (named after the President of the Italian Communist Party and communist theorist Antonio Gramsci) of Malpensata (literally: bad thinking).

There is no question of a conversion by Costlunga, but he moves away from the Catholic Church. In Bergamo he made an unequivocal commitment to his homosexuality by celebrating in a rainbow chasuble. In his homily, he said, "Jesus did not condemn homosexuality. There is nothing in the Gospel about homosexuality. Only love counts. "

At the same time Costalunga announced he is to meet Pope Francis to tell him his life story. He hopes for understanding from the ruling Pope.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Monday, September 10, 2018

Cardinal Maradiaga Lashes Out at “Fecal Networks”

Cardinal Maradiaga denounces social networks as "fecal networks" because of Viganò dossier

(Tegucigalpa / Rome) Cardinal Maradiaga, archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Primate of Honduras, coordinator of the C9 Cardinal Council, close confidant of Pope Francis and former President of Caritas Internationalis, has been under fire since Christmas 2017. The Honduran cardinal is known for his powerful words. Since the publication of the Viganò dossier, he has been lashing out. A sign of the highest tension, not only because Pope Francis is being criticized, but he himself.

A short flashback

There has still been no official discussion that Pope Francis wants to grant re-married divorced and other persons in an irregular situation the admission to Communion. Cardinal Walter Kasper had not yet delivered his notorious speech to the Cardinal Consistory at the end of February 2014. Attentive observers, including the then Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith and not-yet Cardinal, Gerhard Müller, warned  more or less clearly against such an intention. On January 20, 2014, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, who obviously already knew more about the papal roadmap, mocked Müller, saying that he should be "a little flexible" in the matter.

Cardinal Maradiaga, one of Pope Francis' closest confidants

For, according to the Honduran, who at that time appeared as Spokesman of Francis, so that he was called "Vice-Pope" by Vaticanistas: “we are at the beginning of a new era in the Church.”

On March 25, 2017 Maradiaga attacked the four cardinals on Swiss television in an unusually polemical and underhand manner, who had submitted their Dubia (doubts) on the controversial post-synodal writing Amoris Laetitia. For two years, Francis has refused any answer. He is now showing the same behavior in connection with the Viganò dossier, which weighs heavily on him.

Cardinal Maradiaga then aimed in the direction of the Cardinals Brandmüller, Burke, Caffarra and Meisner:

"First and foremost, I think they did not read Amoris Laetitia, because unfortunately that is the case! I know the four and say: you are already retired. How come they say nothing to those who make weapons? Some are in countries that produce and sell weapons for the genocide that is taking place in Syria - for example. Why? I do not want to be, let's say, too harsh: only God alone knows the conscience of men and the inner motives, but seen from the outside, this seems to me a new pharisaism. They were wrong, they better do something else.”

Pope Francis did not call his confidant to reason, let alone demanded an apology from him.

Pontifical contact to George Soros

Cardinal Maradiaga, a member of the Pope Francis' Magic Circle, is the man who has direct contacts with George Soros and threaded his sponsorship of the Pope's visit to the US in September 2015. As announced in August 2016 by revelations from DC Leaks, Soros financed the pope's visit to Obama’s country with $650,000. Without any expectations? Hard to believe. Since then, some observers see a reason for the papal silence on certain, controversial issues such as "gay marriage". The same is true of the Vatican Dementia Theater, when it became known that Francis had briefly met with Kim Davis at the Papal Nunciature in Washington, the elected county official who, with her opposition to "gay marriage", became a symbol freedom of conscience. For Pope Francis and his clique it was the top priority, not to irritate Barack Obama and the forces behind him.

Maradiaga is a major proponent of rhetorical pauperism in the Church. But he is also considered the "inventor" and main proponent of the thesis that Pope Francis is a new John XXIII, who is bringing the "new spring", which he had promised. Above all, his is the thesis that Francis was the "victim" of "traitors and intriguers" who wanted to prevent the necessary "reforms" in the service of evil.

In September 2017, the primate of Honduras and C9 Coordinator with an autobiographical book barely veiled as a potential successor to Pope Francis in position.

Cardinal with "dark shadow"

But since Christmas 2017, the cardinal himself has been massively criticized. He is accused of corruption, enrichment and embezzlement. From the Catholic University of Honduras, whose Grand Chancellor - also president - he is, he was transferred 600,000 dollars in that year. Allegedly, the money was intended for the "poor parishes" of his Archdiocese. But the money flowed into the personal accounts of the cardinal. A forwarding to the "poor parishes" is not proven.

Martha Reichmann de Valladares, the widow of the former Honduran ambassador to the Holy See, raised further charges and accused the Cardinal of having liquidated her and her family's property.

However, it is particularly explosive that his suffragan bishop, Mons. Juan Jose Pineda, who was appointed at the request of Maradiaga, was accused of a double life. Pineda is accused of corruption, embezzlement and an aberrosexual double life by US Vatican Edward Pentin. Pineda was also guilty of engaging in sexual misconduct with subordinates and seminarians. It is therefore not accidental that Pineda was de facto emeritus at the same time as Francis Theodore McCarrick had been withdrawn from the cardinal dignity. Both are under similar allegations.

While the accusations at McCarrick are named, Pineda and Maradiaga try, with the help of the Holy See, to cover up any wrongdoing. Martha Reichmann de Valladares speaks of a cardinal "with dark shadows".

It is unbelievable that Cardinal Maradiaga did not want to know about the machinations of his right hand. Since, in principle, any machinations of Pineda are denied, the Cardinal does not have to justify himself at present. His strategy in the case of Pineda is not the same as that of Pope Francis to the Viganò dossier, but the parallels are unmistakable. Both refuse to answer questions and hope to be adequately covered by the media by those forces that Pope Francis did not want to irritate during his US visit in 2015, and to which he spoke about his political arm, Curia Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, since the beginning of his pontificate seeks contact.

Cardinal Maradiaga: "Fecal Networks"

Last Sunday, Cardinal Maradiaga made a sweeping strike against the critics of Pope Francis and his own, which he likes to mix. Already at the beginning of the year, when the first allegations were made against him, he claimed that those who attacked him really wanted to attack Pope Francis. In plain words, he wanted to say that whoever attacks me, attacks Pope Francis, thus with lese majeste.

In his sermon in the Cathedral of Tegucigalpa, the cardinal described the social networks in which the criticism was disseminated against him as "fecal networks".

That sounded quite different a few years ago. On March 25, 2014, the Vatican news site, a precursor to today's news platform Vatican News, reported on the launch of a "Catholic social network" called DeoSpace, "led by its Director-General, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga S.D.B." (see the article adopted by Aleteia).

Martha Reichmann de Valladares: "We are the victims"

Martha Alegria Reichmann de Valladares, the widow of the former Honduran ambassador who feels cheated out of her family fortune by Cardinal Maradiaga, commented on the Cardinal's sermon on the Criterio website:

"Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga is not a victim but an offender".

The cardinal went in and out of her house for decades. "He belonged to the family," as she said last February. The widow, does not mince words today:

"Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga is not only insulting and lying to those who have the courage to accuse him, but calls them contract killers and anonymous media attackers."

Marta Reichmann-Valladares speaks of "a pinnacle of cynicism".

The cardinal is so wild because he can not put forward "valid reasons" for his defense.

"He has no arguments to prove that what is said is wrong. On the one hand he is the only one to remain silent and to insult and lie.”

Media can protect sources through anonymity. However, once it comes to a lawsuit, they must name the names. Cardinal Maradiaga insulted and insulted, but he shrinks from slander lawsuits, because then it's about evidence.

Maradiaga, according to Reichmann-Valladares, did not complain to the Italian weekly L'Espresso about alleged financial irregularities; he did not complain to Vatican Edward Pentin of the serious allegations against his Auxiliary Bishop Pineda, which also affected the cardinal, and he did not, although she did not make detailed allegations until April 9, 2018, in a detailed memorandum.

The same applies to the allegations contained in the Viganò dossier.

It is a lie that critics "resist the reforms of the Church". That was just a pretext with which Maradiaga tries to defend himself.

"We who accuse him are the victims."

And further:

"We are the people who are tired of the stinking rot that has been hushed up for so many years, and the proof is that Pineda was eventually removed."
Martha Reichmann-Valladares accused Cardinal Maradiaga of having "arbitrarily" marginalized, isolated, and even discredited priests in his diocese, "just because they had informed the Cardinal of the machinations of Pineda." In particular, she mentions the priests Bernardo Font, Domingo Salvador and Francisco Torres, whom Maradiaga suspended from the priesthood. The latter two died "left to their fate outside the Church".

The Ambassador Widow takes up words from the Cardinal from his Sunday sermon and turns them against him:

"That is to act against the will of God, that is why Cardinal Rodriguez is the one who is not pleasing in the eyes of God."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: MiL/
Trans: Tancred
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