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Don Minutella Barred From Shrine at Ars — “False Prophet” Extolled to Teach Pope’s Magisterium

Don Minutella is prevented by the church rector of Ars from entering the sanctuary. An visiting priest of Ars holds up a prepared sign indicating that Don Minutella should recognize Francis as a legitimate Pope.

(Paris) The website of the Sanctuaire d'Ars states that the basilica of Ars, the parish house of St. John Maria Vianney and the chapel where the heart of the holy pastor of Ars is kept are open to all and can be visited daily "for free.” In reality this is not true for everyone, at least not for the priest Don Minutella from the Archdiocese of Palermo and his group of pilgrims. He was forbidden access. How is that?

Don Minutella received international attention for his criticism of Pope Francis' administration. The Sicilian priest was pastor of a social hotspot west of the city on the Tyrrhenian Sea. He is also the founder of a spiritual community called Little Garden of Nazareth in the Archdiocese of Monreale. For his apostolate, he uses modern means of communication, especially the Internet. Because of his loyalty to the Catholic faith, he became a sought-after preacher throughout Italy. Under Pope Benedict XVI.  he discovered that he “personally preferred” the traditional form of the Roman rite in which he has since celebrated.

In autumn 2015, Pope Francis appointed a new Archbishop of Palermo, who was inaugurated in December 2015. Under him, the conflict came to a head. Unlike his predecessor, he did not want to be patient with Don Minutella. The archbishop admonished the priest and eventually deprived him of his parish, despite the request of the faithful to leave their pastor. But the archbishop did not withdraw from his punitive action. Don Minutella was declared a troublemaker. Without office, he left the Archdiocese of Palermo and retired to his establishment in the neighboring archbishopric Monreale. The long arm of the Archbishop of Palermo was there, too. The city council of Monreale issued a demolition order for the establishment of the spiritual community. Don Minutella, who had been silent himself, said nothing. The staff spoke of a flimsy pretext to regard Don Minutella as persona non grata.

Although the priest kept to his self-imposed silence, in the fall of 2017, Don Minutella was suddenly asked to make a pledge of allegiance to Pope Francis within 48 hours, otherwise he would be excommunicated. The priest responded with the Great Creed, whereupon he was "excommunicated" for disobedience.

His reaction was a call for "resistance" because his patience also came to an end. In an appeal he called on Pope Francis to defend the truths of faith and ecclesiastical order. In his catechesis and sermons, he continues to speak plain language, but denies the legitimacy of Pope Francis. By doing so, he makes it hard for believers who are seeking guidance to follow him, and offers his opponents plenty of room to attack him.

Don Minutella's pilgrimage to Ars

Recently, Don Minutella undertook a pilgrimage through France with numerous pilgrims. So last week they also reached Ars for the workplace and grave of St. John Maria Vianney. But there they received a surprise that no one had expected. In front of the sanctuary, excited and regrettable scenes played out with mutual accusations and reproaches.

The dispute moved under this banner promoting the "false prophet" Enzo Bianchi, who is to explain the Magisterium of Pope Francis

The church rector already awaited Don Minutella in the forecourt and forbade the priest to celebrate Mass. After a partly noisy back and forth, the group was granted access to the basilica on the condition that they remain "silent". During the time allowed, the group was overseen by two priests.

A video captured the unusual scene.

The church rector of Ars approached the group and said that they had received "information" from the archdiocese of Palermo that "you are a sect". Don Minutella had, as is usual, registered his pilgrimage in advance in Ars.

The fact is that a priest, who does not contradict the doctrine of faith at all, was hindered in the celebration of Mass and to whom access was granted only with difficulty.

In fact, Don Minutella - and even those who are close to him - argue about the wisdom of this move - Jorge Mario Bergoglio no longer considers himself the rightful pope. That is indeed serious. However, he does not question the papacy. He also denies being a sedevacantist..

The "false prophet" is welcome

At the same time as Don Minutella was almost denied access to the celebration of Mass in Ars, a banner bearing the name of the "false prophet" Enzo Bianchi  as Msgr. Antonio Livi, former dean of the Philosophical Faculty of the Lateran University, describes him. Enzo Bianchi is to explain in Ars "the Magisterium of Pope Francis".

How does it fit together?

The dubious figure of a self-styled "monk" and "prior," who is neither monk nor prior nor priest, who doubts, reinterprets, or denies so much that the list would be too long to enumerate. But it must be mentioned that he doubts the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

So what counts in the Church? Fidelity to the truth of the faith and the popes since the apostle Peter or the fidelity to the person of the current Pope? Of course, the two aspects have to form a unity. A contrast was constructed in the concrete case of those who invite the laity to entertain Enzo Bianchi as a speaker at Ars, but not to let the priest Don Minutella enter the sanctuary.

It becomes more understandable when you know that the church rector maintains personal contact with Enzo Bianchi and visited him in the "monastery" Boso.

Pope loyalty

The meeting in Ars took curious shape, as the church rector showed a prepared poster on which Don Minutella was asked to recognize the incumbent Pope. When Don Minutella asked what it was like to have the catholicity of Enzo Bianchi, the rector of the church did not answer, but shouted for it all the louder: "Long live the Pope! Long live the Pope! "

The church rector of Ars with Enzo Bianchi in his "monastery" in Boso

Don Minutella told the church rector that he had no problem with that. He stood faithfully and firmly with the papacy. What he does not believe in is Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his teaching. Don Minutella represents the position that Benedict XVI. Is still the legitimate Pope.

However, rejecting fellowship with Francis and celebrating instead in Communion with Pope Benedict, who sees himself in communion with Pope Francis, can not really convince.

At this point, the subtlety and fragility of the position of Don Minutella becomes clear, for Francis is the legitimately elected pope. Benedict XVI. has never admitted he does not recognize him as his legitimate successor.

More complex is the question of the "heretical pope" as the Correctio filialis in autumn 2017 showed. Don Minutella deduces from this that the legitimacy of the incumbent Pope is ipso facto expired because of the spread of heresies. But who can prove that the election of Pope Francis is directed by the "Mafia of St. Gallen" and thus invalidated? Who has the authority to declare that Pope Francis disseminates, promotes and does not suppress heretical ideas in order to explain the loss of his office?

There is a drama in these questions, which is apparently felt by many faithful, but also by priests. Also Don Minutella is one of them. However, the consequence he draws does not make it easier for believers, but complicates the situation, as reactions to his activities in recent months have shown.

Confusion and disorientation

But what does the incident of Ars show?

Especially, and painfully, that there is a great deal of confusion. Everyone is allowed to enter the basilica, no matter what they think or say about the truths of faith except whoever denies that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the rightful pope.

Even Cardinal Müller, the prefect of faith in Rome until June 2017, described the current situation of the Church as extremely grave at the end of June because believers who want to remain faithful to Catholic doctrine and creed are branded as "conservatives" and driven out of the Church.

A nun (out of uniform) as a guardian of Don Minutella in the church of Nevers

Under such conditions, it is not easy for those who wish to remain faithful to find the right measure. Some deny the lawfulness of the reigning pope, others take refuge in miracles and private revelations. A few days ago, the intellectual, Roberto de Mattei, warned of this phenomenon. But he also named a cause: If believers no longer receive the necessary answers and guidance from those who should give them, ie the bishops and the priests, then they seek answers elsewhere.

Don Minutella himself speaks of "grotesque moments" first in Nevers, then also in Ars. On his webpage he operated for the radio show Domina Nostra, there were some photos. They show how a lay sister (without a habit) supervised Don Minutella in prayer.

The speech is often about the "signs of the times". But how are the signs of the times that a pontificate provokes obvious confusion, disorientation and strife?

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred

Bavarian Prime Minister to Visit Marian Shrine

The Marian pilgrimage site, Maria Vesperbild is looking forward to the visit of the Protestant Markus Söder

Maria Vesperbild ( The Bavarian Prime Minister, Markus Söder, will visit Maria Vesperbild on August 8th. This was announced by the Marian Pilgrimage on Thursday. The press release states: "This is not a cheap election campaign maneuver, and we certainly do not suppose our Prime Minister to be misinformed if, since he is an avowed Protestant in a thoroughly Christian country, he sends such a signal. On the contrary, we thank him for his commitment to the Christian faith which threatens nobody and does not exclude anyone, but is an appreciation of the foundation on which our Western community of values ​​stands.”

The initiative for the visit came from Maria Vesperbild. Pilgrimage director Erwin Reichart has loudly said some time ago that the visit of a Bavarian Prime Minister was something special for Maria Vesperbild. This idea was taken up by Member of Parliament Alfred Sauter. Of course we welcomed happily. The event will be purely religious according to the organizers. Prime Minister Markus Söder is expected by the guests of honor and the faithful at 9 am at the pilgrimage directorate and on the northern church square. In the church then a small devotion is provided. Afterwards, the Prime Minister visits the grotto, where he will light a candle in honor of Our Lady.

Photo Söder © CSU parliamentary group in the Bavarian State Parliament

Trans: Tancred

Orthodoxy is Growing in Monaco — Surpassing Protestants

Orthodox Christians in Monaco

(Monaco) In the Principality of Monaco, Orthodox Christians have become the second strongest religious community after the Catholic Church. They have outclassed the Protestants in the country.

The conditions are clear, the Catholic Church is by far the largest religious community. Because of the well-to-do reputation of the country, Protestants have settled down as well. More recently, statistics have indicated that there are six percent of Protestants and "small Orthodox communities" in Monaco. That has changed in recent years. The increase is due to immigration from Orthodox countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Since 2012, there is a Greek Orthodox parish in the small principality that belonged to the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation until 1803. In November 2017, a permanent branch of the Russian Orthodox Church was established. There are also Orthodox believers from Ukraine, Belorussia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Montenegro, Macedonia and Georgia. It’s an ascending trend.

From 13-16 June the 100th anniversary of the Russian tsar's family was celebrated in the Principality. The members of the tsar's family were murdered by the communists after the October Revolution and are today worshiped (venerated) by the Russian Orthodox Church as martyrs and saints. Three descendants came for the occasion in the chic place on the Mediterranean.

The same development is also evident in other places in the Latin West, particularly strong in Vienna, where there are four times as many Orthodox students as Protestants at compulsory schools.

Text: Martha Burger
Image: Hello Monaco (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Italy Receives Second Personal Parish for Immemorial Mass of All Ages

Italy’s second personal parish established for the Immemorial Rite

(Rome) In Italy, the second personal parish is being built in the Immemorial Mass of All Ages. Since 2008 there is the personal parish SS. Trinità dei Pellegrini in Rome, which is cared for by the Fraternity of Saint Peter. It was the only such parish so far. Now the second personal parish has been established on 16 July.

Basilica of Santa Croce, Cagliari

Two days ago, the Archbishop of Cagliari and Primate of Sardinia and Corsica, Msgr. Arrigo Miglio, announced that he had established a personal parish in the Sardinian capital in the sense of the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum.

The archbishop responded to the request of a Coetus Fidelium, who had turned to him with the request.

The personal parish was established at the Basilica of Santa Croce. It is located in the middle of the old town in the immediate vicinity of the cathedral. The basilica stands where a small Jewish quarter was located in the Middle Ages and was built in place of a synagogue. After Jews converted to Christianity had made anti-Christian contents of the Talmud known, the Jews from the kingdom of King Ferdinand II of Aragon had been expelled in 1492. Sardinia was then part of the Kingdom of Aragon. The church built at that time was entrusted to the Archdiocese of Santo Monte di Pietà, which handled the spiritual care of prisoners and had previously operated in the Franciscan sense, in money lending against Jewish usurers at a fixed and above all, low interest rate.

In 1564 the church went to the young Jesuit order. After its abolition, it was nationalized and in 1809 transferred to the Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus, a knightly order of the House of Savoy, which since 1720, were the Kings of Sardinia.

Since 2008, the church has been celebrating in the Immemorial Mass. So far on Sundays and public holidays, in the future also on weekdays. At first, canons were responsible for the celebration, in the past three years Mons. Gianfranco Zuncheddu. For the first pastor of the parish, the archbishop appointed the diocesan priest Don Gianluca Pretta. The priest has been close to tradition for years. In his previous parish, he conducted Gregorian courses and celebrated the Immemorial Mass.  In 2015, when a priestly candidate of the Archdiocese was consecrated in the traditional rite, Don Pretta was to assist, but had to give up at the last moment - for unpleasant reasons.

Basilica of Santa Croce

His powerful proclamation of the truths of faith didn’t bring him only friends. He made headlines in 2014 when he banned, then as a pastor of Gesico in his church, short mini-skirts and posted a notice of a certain decency in clothing. There was no lack of ridicule in the media, but this was only the beginning of a much harder attack. The priest was accused in 2015 - wrongly, as it turned out - of pedophilia. Although the judiciary made it clear at the end of 2016 that the anonymous allegations could not be substantiated, the priest had to endure his own personal calvary.

Archbishop Miglio then stated in a press release that "the good name" of Don Pretta was restored by the judiciary. The wave of sexual abuse by clerics apparently attracted freeloaders who used false accusations as a means of personal vengeance or out of hatred for the priesthood, knowing well enough that the mere accusation can already destroy one's life.

Don Pretta stayed in his parish and now receives a new special, task. He has become the first diocesan priest to preside over a personal parish in the traditional form of the Roman rite.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Priest Fired as University Chaplain for Saying Mass in Reparation for Aberrosexuality

Edit: this decadent Scots university clearly objects to Catholicism.
[BBC] Father Mark Morris had tended to the spiritual needs of students at Glasgow Caledonian University.
However, university bosses said his views were at odds with those of the educational institution. 
A statement from the Archdiocese of Glasgow said it was aware of the university's decision.
It added that it would address the "provision of chaplaincy support in due course".

'Strongly inclusive'

The decision to remove Fr Morris came after he held a prayer service at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Balornock which sought "reparation for the gross offence to God which is Pride Glasgow".


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Sacrilegious First Mass With Theatrically Naked Erotic Dancing Man in Augsburg

Edit: there you go. I fixed the title and made it better. It looks like he was wearing a flesh colored skin tight garment while he liturgically danced. Anyway, whatever some lefties might try to make of it, a local priest elicited his enthusiastic approval of it on the radio later.

In the Augsburg Moritzkirche ("City Pastoral Care") it last Saturday an Aberro-embarrassment took place at the First Mass (Primiz) of a priest of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart - With documentary photos

Stuttgart ( Last Saturday in the Moritzkirche in Augsburg ("City Pastoral Care"), there was a clear liturgical abuse that caused a shakeup of Catholics in the diocese of Augsburg and beyond. As part of the first Mass of the new priest Fabian Ploneczka the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, held a so-called triduum in the Augsburg Moritzkirche. According to observers on site, a dancer dressed only in skintight boxer shorts danced the "theme" of the Vesper service and tried to depict the "Jeremiah Passion of a Prophet" with a ballet insert Church space became a dance floor, even the altar area, according to church visitors attending the event, where the dancer picked up the gospel, humped the ambo almost naked, and lasciviously lolled in front of the altar.

Following a performance by the dancer, the Stuttgart radio pastor Thomas Steiger spoke on the subject of "eroticism of the faith." He praised observers who received an alleged grace and especially of the male body, which, he says, spoke of a "sensual love for Jesus".

Worshipers told that there was a clearly homophile, yes, homoerotic event in a consecrated church.

The "event" led to the bizarre reaction that a churchgoer shouted loudly that then everyone could undress. He then partially undressed and stood up half naked in the church.

Some visitors left the service prematurely in which also children participated.

Augsburg is the original home diocese of the new priest, but has changed to the neighboring diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

Trans: Tancred AMDG

Vatican Denies Claims by Incoming Marxist Mexican Government

Mexico wants to stem the rampant violence in the country. Therefore, Pope Francis will speak at the planned conference "Peace Forum", says the new government. The Vatican, however, knows nothing about it.

Vatican | Mexico City - 17.07.2018

Pope Francis, contrary to the statements of the future Mexican government, should not take part in the planned "Peace Forums" to curb the rampant violence in the country. "The message that the Holy Father will be attending this conference has no foundation," Mexican media cited Monday (local) Vatican spokesman Greg Burke.

Coordinator Loretta Ortiz had previously stated that Francis would be connected via videoconference. Around 40 events are currently planned in the various states of Mexico, with a particular focus on countries that are particularly affected by drug-related crime. The interview formats should be accessible to the public. The forums are scheduled to start on 7th August and end on 30th November, one day before President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took office.

Most dangerous country in the world for priests

The left-leaning Lopez Obrador will take over the affairs of state in Mexico on 1 December. He had been elected as the new president with about 53 percent of the vote just over two weeks ago. One of his key campaign promises was a new security policy. In the past twelve years, approximately 150,000 people were killed in the "war on drugs", according to human rights organizations.

Mexico is also considered as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for priests. Since 2012, the Catholic Multimedia Center (CCM) has documented a total of 24 murders of clergy and church officials. The number rose sharply with the beginning of the "war on drugs" under President Felipe Calderon (2006 to 20012) and remained at a consistently high level, even under the incumbent President Enrique Pena Nieto. (Bod / KNA)

Trans: Tancred

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Cardinal Ranjith Supports Death Penalty

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith welcomes the planned reintroduction of the death penalty for drug traffickers in Sri Lanka, according to a report by UCANEWS

Edit: sometimes I support rational conservative positions on both key pro-life issues, which just goes to show that your political orientation means something. 

Sometimes it seems that you have to go to the margins, like Siberia, to find actual Catholic clergy.

New Dehli ( Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith welcomes the planned reintroduction of the death penalty for drug traffickers in Sri Lanka, according to a report on UCANEWS. The cardinal wants to support the new policy of President Maithripala Sirisena. He wants to have drug traffickers executed, who continue to carry out drug trafficking and other offenses in prison. The introduction of the death penalty in Sri Lanka was already decided in 2004 and has been directed against drug traffickers, murderers and rapists. So far, this punishment has not been carried out, but this is about to change.

Trans: Tancred

Friday, July 13, 2018

Demonic Peter Strzok Matriculated from Modernist Monastery School

Here’s the evil Abbey Church where Peter Strzok went to “Mass”

Edit: I just wanted to take a moment to talk about Peter Strzok who graduated from a College Preparatory School run by evil Benedictine monks in Collegeville, Minnesota. Saint John’s Abbey is known for a lot of things: aberrosexual predators chief among them, but also fostering a spirit of dissent from Church teaching, ugly Bauhaus architecture, bad liturgy and rank leftism.  It is the home of the Pray, Tell blog and Father Ruff whose orientation is almost never on God.

We looked at Strzok’s Facebook page when this started and noticed with great interest that he neglected to list Saint John’s as his High School, the place he actually graduated from in 1987.  He was a very nice, highly intelligent, awkward and serious student with some quirks. 

We had forgotten what he looked like, but it all came back during the Senate hearing. What a disingenuous, sneering adolescent. He really looks like he was possessed by demons, and after four years at a place haunted by the world’s largest concentration of unpunished sexual predators, and four years at Jesuit Georgetown, is it any wonder that he turned out to be an arrogant, snotty leftist shill that we’ve all known at one time or another in Church life?

A soldier’s son ladies and gentlemen. We hope he mends his ways.


Outrage in Grand Canaries at Pastor’s Endorsement of Aberrosexual Transvestism

(Madrid) How homosexuality is made a topic fit for polite, everyday conversation shows a flood of events. One is reported by Gran Canaria, "the gayest island", as advertised in relevant circles.

Aberrosexualization Drag Queens Gran Canaria
Group photo: Drag Queens with pastor (in yellow) on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is part of the Spanish-owned Canary Islands, located off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean.

Don Fernando Baez, the pastor of La Breña in Telde, left his parsonage cloakroom to a few drag queens to dress up for a gala that took place on the occasion of the festivities in honor of St. Joseph and Our Lady of the Pino. One thing fits in with another, though some always seek reassurance. The facts of an overall trend speak a different language and result from the many, "excused" steps.

According to local press reports, local bishop Francisco Cases, ordinary of the diocese of the Canary Islands, has no intention of demanding an explanation from Pastor Baez for this behavior, despite numerous protests and submissions by believers.

Pastor Baez had himself photographed with Drag Queens during the gala.

Gran Canaria was hit in the headlines recently because an Italian priest disappeared overnight from his parish last night to "marry" his aberrosexual friend on the Spanish island.

Text: Klaus Vrede
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Croatian Football Coach Prays Rosary During Game!

Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic is the discovery of the World Cup. Every day, the devout Catholic prays the Rosary, even during the game

Edit: what a Neo-Pelagian!

Croatia ( The Croatian football team reached the World Cup final on Wednesday night with a win against England for the first time. The master of the success is obviously the new Croatian coach Zlatko Dalic, who has coached the team since last October and is now considered the coaching discovery of the World Cup. What few outside Croatia know. Dalic is a devout Catholic who prays the rosary every day. Even during a game he has this always with him and leaves him hardly out of hand.

For his success, he also refers to his beliefs. "Everything I've achieved in my life and in my career, I owe my faith, I'm very grateful to the Lord," he tells Croatian radio stations. "If a man loses hope, then he must rely on the merciful God and our faith."

Trans: Tancred

Former Vatican Bank IOR Under Benedict Warns Against “One World Order”

The population policy of the last decades pursues the goal of causing worldwide crises. These are the prerequisite for the introduction of a globalist, New World Order,” said Ettore Gotti Tedeschi.

Rome ( Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the former head of the Vatican Bank IOR, sees the plan of a “globalist elite” behind the "demographic collapse" of the West. This will deliberately cause crises and then introduce a "New World Order,”  said the Italian banker at a conference in the Vatican.

The representatives of this agenda have now extended their influence to the highest levels of the Vatican, said Gotti Tedeschi and referred to the recurring themes of poverty, migration and environmental degradation, to which Pope Francis appeals again and again.

The population control measures of recent decades have the goal of triggering a series of economic, geopolitical and social catastrophes. In these crises, people would accept a global "political vision" that would eliminate the sovereignty of nation-states and introduce "gnostic environmental protection" as a universal religion.

As a representative of these concerns, Gotti Tedeschi called out the biologist and demographer Paul Ehrlich, the economists Jeffrey Sachs and the former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

It was "unthinkable" that the decision makers in the US and around the world did not know the consequences of population policy, maintains Tedeschi.

Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Will Pope Send a Commissar to Italian Gay Marriage Diocese?

Homosexual marriage: Embrace in front of the camera between Bishop Zenti and ex-Pastor Costalunga.

(Rome) "I love God and my husband". With these words, Don Giuliano Costalunga justified leaving his parish Selva di Progno in the diocese of Verona in order to run away with his lover to Spain and there to enter into a "gay marriage" with him.

From Spain, the gay couple came up with this speech in a bizarre video:

"After ten years my dream finally came true. I've married Paolo, my friend and my love forever. "

Selva di Progno and the parish church which Costalunga abandoned after eleven years

Don Giuliano Costalunga was until his flight, pastor of a small, parish of a thousand souls on "Tautschan Perg" (German mountain), as the inhabitants of the Lessinian Alps were earlier called. In the Middle Ages, Germans had cleared here and built the small peasants' republic of the Thirteen Communities, which lasted until 1796. German has not been spoken in a long time in this quiet area, where you can look far into the Po Valley. Now there is some excitement.

The pastor of the village was blown to Gran Canaria at the end of April.

He had brought his "love" to the mountain village and where he was employed as a "parish worker". The two had met during "the first years of my priesthood" and lived together in the rectory. After ten years of secrecy, they could not stand it anymore.

On the "gayest island" in the world, as gay organizations advertise Gran Canaria, the two were "trussed.” In Selva di Progno, where he arrived in 2007, he was controversial because of his "modern" methods. No one suspected that he belonged to the "gay community".

For years he had wanted to unite his lived homosexuality and the priesthood. But now he wants to ask the diocesan ordinary for his release from the priesthood.

Bishop Giuseppe Zenti of Verona confirmed the "gay marriage" of his former pastor. He described the case as "very sad for our Church" in a first reaction.

And he revealed even more:

"One of my predecessors wanted to prevent his ordination to the priest. I suspect he knew it was not the best decision for this man to become a priest. "

When the then bishop of Verona did not want to consecrate him in 1998, Costalunga simply changed places. In another diocese (Rieti), 500 kilometers away, priests were needed, and so he too was ordained.

"His personal situation is very sad and difficult to solve. If he does not ask for his laicisation, I will do it on my own initiative," said Bishop Zemi.

Costalunga has been a priest for 20 years, wears piercing and is tattooed. "Veritas nos liberabit" (The truth makes us free), he tattooed this verse of the Gospel of John.

In a bizarre wedding video he explains:

"I have lived a special experience. Paolo saved me. He made me a better person. He is an angel who changed my life ".

Greetings from Gran Ganaria: the burned pastor with his "husband"

The mothers led the two men to the wedding. There were still some friends present. And of course, everyone has vigorously applauded the "gay marriage", as one believes today, they have to do. The whole thing to the music of an Italian hits from the 50s.

Meanwhile, there was an encounter between Costalunga and his bishop Zenti. Under the spotlight of the media, the bishop suddenly took a more reserved tone. Everything was under obvious public pressure. Whether this is the right setting for such an encounter may be doubted.

Bishop and ex-pastor embraced each other in a media-friendly manner, and Bishop Zenti hurried to say, "I have no right to judge." Pope Francis sends his regards.

It was no longer a matter of ex officio measures:

"I still regard you as my priest. Until you ask for dispensation, you will be a priest. "
After all, the bishop emphasized:

"For me, there is only marriage between a man and a woman".
But even this statement was unfortunate. It gave the impression that it was a private opinion of the bishop.

There was no question of the many unanswered questions about Costalunga's personal incoherence. And many more questions:

- In the diocese of Rieti, nobody asked why Costalunga was denied ordination in Verona?

- Did not anyone ask questions in the diocese of Verona when Costalunga suddenly wanted to return to his home bishopric as a consecrated priest?

- Was anyone in the diocese of Verona interested in referring to an unusual "resident" in the rectory?

- Who violated his duty to supervise?

- Will Pope Francis now also send a Commisar to Verona, as he did in Ciudad del Este and in Albenga?

The fact is, the gay scene rejoices over the "gay marriage" of a priest, while the case for the church is very sad.

Rather than blaming the Internet for publicizing the matter, Bishop Zenti might have called on the faithful to pray for the priest and for himself.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corriere di Verona / Wikicommons (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Papal Envoy: Parts of Medjugorje is Controlled by Mob

(Sarajevo) Medjugorje is already rich a very rich story with many chapters. Now the Papal Special Envoy, Archbishop Henryk Hoser has added a new one. He has complained that the Camorra, the Neapolitan mafia, is involved in the Herzegovinian village.

The emeritus Bishop of Warsaw, through his second mandate as Papal Special Envoy, is in fact the ultimate supporter of the parish of Medjugorje led by the Franciscan Order. Medjugorje is located in the Catholic-Croatian part of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Since 1981, the Blessed Virgin Mary is to have appeared to six children (now adults). A Church recognition of the phenomenon is pending so far.

According to Hosers, Medjugorje is the third largest place of pilgrimage in Europe, according to the number of pilgrims. Now the Papal emmisary has struck a new, unusual alarm. Medjugorje is in the sights of the Camorra and is already partially controlled by her.

The Neapolitan "mafia" enjoys a particularly bad reputation, even within organized crime in Italy.

Medjugorje is a place where a hard fight between good and evil takes place, says Hoser. This can be seen from the fact that thousands of young people go to confession here and seek penance and contrition for their sins. At the same time, the great stream of pilgrims also means a substantial flow of money, and it had caught the attention of the Camorra.

Archbishop Hoser said this in a sermon as part of a celebration at Warsaw's Chopin airport, before he again rushed to Medjugorje. The statements were reported by the Polish weekly newspaper Niedziela.

According to the archbishop, some "travel agencies and hotels" would be "controlled" by the dangerous crime syndicate.

On May 31, Hoser was commissioned a second time by Pope Francis as Pontifical Special Envoy with Medjugorje. In fact, the Vatican took over the final responsibility for the parish, which officially belongs to the diocese of Mostar. The bishops of Mostar, the incumbent and his predecessor, are among the decisive opponents of phenomenal phenomena.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
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SSPX Elects New Superior

On July 11, 2018, Father Davide Pagliarani was elected Superior General, for a mandate of 12 years, by the 4th General Chapter of the Society of Saint Pius X.

The new Superior General is 47 years old and is of Italian nationality. He received the sacrament of Holy Orders from the hands of Bishop Bernard Fellay in 1996. He exercised his apostolate in Rimini (Italy), then in Singapore, before being appointed Superior of the District of Italy. Since 2012, he was Rector of Our Lady Co-Redemptrix Seminary of La Reja (Argentina).

After accepting his office, the elected pronounced the Profession of Faith and took the Anti-Modernist Oath at the seminary church. Then, each of the members present came before him to promise their respect and obedience, before singing the Te Deum in thanksgiving.


The 41 capitulants will proceed tomorrow with the election of the two Assistants General, for the same mandate of 12 years. The Chapter will continue until July 21st  at the Seminary of St. Pius X of Ecône (Switzerland)

Ecône, July 11, 2018

Are Most of the Bishops Aberrosexual or at Least Fellow Travelers?

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 
By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 
Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

Edit: a lot of people were really frothing, raving mad that Michael Voris, Vox, Randy Engel and a few other bloggers are taking aim at clerical aberrosexuals. How is that anything new? Perhaps with the exposure of Uncle Ted, they sense the walls are closing in!  Indeed, it sounds like a real sore spot with some commenters invoking UK law against incitement of hatred. This was the reason Kreuznet was shut down, never to really rise again (although there is a shadow of it still publishing mostly Bishop Williamson’s regular letters to German speakers.) The heroic Kreuznet editors merely made the observation that a famous aberrosexual comedian who peddled his deviancy on the public street was in Hell, and they posted a host of quotations of Saints and Church Fathers to support their supposition. The German media melted down and exploded in a frenzy of hate. In the wake, even the German and Austrian Bishops got involved in helping the federal police of Austria and Germany discover the person or persons responsible with the evil Cardinal Schönborn in the forefront, bitterly condemning the site and its contributors. (I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that up in arms about anything)

These are the kinds of recriminations intended to silence Catholic teaching and normalize deviant behavior. This article by Lifesite is an excellent reminder of the problem within the Catholic Church which a lot of people don’t want fixed. Even back in 2005 when Diogenes wrote this article, the problem was omnipresent. Truly the Church has spiritual AIDS.

Speaking anecdotally from my own experience over the years, I’ve found clergy who are even relatively normal, or masculine to be as rare as clergy who are orthodox.

 Just to illustrate: Back at some point in the 80s,  a Lutheran Seminarian friend, let’s call him Jack, related a story of a friend of his who was a Paulist whom he met doing mission work in Latin America. His friend lived in their residence in Washington D.C.. It had a well-stocked refrigerator, and was beyond comfortable. The Central American women who worked at the house washing their clothes and cleaning, thought they were serving God and the Church by taking care of the Paulists there. Jack occasionally visited his friend there and would wait in the commons area where the Paulists would watch television. At one point, one of them approached him and asked him excitedly, “who are you with! You’re causing quite a stir around here!” 

I attended a High School where practically every single monk was an accused aberrosexual predator. If they weren’t, they were at least covering for the rest. At one point, this was one of the largest Benedictine houses in the world, but has since withered considerably with no abatement in their advocacy for deviancy. So based on my own experience of many years, I can tell you that effeminates and deviants were commonplace even in 1995, to say nothing of 2005. In fact, it seems that it was a problem long before that, but we don’t have to rely on my anecdotal experience and observations, but a look at the not insubstantial number of Bishops in the US and Canada cited by the now silent Diogenes who have been found to be aberrosexual by their civil cases, and now, we even see entire news networks like Salt and Light, and prominent individuals in the clergy like James Martin or Robert Barron (a close friend of Andrew Greeley’s) who in varying degrees soft-soap or actively endorse deviancy against the immemorial teaching of the Church.

July 10, 2018 ( – The news that Cardinal McCarrick has been credibly accused of molesting a young man – and the subsequent revelations that "everybody knew" about the cardinal's homosexual activities – have raised new and important questions about the silence of other American bishops. What did they know, and when did they know it? How did the cardinal advance through the ecclesiastical ranks, even after complaints had been received in the dioceses where he served?

These are not new questions. In fact our sometime contributor Diogenes asked them – and pointed to the obvious answer – in a post that appeared on this site over 13 years ago. His argument was powerful in 2005, and although some of his references will now seem dated, nothing that has happened in the intervening years affects the essential force of that argument.

Maybe people are going to relate to their own experiences and connect the dots? 

Herewith the thoughts of Diogenes, from June 16, 2005:

The Washington Times reports that "the U.S. Catholic bishops will sidestep the issue of whether gay men should become priests at their semiannual meeting," which began today at the Chicago Fairmont.

And why, boys and girls, was it a foregone conclusion that the bishops would "sidestep" the issue? Because the question of whether gays should be ordained cannot be addressed without first addressing a considerably more explosive question: the number of bishop-disputants who are themselves gay and have a profound personal interest that there be no public examination of the connections between their sexual appetites, their convictions, and their conduct of office. Let's do a little stock-taking of those U.S. bishops who are publicly known to be gay:

  • Retired Bishop Dan Ryan of Springfield, IL. Did he tell us he was gay? No. Did his brother bishops tell us he was gay? No. Then how did we find out? Through the offices of the civil justice system.
  • Retired Bishop Tom Dupre of Springfield, MA. Did he tell us he was gay? No. Did his brother bishops tell us he was gay? No. Then how did we find out? Through the offices of the civil justice system.
  • Retired Bishop Patrick Ziemann of Santa Rosa, CA. Did he tell us he was gay? No. Did his brother bishops tell us he was gay? No. Then how did we find out? Through the offices of the civil justice system.
  • Retired Bishop Kendrick Williams of Lexington, KY. Did he tell us he was gay? No. Did his brother bishops tell us he was gay? No. Then how did we find out? Through the offices of the civil justice system.
  • Retired Bishop Keith Symons of Palm Beach, FL. Did he tell us he was gay? No. Did his brother bishops tell us he was gay? No. Then how did we find out? Through the offices of the civil justice system.
  • Retired Bishop Lawrence Soens of Sioux City, IA. Did he tell us he was gay? No. Did his brother bishops tell us he was gay? No. Then how did we find out? Through the offices of the civil justice system.
  • Retired Bishop Joseph Hart of Cheyenne, WY. Did he tell us he was gay? No. Did his brother bishops tell us he was gay? No. Then how did we find out? Through the offices of the civil justice system.
  • Retired Bishop Anthony O'Connell of Palm Beach, FL. Did he tell us he was gay? No. Did his brother bishops tell us he was gay? No. Then how did we find out? Through the offices of the civil justice system.
  • Non-Retired Bishop Robert Lynch of St. Petersburg, FL. Did he tell us he was gay? No. Did his brother bishops tell us he was gay? No. Then how did we find out? The papers reported his $100,000 sexual harassment pay-off to his communications flack.
  • Retired Archbishop Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee, WI. Did he tell us he was gay? No. Did his brother bishops tell us he was gay? No. Then how did we find out? His lover broke the news on Good Morning America

Post Scriptum: Back on October 30th, 2012 we  were the first to have posted an article on Father Dariuscz Ozco  about Homoheresy and a few others in English, as far as we know.

I’ve always found this to be very true from Church Militant:

Father Oko explained that those with homosexual tendencies reject the "warrior mentality" necessary in the Christian life. "[T]hey will not emulate our Lord as the warrior, as the counter symbol to the prevailing evil," he remarked. "They will try to orient the Church to being emotional, to having a dialogue with everybody, turning the Church into a 'safe space.' They don't like battle or confrontation."


Pope Calls Divine Wrath Upon Sandinista Thugs

Pope responds to an attack by Sandinista troops against the nuncio and bishops in Nicaragua -

Edit: the Church is no stranger to hostility from the Communist Sandanista regime. And none of the news stories I see are covering the Communism angle and the apparent end of the romance.

Managua ( On Monday, in Nicaragua, in an attack by pro-government thugs on the Cardinal of Managua, the apostolic nuncio and several bishops, including Managua suffragan bishop Silvio Baez, were injured. Demonstrators against dictator Ortega and his wife's government, who were attacked by Sandinista paramilitary groups, retreated to the Basilica of San Sebastian in Diriamba. When the bishops learned of the fate of those trapped there, they immediately went to Diriamba to prevent further violence. In front of the basilica they were attacked by the group loyal to the government. Among the bishops was also the representative of the Pope, Nuncio Archbishop Waldemar Stanislaw.

The Pope has now reacted sharply to the attack. As oppositional media reports, Ortega received a pontifical letter from the Pope, including: "God will take justice from above, but I as his representative will do it from the earth."

More than 300 people have been killed in the clashes between demonstrators and Ortega Sandinista forces.

Nicaragua: Government-friendly thugs attack bishops and the apostolic nuncio

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Schism is Palpably Near

It may therefore be asked whether the Bishop of Würzburg as a whole stands in unity with the bishops worldwide and especially with the Bishop of Rome.  

The Monday Kick Op by Peter Winnemöller
Linz (  Who in recent days went to the website of the Diocese of Würzburg, found this link: "In the coming months it will be intensively discussed in the diocesan bodies on the recommendation of the German Bishops' Conference. (Bishop said in his sermon.) 'But today there is a cordial invitation to all mixed-confessional couples to come to the Lord's table.'"

That was not put into the world by an impertinent volunteer from the press office subsequently being quickly removed. On the contrary! This is the official report of the press office of the diocese of Würzburg on Masses, to which couples especially were invited to their 50th to 60th  anniversary and higher. The bishop of Würzburg had invited long married mixed-confessional couples to Mass without any preconditions for Communion.

So Communion was to be a reward for a special occasion, a long-lasting marriage. (The trivial kind of thing it is in most US parishes) This is strange in that the Church law still regulates very clearly that those who give Communion give the Sacrament only to Catholic recipients. Even DBK's highly controversial guidance does not consider unconditional inter-communion as a reward as a possibility. Rather, it is about the remedy of a spiritual emergency. This aspect too is by no means so clearly outlined as the current inter-communion propaganda of some German bishops intends to persuade us.

There is still a valid judgment forthcoming from Rome as to whether a bishop can detect such an emergency in the case of a mixed-confessional marriage. There is a need for clarification. In this respect, it is not only the stunned publication of the so-called orientation aid that causes alienation, but also the unthinking affrontery of some bishops. A fascination of first quality is that the bishop of Würzburg in his own words, no longer has to speak in the cause at all with the competent bodies (eg the Council for the interpretation of the legal texts) in Rome. He just wants to talk to the committees in his diocese. It may, therefore, be asked whether the Bishop of Würzburg as a whole stands in unity with the bishops worldwide and especially with the Bishop of Rome. In addition, it may be asked whether, in the face of this flat invitation, he (still) shares the Eucharistic understanding of the Church.

It is important to answer these questions for the sake of the truth. It's not about seeking the scandal for the sake of scandal. It should also not be disallowed at this point that the emotions, which are thoroughly understandable in the case, will squelch - whether they are pro - or contra - the discourse.

The present scandal is a nuisance of itself. This is not about a trifle. It's not just about a "pastoral solution." It is about faith in the Eucharist and thus the core of our Catholic faith.

The question to be answered is, in a word, whether a schism already exists.

Trans: Tancred

Benedictine Professor: Why Are Almost All of the Cardinals and Bishops Silent?

Current issue of "Catholica". Why are almost all cardinals and bishops silent about the end of Catholicism that Pope Francis brings about? The "other understanding of the Church" behind Amoris laetitia.

(Paris) The international magazine for culture, politics and religion, Catholica, which has been published in France for 30 years, counts "well-known authors such as Émile Poulat, Robert Spaemann, Ernst Wolfgang Böckenförde, Vladimir Bukowski, Stanislaw Grygiel, Thierry Wolton and Jacques Ellul and Pietro De Marco," says Vatican writer Sandro Magister. The editor-in-chief is Bernard Dumont.

Bernard Dumont
In its latest issue, Dumont, whose editorial is also freely available on the Internet, deals with the "unbelievable" silence of almost all cardinals and bishops - with the exception of the four signatories of Dubia - "the dissolution of the traditional form of catholicity by the pontificate of Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been set in motion." Bernard Dumont discusses the apparently desired end of "Roman Catholicism" without, however, raising an outcry, as the historian Roberto Pertici once complained. The end is proclaimed by Rome or those who invoke Rome, and all are silent and seem to submit to the inevitable fate. See the analysis of Prof. Pertici: The reform of Pope Francis was already written by Martin Luther .

Why is this?


The belief reduced to ethics


Dumont also published in the new edition the text of a Benedictine monk and theologian who analyzes and criticizes "perhaps the most radical upheaval in Catholicism of our time." No longer does the sacrament have primacy in the Church, of which the Second Vatican Council said it was the "culmen et fons" of the life of the Church, but ethics.
This subversion is also reflected in the question of remarried divorced as well as the inter-communion with the Protestants.
The Benedictine theologian is Fr. Giulio Meiattini, who this year already published the monograph  "Amoris laetitia? The Sacraments Reduced to Morality" (publisher La Fontana di Siloe, Turin 2018). He is a monk of the Benedictine Abbey of Madonna della Scala in Noci and Professor of Fundamental Theology at the Theological Faculty of Apulia and at the Pontifical Athenaeum Sant'Anselmo in Rome.
Meiattini accuses Pope Francis and his whisperer, Cardinal Walter Kasper, of promoting "cunning" rather than the much-cited "distinction." There is cunning in Amoris laetitia and the mind behind it.
"The state of confusion is obvious".
With these words the theologian and monk begins his essay. It is claimed that the confusion is only supposed, and only the result of a new style of government. Such a picture of the current situation is not something Fr. Meiattini takes pleasure in.
"Can the confusion and disagreement between bishops on tricky points of faith be fruits of the Holy Spirit? Not in my opinion."

Several small steps mean a large one in sum

P. Giulio Meiattini OSB
Then Meiattini indicates that in the matter of remarried divorced people a ready-made plan was pursued from the beginning. With the opportunity of being able to deliver the only speech in February 2014 to the Cardinals' Consistory procured by Pope Francis, Cardinal Kasper "laid the groundwork". Nevertheless, two bishops' synods failed to produce a common line to the problem being discussed. Anyone reading the reports of the "circuli minores" of the 2015 Synod can easily see that there was no common position.
The pope would have had to examine and understand, which would have been the first task of "distinction", "which processes" would be initiated and pursued, and which not. However, such a distinction did not take place. The path taken was not changed.
The fact is that a large majority of the Synod Fathers wanted "no change in the traditional order". The editorial committee of Relatio finalis therefore took care not to include any innovations in the text.
  For this reason, a "small step," according to Meiattini, was undertaken instead of a big one: The editorial committee formulated some undefined positions, which meant a "change of atmosphere".
The non-rejection of these ponderous formulations, which received the necessary two-thirds majority only with extreme difficulty, sufficed that the next "small step," with some ambiguous footnotes in Amoris laetitia, were sufficient to indicate a new direction.
These small steps, which, strictly speaking, did not reinforce the traditional position, were enough to split the episcopate. The next step was papal confirmation of the guidelines of the ecclesiastical Province of Buenos Aires on the Eighth Chapter of Amoris laetitia.
In reality, these guidelines are not mere interpretations, because they contain statements and instructions that were neither found in Amoris laetitia nor adopted by the synods, and never found a majority there.
Through a series of "small steps", a "big step" was finally taken within three years, with a profound intervention. But this has nothing to do with "synodality," according to Meiattini.
Faith would be reduced to ethics in Amoris laetitia , that is the total thrust.
"Ethics has neither the first nor the last word."

"I do not understand how the Bishop of Rome can write such a thing"

And Meiattini continues:
"To be honest, I can not understand how a bishop, especially that of Rome, can write such sentences: 'One should not burden two limited people with the tremendous burden of perfectly recreating the union that exists between Christ and his Church '(AS, 122)."
This formulation is an expression of a very different way of thinking: A gospel ethic, freed from the sacrament, becomes a "mighty burden" rather than a "sweet yoke" and a "light burden."
Such a statement can only be reached if one understands Christianity - perhaps unconsciously - only as ethics. In this way we arrive at results that correspond to the Lutheran concept of simul iustus et peccator, condemned by the Council of Trent.

Intercommunion with the Protestants follows the same logic. What is only decisive is the presumed, inner feeling. For the objective criteria, all conceivable attenuating circumstances are taken into account, and the subjective decision of conscience is decisive. Why, then, according to this pattern, should not even a Buddhist or a Hindu be able to receive the Catholic Eucharist, according to P. Meiattani?
"Damaging the relationship between morality and sacraments can ultimately lead to a non-Catholic understanding of the Church."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Catholica / Vida inteligente / Cooperatores veritatis (Screenshots)
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New Superior Elected for FSSP

[Catholic Herald] The traditionalist Priestly Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP) has elected Polish priest Fr Andrzej Komorowski as its new head.

The fraternity’s General Chapter, which is currently meeting at Our Lady of Guadalupe International Seminary in Denton, Nebraska, chose Fr Komorowski for a six-year term. He succeeds American Fr John Berg, who had been Superior General since 2006.

Fr Komorowski was born in Poland in 1975 and was ordained in 2006 after studying at the fraternity’s seminary in Wigratzbad, Bavaria. He had served as Assistant to the Superior General since 2012, and is based in fraternity’s headquarters in Fribourg, Switzerland.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Aberrosexual Subculture Infests Traditional Music Programs and Societies

Edit: I can vouch for this.

Why is a gay subculture being tolerated within some traditionalist circles? Groups like Gay Traditionalist Catholic and Liturgy Queens are for active homosexuals, who favor the pomp and pageantry of the Traditional Latin Mass but choose to live a homosexual lifestyle.

One concerned Catholic recently shared his concerns about this grave problem with Church Militant:

This is a very common problem in the choir loft. I'm a professional music director and I can say confidently that music at many TLMs is directed by gays. In most cases the laity are completely unaware and praise their highly qualified and capable musicians, but the clergy are absolutely aware in every case I personally know of. It's absolutely scandalous. ... Furthermore, to show how widespread this issue is, it even extends into the annual CMAA Sacred Music Colloquium. One individual in particular is an extremely well-known, flamboyant, active, practicing homosexual who is frequently described by others at the colloquium as "absolutely oozing gayness." His lifestyle and flawed beliefs are known to all involved. Yet he is invited to play, conduct, sing and teach at this colloquium regularly. Others at the colloquium just shrug it off because he is such a talented and respected musician who leads the music program at one of the nation's largest Episcopal parishes.


Friday, July 6, 2018

Bishop of Würzburg Gives Out Communion to Protestants

Würzburg bishop invites all Protestant spouses without preconditions to the Eucharist - Yesterday was talk of "individual case" was yesterday

Würzburg ( The Würzburg bishop Franz Jung pronounced a general invitation to the Eucharistic reception for Protestant spouses at the two pontifical masses for married couples. "But today, the anniversary of marriage, I would like to make the invitation to the Eucharist for interchurch marriages, in which the two partners have remained faithful to each other," said the recently consecrated bishop according to the press office of his diocese. There was no indication in the press release that even in the DBK orientation aid, which had not been approved by the pope, there was no generalized access to any Protestant married to a Catholic spouse without distinction. It was, according to Jung in his sermon, for a long time fought over intensively, what could be a spiritual path, at the end of a permission for Communion in individual cases for Protestant partners could look like. He would, ‘intensively discuss this recommendation of the German Bishops' Conference with the diocesan councils in the coming period.’ The German bishops, however, want to ‘pay special tribute to the ‘lived faithfulness of marriages in the domestic Church’ especially in confessional marriages,” he continued in his sermon.

The only admission requirement for a Protestant Christian married to a Catholic to the Catholic Eucharist, therefore, seems to be a suitably long marriage in these Mass celebrations with Bishop Jung. The admission of Protestant Christians "on an individual basis", which is so strongly emphasized in the discussion, seems to be obsolete here, but at least it does not appear in the press release. Bishop Jung could thus be the first Catholic bishop in Germany to publicly represent such a general invitation to the Protestant spouse and spread it through the diocesan media.

In the run-up to the Kiliani Pilgrimage Week 2018 couples are invited to these services in Kiliansdom, who have been married for 25, 50, 60 or 65 years.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Paderborn Priest Circle Opposes Bishop’s Heretical Proposal for Protestant Communion

“It is part of the nature of Protestantism not to have the full Catholic faith in the Eucharist" - "In a real emergency, the Protestant would first have to be led to the sacrament of penance"

Paderborn ( Paderborn's "Priests Circle Communio Veritatis" comments critically on the decision of the Archbishop of Paderborn, Hans-Josef Becker, to "familiarize himself intensively with the controversial DBK orientation guide and act responsibly in accordance with pastoral care." Becker had allowed that Protestant Christians in confessional marriages receive permission to receive the Catholic Eucharist under certain conditions, has reported. documents the statement of the "Priests Circle Communio Veritatis" in full length:

The Priests Circle Communio Veritatis has intensively dealt with an affront by Archbishop Becker, who wants to make possible the  reception of Communion for Protestant partners in a non-confessional marriages in so-called individual cases.

We note unanimously that this directive is unacceptable.

Our association explains the following:

1. Basically, "To receive Holy Communion, one must be fully integrated into the Catholic Church and be in the state of grace" (CCC 291).

2. In the encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharistia by St. John Paul II we read:  "The rejection of one or more of the truths of the faith about these sacraments [...] means that the petitioner is not disposed for its rightful reception" (Ed. 46). It is part of the nature of Protestantism not to have the full Catholic faith in the Eucharist.

3. With regard to Canon 844 § 4 CIC, no diocesan bishop can declare the situation in a mixed-confessional marriage a serious emergency in order to facilitate inter-communion. (Cardinal Brandmüller, referring to the seriousness of the plight, said that "the canon relates to extreme situations such as war, persecution, deportation and natural disasters" (, 25.6.2018).

4. Canon 844 § 4 of the Catholic Canon Law provides for the reception of Communion by a non-Catholic Christian, among other things, the necessary condition that a dispenser of their own community can not be present.

5. The right disposition described in Number 1401 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church necessarily implies the absence of grave sin. From this it follows that the Protestant in a real emergency would first have to be led to the sacrament of penance.

6. Regarding eternal salvation, there are, in very rare exceptional cases, the possibility of allowing individual non-Catholic Christians to the sacrament of penance, the Anointing of the sick, and the Eucharist. This presupposes, however, that certain exceptional situations characterized by exact conditions (see above 2 to 5) - whereby all points must apply - are given. It is the duty of everyone to be faithful to them (see Pope Benedict XVI, Sacramentum Caritatis, 56).

The Priestly Circle Communio Veritatis remains determined to serve Jesus Christ faithfully in all things and the continuing Magisterium of the Catholic Church for the salvation of souls.

Paderborn Cathedral - View of the impressive Romanesque westwork

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