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The New Franciscans of the Immaculata

(London) On July 5, 2019, the southern English city of Portsmouth was without its knowledge,
 for a brief but important moment, something of the center of the Catholic world. The coastal city is the birthplace of Charles Dickens and was the starting point of the Allied landing in Normandy. It has also been the seat of a bishop since 1882, after over 300 years of prohibition,
the Catholic hierarchy could be rebuilt in England.

Since 2012, appointed by Pope Benedict XVI, Msgr. Philip Anthony Egan heads the diocese with around 250,000 Catholics (eight percent of the population). Bishop Egan consecrated four Franciscans to priests in the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist last July 5 - in the traditional rite.

The brothers of St. Francis of Assisi are former Franciscans of the Immaculata, who were incardinated by Bishop Egan into his diocese of Portsmouth.

The four candidates

The Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculata, founded by Fr. Stefano Maria Manelli, has been suffering a great ordeal since the summer of 2013. The still young order, which looked back to the original charism of the order’s founder, was followed by Pope Benedict XVI. in the Motu proprio Summorum pontificum, and was transformed from a New Mass-religious order to an Old Rite order, since he was committed in his charism to tradition. But he remained subordinate, a complete exception, in the  Roman Congregation of Religious. In pastoral care the Order was bi-ritual, in-house old-ritual. The canonical community, first established in 1990, grew rapidly and received considerable appointments from Europe as well. Towards the end of the pontificate of Benedict XVI, it seemed that the Franciscans of the Immaculata could even become a role model for other new rite-religious orders. It was especially the  young members of other orders were interested in their way.

A few months after the papal change, however, came the turn. The protective hand of Benedict XVI. was replaced by the punitive hand of Francis. In July 2013, the Order's leadership was deposed by the Order's Congregation and the Order was placed under the administration of a Commissar without any reason. This raged in the Order and smashed much of what had been built. With the decree of the Commissar by Rome, the Order had been forbidden to perform the traditional Rite. This left no doubt against whom and what the hard measure was directed. All relevant decisions were declared null and void. Each priest had to apply individually for a special permit if he wanted to continue to celebrate in the traditional Rite. Monasteries were abolished, the internal seminary was closed  and pilgrimage sites and churches entrusted to it were removed from the Order.

Against the founders of the Order and Superior General until the Commissar  came, a slander campaign was carried out, which was also carried out in court. The Commissar embarrassingly failed and reinforced the impression of arbitrary and ideologically motivated persecution. Not only the vocations collapsed, even the friars themselves were urged to leave the Order because the original religious charisma was eliminated. At this point all the harshness became apparent, some even reveal the persecutor’s ugliness. The friars, who reconstituted the Order as an Old Rite order and thereby wanted to submit to the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei (now a division of the Congregation of the Faith), this was denied. The friars, who wanted to leave the Order and ask for release from their vows to found a new order, were forbidden to do so. The then Commissar even threatened Italian bishops who would allow Franciscans of Immaculata in their dioceses admission. The bishop of Albenga-Imperia, who had promoted the Order particularly, gave him three settlements there,
entrusted pilgrimage churches and dared to defend the Order against unjustified persecution, was made emeritus by Pope Francis.

The same happened to a Filipino bishop, who received the former Franciscan Immaculata in his diocese and helped to found a new order there.

Others found refuge in England, which was previously tolerated by Rome, because they live their charism without a stir. Bishop Egan granted a new home to one of the Order's brilliant heads, Father Serafino M. Lanzetta. In 2015, he entrusted him with the parish of St. Mary in Gosport and appointed him pastor. P. Lanzetta made the New-Parish a bi-ritual one. The change that became possible coincided with the death of the first Roman Commissar, Capuchin Fidenzio Volpi.

Fr. Lanzetta enabled the other brothers of his order to settle in Gosport. Thus the exile of the
seminarians, who were in the middle of their studies, came to an end when the storm broke over the Order. A few days ago they were consecrated by Bishop Egan, according to their sensitivity, in the traditional form of the Roman Rite.

In the diocese of Portsmouth the former Franciscans of Immaculata can live. Their community is called the Family of the Immaculate Virgin and Saint Francis. It already has nine priests, brothers and seminarians. So far, two other priests have worked together with Fr. Lanzetta in Gosport, who are now strengthened by the four new priests Fra Philemon, Fra Rosario, Fra Faustinus and Fra Michael. Thus, the number of Mass sites reached can be expanded. Wherever the priests of the new community come, they also bring the traditional Rite and tradition.

In recent years Bishop Egan has been particularly sensitive to the priests and the faithful who are associated with the traditional Rite. In September 2018, he established a personal parish of the traditional Rite in Reading, which he entrusted to the FSPC. In March 2019, he paid a visit to St. Michael's School in Burghclere, which is located in his diocese and run by the Society of Saint Pius X  (FSSPX).

In Gosport, a seed has become a small plant.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL / MyAlbum / Saint Marys
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Head of Congregation of Religious Gives Insights — Why Attack Holy Franciscans of the Immaculate

(Asuncion) Why, since 2013, have traditional orders and communities, such as the Franciscans of the Immaculata of Rome, been placed under provisional administration since 2013, usually without a reason? This question has been raised since July 2013, four months after the election of Pope Francis, and has to do with Cardinal Braz de Aviz and the Congregation of Religious he leads. In the interview, the cardinal, more unconsciously than he intends, may have given an answer to the question. Braz de Aviz revealed some reasons that seem to be behind the sending of commissars. He also provided illuminating insight into the current understanding of priests in Rome. All in all aspects that are also interesting with regard to the Amazon Synod.

As reported, Cardinal Braz de Aviz recently visited Paraguay. There he gave an interview to the capital's daily newspaper Ultima Hora, which was published last Saturday, July 14th.

Ultima Hora: What are the challenges today (for religious life today)?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: We are working hard to change the training. We have to think about a training from the womb to the last breath. There is a process of life in which values ​​or sufferings are acquired or not. Everything counts in education, you can not say that is training and that is not. It is a path that must be undertaken, and requires a lot of attention, responsibility, forgiveness, and listening ability. We have a lot to change.

Then we have the problem within the consecrated life of regaining the human, the inclinations, the sexuality. We have to restore the relationship between superiors and subordinates in order to shed new light on them. The man-woman relationship, no longer defensive, but more integrated, deeper and more complete on both sides.

Ultima Hora: There is a career crisis. What does that say in your opinion?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: I think it's all a problem of the authenticity of life. Another problem is that society denies God in many places. He is not denied in theory, but in practice. So now we have to see: what is fundamental and what is not. Many things of the tradition, many things that belong to the past culture, are no longer suitable.

Ultima Hora: What, for example?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: For example, we have life forms that are related to our founders, but are not essential: a way of praying, a way of dressing oneself, giving too much importance to certain things that are not important, and others that are really important, too small to pay attention to them. This more globalized view of everything ... that we did not have, now we have it. It is no longer true that my culture is more important than the culture of the other, because the cultures are all the same, but they must find the values ​​of the Gospel.

Ultima Hora: As if spirituality had worsened ...

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: Yes, that's it. All the secondary things can fall, but not the special charisma of the founders.

Ultima Hora: Does celibacy belong in these many things to give up?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: For the consecrated life, celibacy is of fundamental importance because it is one of the pillars: poverty, chastity and obedience. But these are not commandments, but propositions, they are evangelical counsels. Its value is to discover, someone must discover whether he is called to or not. Sometimes one deceives oneself and thinks he is called to be without it. Others do not accept that because they do not see it as a value. We have to differentiate, recognize and follow.

Ultima Hora: Why do we experience a time when apostolic life seems more endangered?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: Today we do not think of the priesthood as the most important thing. The priesthood is one of the values, one of the vocations. In consecrated life the priest may not take the first place. He has to take the same place as the other brothers and sisters ... This, for example, must change: the Pope says that we must distinguish between power and authority. The divine authority is in order, the power is not. Because power, according to the mindset of the world, is a form of domination that does not serve. We have to go through another door: be in the secret and be able to
find that brotherhood.

Ultima Hora: How is the Church and the Pope handling the cases of sexual abuse?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: The Pope wants transparency, he wants responsibility. The Pope says that even if it was only abuse in the Church, it must be clarified because the consecrated figure of the priest is a figure that points to a divine value, a deep human value. If you do not have that, you are abusing. We have to recognize that. And the media is doing very well in putting this into focus, knowing that 95% of these problems are in the family and not in the Church, because that's true too.

Ultima Hora: To what extent have the sexual scandals affected the church, had it led to fewer priestly vocations?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz:  The scandal is always affecting, but that's just one side, because most took place 50 years ago; the other side is that now the consciousness is much bigger. But it has a big influence on the decline. But we have more adaptation to the current culture, authentic life, and think that God will take care of it.

Ultima Hora: How should the stigma be removed?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz: Only by clarifying the cases and then by changing our way of being. Because it is a localized problem, a very serious problem, then you have to change. But we are not worried that this will come to light. It is necessary that it comes to light. We need a more modest church to live together and try to protect life. In everything else God does as He pleases.

Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Ultima Hora (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

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Jewish Media Ogre Facebook Censors Saint Augustine

Edit: Domenico Bettenelli of Bettnet had a post flagged on Jewish owned Facebook recently because it featured a quote by Saint Augustine that was identified as hate speech by a computer and a representative of the Jewish media giant. It’s a real David and Goliath situation.
Let us never assume that if we live good lives we will be without sin; our lives should be praised only when we continue to beg for pardon. But men are hopeless creatures, and the less they concentrate on their own sins, the more interested they become in the sins of others. They seek to criticize, not to correct. Unable to excuse themselves, they are ready to accuse others.
The story was also covered by Paul Joseph Watson, interestingly. Imagine my shock!


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Archbishop of Turin Celebrates Immemorial Mass at Mercy Brothers Church

Archbishop Nosiglia prays in front of the tabernacle

(Turin) While a German bishop in June said that he "could not" allow priests of the Society of Saint Peter to celebrate Holy Mass in the traditional rite in his diocese, other bishops have less fears of contact and aversion to the Immemorial Roman Rite.
Last Sunday, July 7, the Archbishop of Turin, Msgr. Cesare Nosiglia, visited the "Church of Mercy". He participated in the Mass celebrated there in the ancient rite and gave the sermon. The visit happily coincided with the twelfth anniversary of the signing of the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum by Pope Benedict XVI.
The church is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, but is known to the people as the "Chiesa della Misericordia". It was established by the Archconfraternity known as John the Baptist Beheaded, simply called "Mercy,"  founded in 1578, whose mission to this day is to care for prisoners, especially to ensure their religious care.
For more than 30 years, the church has regularly celebrated the Immemorial Rite since the then archbishop, Giovanni Cardinal Saladrini, benevolently supported the implementation of the Motu proprio Ecclesia Dei, adopted in 1988 by Pope John Paul II.

Members of the Societies

Archbishop Nosiglia was received last Sunday by the church rector, Canon Francesco Saverio Venuto, and RA Alberto Tealdi, the Governor of the Archconfraternity of Mercy, along with his brothers in the fraternity habits in front of the church. Present were also representatives of other societies of the city, with whom the brotherhood maintains good contact.
The Archbishop first knelt before the Blessed Sacrament in prayer and then took part in the mass celebrated by the church rector. In his sermon, the archbishop deepened the vocation of the first disciples. He spoke about the calling to life, to faith and to holiness, the "coronation of the whole Christian life". Suddenly, the archbishop asked the faithful if they remembered the catechism of St. Pius X, why God created us. After a moment of surprised hesitation, the faithful answered in chorus with the archbishop:
"We are on earth to know God, to love and serve him and to go to heaven."
It was the first time that an archbishop of Torino participated in the Mass in the Immemorial Riter at the "Church of Mercy," as Alberto Tealdi subsequently rejoiced and gratefully acknowledged. He recalled the priests who, as rectors of the Church, made the celebration of the traditional rite over the past 30 years or 
so possible. Canon Venuto has been the third church rector in several months, celebrating in the traditional Mass.
On the occasion of the episcopal visit, the Archdiocese published a book with twelve sermons by Msgr. Renzo Savarino, one of the former church rectors, whose 60th priestly jubilee was celebrated in the church on 28 June. He is still active in the diocese commission for the Shroud.
During the public exhibition of the Sacra Sindone, the Shroud of Turin, traditional pilgrims can find a home in the Church of the Archdiocese, as of 2015.

Update from the Comment Section in Messa in Latino:

The archbishop of Turin called “Brother” Enzo Bianchi of the Bose community to give lectures for the Turin seminar for the coming year (2019/20). For those unfamiliar with Enzo Bianchi, he can be summarigzed through the concepts of Arianism, voluntarism and immorality (since he pushes towards communion for cohabitants and adulterers as well as for the union for homosexual couples). I understand the happiness that can come from seeing him celebrate Mass according to the Extraordinary Rite, but the need to highlight that this is just another hypocrisy of a fake shepherd who does not care about salus animarum, but only to get lose a bit of consensus from all the fringes of the contemporary church. Don't be fooled by the traditionalist mask that he put on

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Messa in Latino
Trans: Tancred


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Vox Populi Vox Dei: Pope Attacked by Hoard of Angry Italians in Twitter Rampage

Pope Francis' tweet that 'migrants are first of all human persons' drew fire online 

‘Take the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to the Vatican and you keep them,' tweeted one 

'Say a few words about Jesus, Mary, the Holy Ghost, the resurrection and Hell'

[Daily Mail] Pope Francis has been bombarded with abuse from Italian Twitter users after urging Catholics to pray for migrants.
'Migrants are first of all human persons, and that they are the symbol of all those rejected by today's globalised society,' the pontiff tweeted on Monday.

But his charitable sentiments garnered him abuse from social media users in Italy.

Ht: Damian M.


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Another Traditional Society Being Wrecked by Bergoglian Commissar

Traditional Society of Familia Christi by the papal commissioner in fact dissolved.

(Rome) The Commissar appointed by Pope Francis has de facto dissolved a traditional
fraternity. Not one reason for the drastic measure was mentioned. The Priestly Societt of Familia Christi is the first genuinely Italian Ecclesia Dei community. This is the name given to the traditional communities that are committed to the traditional form of the Roman rite and are therefore subordinate to the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, today a division of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It also appears to be the cause of the profound aversion to the Society which progressive Italian Churches hold against them and the Archbishop, who recognized them as ecclesiastical.

 The Priestly Fraternity Familia Christi (FSFC) is ecclesiastically a clerical society of Apostolic life of diocesan right. Its founder, at that time still as a lay association, is the Vatican diplomat Msgr. Giuseppe Canovai, who died in 1942 at the age of only 37 years. Before joining the diplomatic service of the Holy See, Canovai was a student pastor in Italy. In this capacity, he founded the lay association Familia Christi, which was recognized in 1938 under canon law. His spiritual diary, which he kept from the age of 15, is considered a special treasure and aid for personal sanctification. His beatification process is under way. After a long journey, priestly vocations grew out of the lay association, eventually leading to the founding of the fraternity. In 2014, after a long examination, it was first recognized by the then Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio, Msgr. Luigi Negri, and canonised on 8th September 2016, the Feast of the Nativity, with the benevolence of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei according to diocesan law.

Archbishop Negri, who was praised by Pope Benedict XVI., among the diocesan bishops of Italy. He was attacked accordingly. After the election of Pope Francis, his opponents tried to get rid of him as soon as possible. At the same time, people did not shy away from public discrediting. Although Msgr. Negri remained in office until the age of 75, it was not one day longer. In his book he spoke in connection with these hostilities,  of a "climate of retribution". The change at the Church hierarchy at the  top made it possible.

With his retirement, though in good health, the problems for the Fraternity of Familia Christi began. The appointment of the successor meant a provocative break with Negri's line. The new archbishop was Msgr. Giancarlo Perego, a "street priest" who "works on the margins" in February 2017, as he was officially described. A "super-progressive migration advocate", as the Vaticanist Marco Tosatti put it.

The same was repeated in Ferrara, which had previously happened in the archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels.  There, too, Pope Francis retired Archbishop André Joseph Leonard, hated in progressive church circles, as soon as he was 75 years old. Previously, he had already denied him the cardinalatial dignity, which is traditionally associated with the most important diocese of Belgium. No sooner had Leonard's successor, the progressive Jozef De Kesel been installed than he began to dismantle Leonard's acknowledged, New Rite, but "too conservative" brotherhood of the holy apostles.

The numerous priestly vocations of the Society did not speak well for them, but were a thorn in the side of the progressive church circles with their empty seminaries. Finally, the Priestly Fraternity, whose priests were very popular in the parishes entrusted to them in and around Brussels, was banished from Belgium by De Kesel, whom Francis, unlike Leonard, was immediately called to be a  Cardinal, and dissolved by Pope Francis.

Christmas Mass 2017, the Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity, blesses Santa Maria in Vado.

Like De Kesel, Msgr. Perego immediately showed an open aversion to the traditional fraternity of Familia Christi. He deprived the priests of the parish church of Santa Maria in Vado, an ancient basilica in the center of Ferrara, where in 1171 a Eucharistic miracle took place, which had been
entrusted to them  by Archbishop Negri. The expulsion took place under the pretext of a "structural reform" through parish mergers to pastoral units. On October 1, 2016, Archbishop Negri, in the presence of the mayor of Ferrara and other officials, had canonically appointed the Superior General of the Society in the traditional rite as Pastor of Santa Maria in Vado and other Friar Ministers as chaplains.

Further unfriendliness by Archbishop Perego followed. He banished the Brothers to a secluded church and denied them the public celebration of Holy Mass in the traditional rite of the churches entrusted to them. At the same time he set up a "people's altar" in a central chapel of the Ferrara Cathedral, where Archbishop Negri celebrated Mass in the traditional rite.

On December 1, 2018, the Prefect of the Roman Congregation of the Faith, Cardinal Luis Ladaria Ferrer SJ, appointed the Auxiliary Bishop of Rome, Archbishop Daniele Libanori SJ, as "the Commissioner Plenipotentiary sent by the Holy See". Father Libanori, co-brother of the Pope in the Order of the Jesuits, was appointed as auxiliary bishop by Francis in November 2017.

The Commissar, with all authority, took over the leadership of the Society with the task of clarifying whether "the elements and conclusions" that had emerged in the course of a canonical visitation were well founded, and "if necessary to establish future paths for the fraternity".

What "elements and conclusions" were found, is still unknown.

Marco Tosatti wrote:

"And again the question arises: what such a serious thing can these priests have done to attract the canonical attention of a church, such as the Franciscans of the Immaculate, the Gospel of the Gospels, or the Sisters of Laval, to any kind of doctrinal and theologically approves and favors bizarre and affirms prelates without hesitating in important and delicate offices, which speak out for the gay marriage and the women's priesthood. "

Archbishop Perego had had a canonical visitation of the Brotherhood in 2018 and sent his report to Rome on September 30. The wish he expressed in it was promptly fulfilled by the Holy See: Rome sent a Commisar.

Tossati in December 2018:

"And then one wants to make us believe that this pontificate is merciful, rich in dialogue and tolerant of the various sensitivities and by no means biased and hostile to certain ecclesial realities," Tosatti said in December 2018.

Commissar  Daniele Libanori SJ

On 30 June, the Commissar issued a decree unbinding all priests, novices and subjects of all promises and commitments. In a nutshell, he dissolved the Society  and sent home all those who are not yet ordained priests. Although the Society of Familia Christi was not dissolved by formal law, all its activities are prohibited. It may no longer accept, arouse, or look after any vocations. The Society members, who are already ordained priests, "remain in a kind of limbo," according to the traditional side Messa in Latino.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Priestly Fraternity Familia Christi (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

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Anglo-Catholic Priest Excommunocated for Criticizing Post-Conciliar Popes

The current epidemic of fornication, adultery and the acceptance of homosexuality as a moral good among the faithful and of the clergy ... and the current scourge of homosexual predation among the priests and bishops of the Catholic Church are the foreseeable and inevitable fruit of the conciliar popes' decision to respect, honor and approve the aspirations of modern man so-called; and to declare, pursue and defend the exaltation of man in the temples of God.
Edit: Saint Louis Park, in which the parish rests, is a major concentration of Jews. Can’t gelp but wonder if they weren’t entirely happy with this kind of triumphalist Catholicism within their enclave.

MINNEAPOLIS ( - A priest of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter has been excommunicated, and his parish permanently closed, months after he criticized certain actions of various popes both during and after the Second Vatican Council.
On April 1, Bp. Steven J. Lopes announced he had issued a decree of excommunication against Fr. Vaughn Treco, pastor of St. Bede the Venerable in suburban Minneapolis, citing "rejection of the magisterial authority of an Ecumenical Council and a series of popes.
The charge stems from a homily Fr. Treco delivered on Nov. 25, 2018, the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.

Website defending Father Treco.

Gofundme Page...
More at Church Militant...


Austrian Bishops Want to Impose the Results of the Amazon Synod at Home

Austria's bishops seem to be impatient in waiting for certain results of the Amazon synod.

(Vienna / Rome) Anyone who was convinced that the Danube flows through Austria should be amazed. He sees himself instructed by the Austrian Bishops' Conference: It is really the Amazon.

Austrian bishops express their solidarity and support to the REPAM and the Amazon Synod. With this cheering message REPAM headlined on its website the report on the applause from the Alpine Republic for the Amazon Agenda. What is decided in the distant Amazon for the Indians there, the bishops want to implement in Austria.

REPAM is the Red Eclesial Pan-Amazonica, the Pan-Amazonian church network, which was founded in autumn 2014 specifically for the Amazon agenda. The Church of every country that has a
share in the Amazon lowlands is involved in it. Anyone who takes a closer look at the objectives of
the Special Synod on the Amazon, which Pope Francis has convened for next October, must realize that especially the "deeper agenda" has little to do with the Amazon and the Indians there. Rather, they are central concerns of the ecclesiastical '68 movement. The working paper for the synod was called for a new edition of  the "dusty demands of the 70s". Similarly, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller recently commented on the paper made by Pope Francis as the working basis of the Synod. He even spoke of the "modernism" of the 70s.

It is about the abolition of priestly celibacy, married priests and the women's priesthood. At the same time, Marxist liberation theology again raises its head in the form of an ecology of liberation theology.

On the REPAM website, a letter from the Austrian bishops to Cardinal Claudio Hummes, the personal friend and close confidant of Pope Francis, was published. This had made Hummes, the REPAM chairman, despite his heterodox views as the main organizer of the Amazon Synod.

In the letter to Hummes, Austria's bishops expressed the greatest interest in the Amazon Synod. At the same time, they expressed their concern about any difficulties that might be put to the Synod and assure Hummes of their prayers for a good outcome.

The main message, however, is that the bishops say that they want to implement the results of the Amazon Synod in Austria.

The main message, however, is that the bishops say that they want to implement the results of the Amazon Synod in Austria.

I beg your pardon?

What does the Amazon have to do with Austria? Was not the official position an emphatic emphasis on the incomparably unique status of the rainforest on the banks of the Amazon?

The letter is signed by Military Bishop Werner Freistetter, who was recently appointed Pope Francis' Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese of Gurk-Klagenfurt. As a military bishop, he has been noticed mainly by dismantling. The letter to Cardinal Hummes he addressed in his capacity as "Bishop for Mission and Development" of the Episcopal Conference.

Several Austrian bishops, as well as West German confreres, have raised the demand in recent months for the revocation of celibacy and the admission of married men to the priesthood.

Therefore, the wind is blowing!

The defenders of celibacy want to go for it, and they seem to feel pretty safe. This explains the open words of the Austrian bishops, who say nothing about celibacy and a married priesthood in their letter. For months, however, the pressure in this direction has increased. Bishop Manfred Scheuer of Linz, Hermann Glettler of Innsbruck and Benno Elbs of Feldkirch were particularly prominent in Austria. All three were called by Pope Francis to these episcopal chairs.

But what would these bishops want to implement and apply in Austria, which will be decided by a special synod for the distant Amazon and its Indians?

And anyway: A synod does not decide anything. It only gives recommendations and advice to the pope. It is he who draws his conclusions from it (or not).

That's the way it has been so far. However, Francis changed the rules of the game last year. Since then, he could grant a synod the right to make binding decisions, which then apply to the universal Church. So far nothing has been announced by Rome in this direction.

Do Austrian bishops know more?

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: REPAM (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Friday, July 5, 2019

Laity Rebel Against Priest Who Says Abusers Must be Forgiven — Pastor Says Forgiveness Not Necessary

Scandal: 70 worshipers and part of the church choir left Mass because of the sermon

Münster ( He had not been able to reach the “screaming mob” in the sermon with his voice and therefore could not explain his position and the biblically important meaning of forgiveness. In retrospect, the 79-year-old retiree Ulrich Zurkuhlen complained, as "Church and Life" reported. Zurkuhlen was critical, according to "Church and Life" that even bishops of priest-perpetrators would be spoken of as "criminals", even though they were also good pastors. The chaplain continued to explain to the editors that nobody was "only profoundly evil", but that often "goodness and guilt” are bound together in the same person. It is "gradually come to a time that the Church hierarchy after a long time can sometimes say a word of forgiveness.”

In the sermon in the Münster Holy-Spirit church, Zurkuhlen had spoken according to representation of worshipers in the sermon of two women, whose conversations were constantly circling around themselves and then have commented pejoratively on their deceased husbands. As a result, the priest pointed out the possibility of forgiveness. He then compared this to priests who had sexually abused minors, and they too should be forgiven. The chaplain affirmed this presentation to "Church and Life". At this point some parishioners were said to have interrupted the sermon and started a discussion with Zurkuhlen. Much of the community even gathered outside in the church square. Specifically, 70 worshipers and part of the church choir had left the Mass.

The responsible senior pastor in the parish association, Stefan Rau, explained to "Church and Life" that this analogy of blasphemous women and the victim-perpetrator relationship is "more than thoughtless". Victims have no obligation to forgive, such an impression should not be allowed to stand that way. He has invited those interested in a few days to a public conversation about the sermon. Rau considered it particularly bad that in this service those affected by sexual abuse were present.

A conversation has already been held with the chaplain, and further talks will follow, according to Rau. Disciplinary measures would not be taken against Zurkuhlen at first.


Thursday, July 4, 2019

Elderly 68ers And Elderly Professional Catholics Gather to Defend Dismissed Diocesan Administrator

Edit: after looking at the photos, which I took a little time to find in the Salzburger Nachrichten, the “Mündige Christen” assembled here look more like the elderly Christians you find at We Are Church gatherings with crappy folk music . No offense to older people, but I’ll bet these people’s  children and grandchildren don’t even talk to them. The Apostolic Administrator, Guggenberger had been subjected to an apostolic visitation for reasons of financial irregularities and his management of the diocese and has been dismissed by Francis. It seems that these “Catholics” too find fault with Pope Francis and Cardinal Schönborn!

600 participants are showing signs of solidarity with former diocesan administrator Guggenberger and the resentment regarding the handling of ecclesiastical authorities with the allegations against the former ordinary of Gurk, Bishop Schwarz

Klagenfurt ( A rally as a sign of solidarity with the former Carinthian diocesan administrator, Engelbert Guggenberger and the indignation regarding the handling of ecclesiastical authorities with allegations against the former Gurk Bishop, Alois Schwarz, took place on Wednesday evening in Klagenfurt Cathedral. According to a report on the website of the diocese, about 600 people took part in the invitation to "Mature Christians" forum. Due to bad weather, the event was relocated from the cathedral square to the church.

Four speeches formed the main focus of the event. Works Council Chairman Gabriel Stabentheiner, former President of tCatholic Action Austria, Gerda Schaffelhofer, and Dean Yuri Buch spoke for the forum "Verbal Christians". Ordinary Chancellor Jakob Ibounig gave a speech. In the statements, the speakers expressed their solidarity with Guggenberger, the provost of the diocese, who had been deposed as diocesan administrator. At the same time, "a renewed and vehement demand was made for the uninterrupted publication by Rome of the results of the diocesan test report and the Apostolic Visitation of Archbishop Franz Lackner," according to the online report. At the same time, the role of the entire cathedral chapter should be honored during the one-year vacancy.

For the "solidarity and support" Cathedral Rector Guggenberger expressed his gratitude in the presence of the entire Gurk cathedral chapter to those present. The rally is impressive evidence that "the Catholic Church in Carinthia has raised its profile through the rather painful experiences of the past year," Guggenberger is quoted. The rally shows "on the occasion of a crisis situation, how Church can arrive in the 21st century".

It is about democratic culture, about "standards that we have already been thankful for  in society" and where the Church still needs to take action. If there is a lack of maturity, it is necessary to demand it, the Dean said. He is therefore "very grateful if you continue to work on the matter, we will do it," announced Guggenberger.

The "Forum" invited the participants to come to the publication of the results of the visitation every Wednesday at 18 clock in Klagenfurt Cathedral for prayer. A prayer for the country by pompous Peter Allmaier and a blessing prayer from Cathedral Rector Guggenberger formed the conclusion of the rally, which was musically accompanied by the trio Drava and the church choir St. Jakob / Rosental.

The rally took place without the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Gurk, Military Bishop Werner Freistetter, who was appointed by Pope Francis on Friday (June 28). He has replaced the just administrator Guggenberger who’d been elected just under a year as the head of the diocese and was to have led them until a new bishop was appointed.

Trans: Tancred

Cardinal Burke Justifies Receiving Gifts From Disgraced Wheeling-Charleston Bishop

He denies anything scandalous was happening. The gifts weren’t excessive, he says.

[KNA] The US Cardinal and former Chief of the Vatican Supreme Court, Raymond Leo Burke, has defended himself for receiving bishop's money. The donations he received from Bishop William Bransfield, Bishop of the US Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, were either royalties for meetings with priests' groups of visitors or Christmas presents, and possibly also a gift on his being named Cardinal, Burke said in a written statement Tuesday evening (local time). According to his memory, these were generous but "not wasteful" sums.

According to a research by the Washington Post, Bransfield is said to have spent a total of US $350,000 on gifts of funds to ministers during his term of office from 2005 to September 2018, according to a Vatican investigation report. Among the beneficiaries, according to the report, were also young priests whom he allegedly molested. According to the newspaper, Bransfield transferred the funds from his private account, but later had them reimbursed by the diocese.

"Never had a reason to suspect"

Cardinal Burke emphasized that at the time, as Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, he never accepted a check from someone who had a case before the court. "In the case of Bishop Bransfield's gifts, I never had a reason to suspect that anything was wrong," Burke explained.

The beneficiaries of Bransfield included Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, who led the investigations against Bransfield. According to the newspaper, Lori admitted that they had received $7,500 in gifts and $ 3,000 as expenses for two Masses in the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese.

The Vatican announced the retreat of Bishop Bransfield of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston in September. Bransfield was suspended following his age-related resignation and may not perform any priestly or episcopal duties. Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Lori as interim leader, charged with investigating allegations against the emeritus bishop. The month-long preliminary investigations were led by Lori, according to his archdiocese with the help of a team of five lay experts. The results were sent to Rome in March. Lori’s investigation corresponds to a scheme enacted in January by the Archdiocese of Baltimore for dealing with abuse accusations against bishops. (Cph / KNA)

Trans: Tancred

Austrian Bishop Says Pope Fears Final Judgement

Edit: one of the only decent bishops in the Austrian Bishops’ Conference.

July 3, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Austrian Bishop Andreas Laun, in a short commentary published on the Austrian news website, reminds us that Pope Francis said in January 2019 that he will not abolish obligatory clerical celibacy, adding that he does not “want to appear before God with this decision.”
Bishop Laun quotes these latter papal words after first presenting Pope Francis’ words that “celibacy is a gift for the Church.” 
With it, Bishop Laun points out that Pope Francis is aware that the abolition of obligatory celibacy on his part would be a decision that he would one day have to answer for before God. 


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Stupidville Hosts Evil Predator Cardinal

Edit: typical philosemitic neoconservatives.

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio ( - Franciscan University of Steubenville (FUS) is taking serious heat for hosting Cdl. Blase Cupich, archbishop of Chicago, for an upcoming conference.
Church Militant has confirmed that a long-time donor of 25 years called up the school and expressed outrage after learning FUS would be featuring Cupich in late July, demanding that his recent donations be returned or else he would sue the school. The donor has given more than $100,000 to FUS.
I am appalled and ashamed that you would invite Cardinal Cupich to come for the conferences.Tweet
Voice + Vision: The National Summit for Ministries with Youth and Young Adults is being held July 31–Aug. 2. Its purpose is "to give voice to what is happening in the United States in youth and young adult ministries and propose a vision on how we can move forward."

Stuttgart Pastor Turns His Father's House Into a "Den of Thieves" -- Bishop and DBK Don't Care

For two years, a Catholic church in Stuttgart have been profaned under the indulgence of the Dean and the Bishop: dance performances, theater, café, gallery - Even the DBK knows about it, none of them have a major problem

Stuttgart ( "He said to them: The scriptures say: My house shall be a house of prayer. But you have made of it a robber's den." (Luke 19:46) The Bible quote is reminiscent of the conditions that have been taking place for two years in a Catholic church in Stuttgart. What happened? "We have a church, do you have an idea?" The Church of St. Mary in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart turned to the people of the city of Stuttgart with this question in 2017 and also got answers: St. Maria as a theater, café, function room, backdrop, installation, platform, gallery, marketplace. Especially bizarre: The parish committed almost everything with the toleration of the diocese. Thus, under the supervision of the pastoral assistant and the help of a party association, the church became a "robber's den" in the biblical sense, the parish understood this as a "process" and as a "space of coexistence."

Catholics from the parish and beyond have had enough of the profanation of the church for months. So 600 signatures were collected, there were first complaints to the dean responsible, then bishop and the German Bishops Conference (DBK). A Catholic from the parish says to "Unfortunately, all without success. The Pastoral assistant describes his project, St. Maria with ... 'continue."

In the letter from Catholic bishop Gebhard Fürst in January, the protesters were only informed after more than three months of waiting that the bishop had "taken note of the case" and asked the relevant authorities to take care of it. It was claimed in the episcopal letter that "some details" of the project have since been changed.

Also in a letter from the German Bishops' Conference in March 2019, it was succinctly referred to the Episcopal Epistle, according to which it was ensured that St. Mary will continue to be recognizable and experienced in the city "as a place of faith and as a Roman Catholic Church."

What was the worth of the promises of the bishop and the DBK in the weeks after. So on Ash Wednesday (!) a dance performance took place in the church (admission 16 euros), at the end of March there was a clothing flea market with food and drink in the church. Lastly, there was even an exhibition about the mosques in Stuttgart in the church.

Contact Bishop Fuerst  

Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Help Katholisches

Just click on the link and donate through PayPal.  It looks pretty straightforward.

Giuseppe Nardi is much maligned by his enemies even on this blog. I rely on him to see things correctly over seas and he has opened doors I would never have seen. He has contacts and has studied deeply the German scene which is so important to the Church’s sufferings today. I’m grateful for his continued apostolate which has helped so many Catholics see a way through this terrible time. God bless him!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Brazil’s President Warns of Violation of Sovereignty — Hildebrand Plans Power Grab in Amazon

(Brasilia) Brazil's new President Jair  Bolsonaro is "worried" about the possible decisions of the Amazon Synod convened by Pope Francis for next October. Literally, the head of state and government of the largest and most populous country in Latin America, in terms of area and population, said: "They want to rob us of the Amazon."

Bolsonaro responded to the Brazilian daily Valor Economico's last week's publication of the Instrumentum laboris, the working document for the Synod. It is "logical" that he is worried about the special synod. This is the second serious warning of the new Brazilian government about the Amazon Synod.

"They are trying to create new states on Brazilian territory."
"It's about the three A: an area of ​​136 million hectares from the Andes across the Amazon to the Atlantic. This large area should be placed under global control in the name of environmental protection. "

In plain text:

"They want to take the Amazon away from us, and we disagree with that. The press abroad claims that I want to destroy the Amazon. In fact, I want the Amazon to continue to be ours. "

For years under the slogan of the three A (in English: AAA Corridor, in Portuguese Corredor Tríplice A or Caminho da Anaconda, in Spanish Corredor AAA - Andes Amazonas Atlántico) forged outside Brazil political and economic plans for the Amazon basin. They aim to deprive Brazil of sovereignty over the vast, low-population, mineral-rich territory. The creeping loss of sovereignty should not come from war, but from international pressure in the name of environmental protection and the preservation of a "unique ecosystem". Bolsonaro speaks of an excuse.

Martin von Hildebrand and the Gaia Foundation

One of the representatives of this plan is the leftist Juan Manuel Santos, president of Colombia from 2010-2018. In a television program about his government program, Santos spoke in February 2015 about the Triple A Plan and its relationship to ethnologist Martin von Hildebrand, a grandson of the Catholic philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand.

Martin von Hildebrand explains Msgr. Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo the AAA Corridor.
Martin von Hildebrand declares in September 2017 Msgr. Sanchez Sorondo the AAA Corridor.

Born in New York in 1943, Martin von Hildebrand grew up in Colombia, where his parents founded the country's first private university in 1949. He graduated in 1968 and spent several months with the rainforest Indians. Since then he has been campaigning for their rights and wants to "give back" to them an area the size of the old Federal Republic of Germany. As early as 1994, the weekly newspaper Die Zeit wrote: "The Rio Earth Summit made the rescue of the tropical rainforest the topic of world politics." The driving force behind this was Martin von Hildebrand. He is convinced that only the mysterious mythical-mystical "knowledge" of the Indians could "save" the rainforest. In the background there is a racial conflict, because "the whites" were identified as enemies. An enemy recognition in which whites energetically helped.

One of them, Martin von Hildebrand, founded the network Fundación Gaia Amazonas, which is supported by the European Commission and countries such as Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark. Close ties also exist with the British royal family. José Lutzenberger worked closely with the foundation. The son of Bavarian emigrants was Brazil's Minister of the Environment from 1990-1992. Together with Hildebrand, he had in common not only that they were awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. Lutzenberger was accused of having accepted "too much money" from Hildebrand's Foundation in his term of office and therefore ignored the Brazilian environmental protection organizations and listened to foreign votes. Lutzenberger had already founded in 1987 a foundation called Gaia. Hildebrand gave the same name to his foundation founded in 1990. Gaia stands for various forms of a "mother earth" understanding, which extends to cult-like and misanthropic characteristics.

Hildebrand is fascinated by the animistic cultures and religions of the Indians, which he describes as
a specific "cosmology".

Pantheism in the instrumentum laboris of the Amazon Synod

This non-church, pantheistic "cosmological view" of the Indians found its way into the Instrumentum laboris for the Amazon Synod. Close ties exist between the Gaia Foundation of Martin von Hildebrand and Curial Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, the political arm of Pope Francis and Chancellor of the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences. Hildebrand himself explained in September 2017 the AAA Corridor to Sorondo.

Hildebrand said back then that he had spun all threads as a networker. For the implementation of the corridor is "ready. “ A year later, however, the election of Jair Bolsonaro made the plan a bummer.

The AAA Corridor, represented by the Gaia Foundation of Martin von Hildebrand.
The pantheistic influences in the Instrumentum laboris were analyzed by Prof. Roberto de Mattei: Amazon Synod: Gentlemen Cardinals and Bishops, do you really want such a Church?  All dubious elements discovered by him in the synod paper can also be found on the website of Fundacion Gaia Amazonas. The Indians claim, and Hildebrand seems to be convinced that their shamans in the Amazon rainforest could influence and cure "energy processes". Because of the health of the world he must therefore be deprived of foreign, that is, non-indigenous, human influences.

In this archaic context, to put it euphemistically, Marxist, liberation theological, indigenist and climate-mystery currents converge into an unusual alliance. Behind the alleged goals for the protection of indigenous rights, equality, CO2 reduction and biodiversity, especially in Brazil solid economic interests are suspected, to tighten the resources of the huge area of ​​control by certain forces, or at least to withdraw the sovereignty of Brazil and the the strongest emerging country in Latin America.

Keep in mind that Brazil is still a giant white spot on the map of the abortion lobby. The killing of unborn children is only allowed very restrictively. In 2016, WHO and other UN agencies, in concert with NGOs and mass media funded by billionaire foundations, attempted to legalize abortion in Brazil. The pretext was to serve the Zika panic generated by the combined forces. An attempt that failed. With which also the Zika virus disappeared from one day to the next.

Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru, now retired by Pope Francis, spoke of "Herodians with ties in the United Nations want to kill children".

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Orthodox Church in Russia Experiencing a Real Springtime

[Russian Insider] The Russian Orthodox Church is seeing the highest numbers ever training for priesthood, according to an independent Russian news agency.

The sharp rise in seminary admissions across the church's 261 dioceses, known as eparchies, means 1,593 ordinands are expected to begin studies, a 19 per cent increase from the  last year, Interfax reported.

Another 827 young men will also start the church's preparation course, 25 percent more than the previous year.

On top of that 5,877 seminarians are currently preparing for ordination, according to the Tablet.
After enduring systematic persecution under Soviet rule, Vladimir Putin has made the Russian Orthodox Church emblematic of the socially conservative values his rule promotes.

Around 70 per cent of the population are now members of the ROC and it has grown to be the largest and most powerful of the 14 Orthodox denominations with 144 million members, 368 bishops and about 40,000 priests and deacons.

By contrast to the ROC's dominance, the Roman Catholic church is Russia has just four dioceses with a membership of about 773,000 – just 0.5 per cent of the population – according to the Vatican's 2017 Annuario Pontificio. [Not pointing out how the Orthodox bellyache when Catholics try to establish new diocese in Russia while they do so with no consideration at all in the West.]

The startling levels of growth are demonstrated in the dramatic increase in Orthodox places of worship in Russia. At the end of Communist rule in 1991, just 6,000 existed but now there are 36,000 – an average of three new places of worship every day. 

Source: Christian Today


Thursday, June 27, 2019

Homosexuality and the Rebellion Against Nature

Edit: a regular reader recommends this blogger’s work and I thought I’d highlight it. Here it is!

Some considerations.

[Corvine’s Catholic Corner] Homosexuals rebel. They seek, for reasons of having to live with themselves, to redefine what is "natural". That's what they do. If humans were animals, we'd do whatever they'd want and not have to ratinoalize it. But we're the Rational Animals, so we have to justify ourelves -- to ourselves and to everyone else.

And also, concurrent to all that, and no doubt because of all that, the larger modern society intensely dislikes any discusson of "Nature."

All the sexual deviancy stuff that is throttling our civilization keeps forcing us, as it were, to reinvent the moral wheel. To try to explain how human morality is so intrinsically tied to our nature. We have to explain to adulterers, homosexuals, and whoever else standsfor Rebellion against Nature, what is human society for. What human life is about. Is it for “doing our own thing" or are we responsible for one another? Especially our children? Are we "trapped" by our biological nature -- being male, being female -- and having to get on with life on that basis, or are we somehow free to do whatever we want? Is life all about living the life we are biologically dealt, or tossing the cards and rebelling against what we are? As in what that old Devil Aleister Crowley used to say, "Do whatever you want is the whole of the law".

Taking God out out the question for a moment (can't really be taken out, but for the sake of the argument): human life consists of being conceived, gestated, born, being hopelessly helpless for YEARS, desperately needing both parents, raised only slowly, time consumingly, and at serious financial expense, finally reaching adulthood physically in the later teen years. That cannot be escaped from. And that's just the physical side to it. To raise a sane, functioning, self-reliant adult takes massive effort -- of both parents and the larger society backing them up! This is what life is about. That is, if we want a future for the human race at all. "The future belongs to those who show up."

On the other hand, Homosexuals -- just as much as easy divorce advocates, "open marriage" proponents, etc. are, (whether seemingly mild or aggressive) continually calling all that -- the basics -- in question. They need it explained over and over again and they're just not buying it. It's like trying to play a game of baseball with an opposing team that forgets how to play the game by the beginning of every inning: We have to take time to explain and re-explain and re-re-explain the rules of life -- even to the basic points of what our body parts are for! -- ALL THE TIME, and they keeping asking, "Why these rules? Let us play it the way we want."

If we give in and let them go play the game they way they want, it won't work because WE ARE WHAT WE ARE. We are == in our nature -- humans, and our morality has to reflect that. No matter how "traditional" or "conservative" specific individuals might be, overall, the Rebels Against Nature just create moral chaos that mirrors their physical chaos, and it engenders social collapse. History shows that again and again.

An Préachán

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Fake Catholic Radio Show

Edit: ofcourse, no one is thinking of calling in to ridicule Somechimp and her slanderous pal, the malodorous Shea! That would be funny!

Catholic and Enjoying It will be on the air live at 7 PM Pacific (10 PM Eastern) every Monday night.  We will be discussing life, the universe, and everything from a Catholic [Sic] perspective and giving ourselves up to general jollification for the hour.  You can listen here and you can call into the show at 1-866-333-6279 while we are on the air to yak, argue, demand I sing, or sing yourself.
My guest tonight is my old friend Simcha Fisher, author of the I Have to Sit Downblog. Tonight we will check in on what’s she is up to and yak about it all.
Listen in tonight and give us a call!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Media “Officially” and Wildly Exaggerates Participation at Gomorrist Parade

The Euro Pride 2019 as a fake news producer. The fatamorganisch inflated number of participants was passed on unchecked by the media.

"Every year, the mainstream media announce that the number of participants in the Rainbow Parade has risen again. This time was used to propose an absurd and unchecked fancy number of allegedly 500,000 participants. In fact, due to the enormous heat, the rainbow parade was much less visited than in recent years. Of course you can only estimate it, but if you calculate the footprint of the parade on the Ringstraße, then no more than possibly 20,000 people can really have participated - including all the onlookers.”

The online magazine Uzensoriert, June 17, 2019.

On Wikipedia you can also find the fancy number. 460,000-500,000 participants are claimed  and to reports from the two left media organs, ORF Online and the newspaper Standard are the sources claimed. The numbers of the Unzensiert will probably never be found there.

The left Standard was euphoric:

"Half million marches at Europride in Vienna."

And reported:

"Now it's official: More people than ever before participated in the 24th Rainbow Parade on Saturday. A spokeswoman told the APA that around 460,000 to 500,000 people have participated. This is a new record, which was already expected in the run-up. "


Since when is the number of participants of an organizer without cross-checking an "official" statement? The tendency to inflate the numbers is obvious, especially in the homo-spectacle, especially since the number of "up to 500,000 expected participants" was trumpeted in the media. The standard itself writes: "a new record, which was already expected in advance.” The organizers' statements to the APA and the media reports were nothing more than a self-fulfilling prediction. Otherwise one would have to admit that fewer participants than expected have come. Far less!

You should be able to count

Usually, the media keeps asking questions from the police, who have more experience in assessing the number of participants and, above all, are more sober. Finally, for security reasons, they must keep a realistic overview. This is precisely what the media, see Standard, did in the same reports concerning the number of participants in the march for the family held in the center of Vienna. Look at one.

The police could have given the APA a more realistic figure also for the Euro Pride, and that would have been much lower, indeed much lower, than that disseminated by the press agency. But the reputable media obviously only ask if it suits them.

Thus, the APA spread by the figure wondrously increased by the gay glasses imagination of the organizer. Serious journalism could do that better. Through the APA, the fatamorganically created a number of participants under the sweltering heat of that day reached all Austrian and international editors unchecked.

A prime example of how fake news arises. Sorry, "lead media" do not produce fake news, never, never. Word of honor!

Exorbitantly inflated attendance at international Gay Prides have been on the agenda for years. The organizers and their homophile media giant are almost obsessed with fantasy figures. In reality, a media hype is staged, which is supposed to generate psychological pressure on the public and, above all, politics in the unintended side effect. The consequences do not remain: Austria can "decorate" since 15 June with the dubious primacy of being the first country in which the head of state has spoken to the well-to-do audience. This primacy goes to the Green Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. The 2016 also got through into office by the tiniest of margins. Even the gray-slick, Social Democrat former Federal President Heinz Fischer appeared with homosexual colors. Probably both of these first men of the republic, could even look themselves in the eyes in the mirror come evening.

The  gay lobby’s networking with Greens and SPÖ became obvious. Both parties were able to use the event for campaign advertising and add value through the exaggerated media attention. Or not - should a large part of the population, which is to be hoped, still have all of their marbles.

In Vienna, it was not until the SPÖ rally on 1 May that an unmasking "number range” was revealed.  The comrades fabulously reported 120,000 participants, but the police only 12,000 and delivered the evidence after a public hiccup. At that time, however, Herbert Kickl was still a Freedom Party Minister of the Interior. He probably would have made sure to let the air out of the balloon of the Euro Pride 2019, in rainbow parade Vienna.

Epidemic health hazard

The Gay Prides, Euro Prides and World Prides, however, are associated with quite different problems than chronic weakness in counting among Pride organizers and leading media journalists. reported in 2017 on the hepatitis A epidemic after Europride 2016 in Amsterdam:

While competent authorities are right to minimize risks and prevent dangerous situations in order to protect public health, they look the other way around Gay Pride, even though they are the cause of epidemic health hazards. In 2017, NGO OsservatorioGender called for:

"In addition, for health concerns and for epidemic prevention, all Gay Prides planned in Europe should be canceled."

In view of the hyperbole of gay pride, it is not surprising that even the media does not address this question.

Nothing should disturb the great "fun" and total stupefaction that takes place under the blasphemous general motto "Love is Love". The pictures of the Rainbow Parade speak for themselves.

Text: Andreas Becker / Martha Burger
Image: Youtube (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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