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Cardinal Burke Cancels Latin Mass

Cardinal Burke canceled the celebration of the Holy Mass in the traditional rite, after attempting to compel him to say it from behind closed doors.
(Rome) Blindness has a central feature: it prevents you from seeing. In the politicized Church of Pope Francis, in which secularizations such as "political correctness" and factions are spreading, there is an increasing cultural struggle, although Pope Francis allegedly detests and fights itHere, too, it is evident what can be seen in the political and cultural arena that a radical left-wing minority wants to introduce exactly what it claims to fight - only with the opposite sign. The most recent case concerns Cardinal Burke and occurred in the Valle D'Itria.
This name is known to travelers interested in Apulia. It is the valley in the heart of the Apulian olive groves and vineyards, in which the enchanting trulli stand, those small round houses, which somehow recall Tolkien's hobbit dwellings in the floodplains of Middle-earth, and here form entire cities such as Alberobello and Locorotondo.
On the 15th / 16th February Cardinal Raymond Burke was invited to the Valle D'Itria, the President of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature deposed by Pope Francis, formerly the highest judge of the Church after the Pope. The celebration of the Holy Mass in the traditional Roman Rite in the cathedral of Ostuni was planned for Saturday evening, on Sunday in the Christ the King Church in the neighboring town of Martina Franca.
Just in time for this occasion, a broadside against the cardinal's presence appeared in the local newspaper Quotidiano di Puglia on SaturdayIn one article, it was widely reported that "the priests" of the city of Ostuni are "quite skeptical and perplexed that Burke will be a guest in the 'White City', known for his theories that often conflict with those from Pope Francis, and related to some social areas such as homosexuality. The [his] issues are often controversial in the Catholic Church, and Cardinal Burke who was ordained cardinal in 2010, who almost never agrees with Pope Francis.”
Aside from bumpy language and a hoax, cardinals are not ordained, the article's intent was to raise sentiment against Cardinal Burke. For this purpose, the "Christian communities and pastors" of the city were invoked.
For decades, the celebration of the Mass "in Church latin" had been "no longer planned" in the Archdiocese of Brindisi-Ostuni. According to the article writer, there are no “organized protests” against the presence of Cardinal Burke, but Archbishop Domenico Caliandro's disagreement has been communicated “by those who work every day in Ostuni to follow religious, Christian teaching and themselves for this, without protest, to take advantage of the papal experience of Bergoglio."
"Conservative Cardinal Not Wanted by Priests"
"Conservative Cardinal not wanted by priests"
The hostilities were successful. The Quotidiano di Puglia headlined that Cardinal Burke was turned away and the two celebrations were canceled.
"Conservative Cardinal not wanted by priests: Mass stopped."
Andrea Zambrano (Nuova Bussola Quotidiana) speaks of "a humiliation of Cardinal Burke by the Dialogue Church."
However, the cardinal was not turned away, as the local press reported, but had canceled the celebration himself:
“Such is the Church of Bridges and Mercy, the open Church that reaches out. Cardinal Burke has been forced to cancel a Mass in Ostuni: the cathedral priest asked for the celebration behind closed doors because the cardinal's presence on the upper floors of the Archdiocese of Brindisi is not welcome.”
Against the presence of the cardinal, who had been invited by faithful in the city, "at most two or three" priests of the city would have agitated against this, "but they are always able, although in the minority, to set fire and spread the fire."
The cardinal did not want to accept a celebration behind closed doors, as if it were a forbidden, disreputable act.

Waldenses welcome on migrant issue

The agitating priests and the archbishop, however, have no problem with the fact that the Waldensian pastor Bruno Gabrielli will appear in the parish church of St. Alois von Gonzaga in Ostuni this evening. The Waldenses go back to a heresy of the High Middle Ages, but have been the Italian Calvinists since the Protestant Revolt. Archbishop Caliandro will also be present with Gabrielli. The event is organized by the community of Sant'Egidio, among other things, the controversial Assisi meetings and the bad habit of turning churches into dining rooms.
The theme of the event is: "Migrants: Admission and Humanitarian Corridors."
“The episode throws a dim light on the increasingly political way of doing things in the Church. The idea that a priest, supported by his bishop, a cardinal, denies the church is an indication of how serious the situation in the Church has become and what restrictions on freedom those churchmen who are not committed to the mainstream, are exposed to because they are seen as enemies. Is this the community that you want to force-open dialogue? Are these the desired shepherds with the smell of the sheep, yet with a knife between their teeth?” askes Zambrano.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL / NBQ
Trans: Tancred

China's Most Elderly Bishop Infected With Coronavirus Recovers on Saint Valentine's Day

NANYANG, China — Bishop Joseph Zhu Baoyu, Bishop Emeritus of Nanyang, has recovered from coronavirus. At age 98, he is among the oldest infected patients to have recovered.
Bishop Zhu was diagnosed with COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by coronavirus, Feb. 3. He was treated at a hospital in Nanyang, in China's Henan province, and was said to be no longer infected Feb. 14.
In mainland China the fatality rate from coronavirus is 2.3%, though that figure jumps to nearly 15% for those 80 years or older.


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Shrove Tuesday

[] The day before Ash Wednesday, in all English speaking countries except the United States, is called Shrove Tuesday. “To shrive” (active voice), or to “be shrove” (passive) in Old English meant not only to confess one’s sins and be absolved, but to receive the advice of a spiritual counselor. Having done this, you had been “shrove.” (I do not think “shriven” is the correct past participle. If someone can correct me, please do.) The word survives today in the expression “given short shrift,” which means that the person petitioning for something, or being accused of something, was not given a full hearing. To prejudge someone of a crime, “give him short shrift and a long rope,” meant to give the accused a bogus trial and hang him.

Shrove Tuesday was also called “pancake day” in Ireland and England because all the left over fat had to be cooked with batter on this day, being that fat and dairy products were traditionally given up, along with meat, during Lent. Mardi Gras, is, as you know, a French term meaning “Fat Tuesday.” The tradition was the same in France, all fat had to be finished off by Ash Wednesday. Carnival is derived from the Latin “carne vale,” which means “good bye to meat.” The fact that the traditional Christian carnival has degenerated, in places like New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro, into a day of debauchery, is a corruption of what once was, for the most part, innocent, festive celebrating the day before Lent began.


Pell’s Last Date in Court Set

[7news] A date has been set for the final appeal of disgraced cardinal George Pell, who remains behind bars for historical child sex abuse offences committed in the 1990s.
The High Court has listed a two-day hearing before the full bench on March 11 and 12.
In the video above, George Pell’s request for special leave to the High Court explained
Lawyers for Pell, 78, sought special leave to the High Court late last year, after Australia’s most senior Catholic was convicted on five charges relating to the sexual assault of two choirboys in St Patrick’s Cathedral while he was Archbishop of Melbourne in 1996.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Catholics Baited into Swallowing Ecological Agenda of Apostolic Exhortation

By David Martin

On Wednesday, Pope Francis released his long-awaited Apostolic Exhortation on the Amazonian Synod, Querida Amazonia, which can best be described as an insidious attempt to secularize the Catholic Church.

Specifically, the pope in his exhortation:
  • Advocates an "inculturated liturgy" that incorporates Amazonian dance and rituals, and introduces the idea of establishing an Amazonian liturgical rite.
  • Recommends granting lay people formal authority over Amazonian parishes, and mentions their ability to "celebrate certain sacraments" (excluding the Eucharist and Confession).
  • Says women should be given formal positions in the faith community as a result of a "commission from the bishop."
  • Endorses the Amoris Laetitia approach of allowing Communion to those living in adultery, saying there is no "room … for a [traditional] discipline that excludes and turns people away."
  • Defends idol worship as witnessed with the veneration of Pachamama at the Synod, saying that it is not superstition.
Concerning idols, Francis says that we “should esteem the indigenous mysticism that sees the interconnection and interdependence of the whole of creation, the mysticism of gratuitousness that loves life as a gift,” as well as the “sacred wonder before nature.” 

So Catholics are now exhorted to esteem "the indigenous mysticism" of the occult that is generated by "the prince of this world." (John 12:31) Shall we esteem voodoo too? 

“Ecological Conversion”

The exhortation then spearheads the Amazonian Synod’s plan to unite the Catholic Church with the world, that it might be ecological, ecumenical – one world. For it “exhorts” the Church to bow to the planet in idolatrous fashion – a planet symbolized by Pachamama.

The historic Amazonian Synod that convened in Rome this past October 6-27 brought to fever pitch this globalist plan to merge the Church with the environment. This perfidious attempt was captured live on film in a deplorable scene inside of St. Peter's Basilica—a nude Mother Earth idol [Pachamama] along with Pope Francis and various cardinals chanting, dancing, and praying before the statue. The synod was all about making "reparation" to “Mother Earth” for the environmental "sins" committed against her.

In keeping with the synodal theme, the exhortation urges us to forget things eternal and to be absorbed with things terrestrial. Its clear and unabashed endorsement of profaning the liturgy with pagan dance and ritual is in itself justification for decrying it. And while its proposals are applied to the Amazon region for the moment, the Amazon is only being used as a trial balloon. As Francis himself says in his exhortation:

"I am addressing the present Exhortation to the whole world. … the Church’s concern for the problems of this area obliges us to discuss, however briefly, a number of other important issues that can assist other areas of our world in confronting their own challenges."

The ploy was to first implement these changes in the Amazon so that other areas of the Church "deprived" of these "rights" could cry "discrimination" and clamor for these same innovations, whereupon the Vatican would concede to their wishes with the justification that the plan thus far had been "successful" in the Amazon.

Baited With Slick Political Maneuver

While the exhortation doesn't explicitly support the idea of ordaining married men to the priesthood as some had anticipated, it appears that this was never a key part of the plan to begin with. The ploy was to initially scare conservatives with this proposal with the plan of easing up on it at the last minute in order to pacify the faithful and better gain their confidence in Francis' environmental program.

This is typical of the political maneuvers used by Francis to elicit the Church's support of controversial proposals, e.g. down-talking gay-marriage so that we will feel relieved and even gratified by his mere endorsement of gay unions.


The bottom line is that "enculturating the liturgy," giving lay persons authority over parishes, empowering women in religious matters, giving Communion to adulterers, and bowing to idols are heinous insults to God’s Majesty that the faithful may never accept. It is our duty to denounce these pagan innovations.

And so, while many are "counting their blessings" that Querida Amazonia hasn't formally endorsed married priests, they should well consider that they have been baited into swallowing the gist of its message that we betray Jesus Crucified and be one with a pagan environment.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Buffalo Catholic Seminary Professor Threatens to Kill Investigative Reporter

[ABC] A teacher at a Catholic seminary in Buffalo, N.Y. has been arrested and charged with cyberstalking after he allegedly made a series of threats against an investigative reporter whose work focused on the ongoing scandal surrounding the handling of sex abuse claims against local clergy.
Paul E. Lubienecki, 62, of Hamburg, N.Y., is an adjunct professor at Christ the King Seminary within the Diocese of Buffalo, which recently announced that the seminary will “cease operations” at the end of the current academic year amid financial troubles.
On the same day that announcement was made, Lubienecki allegedly called Charlie Specht, an investigative reporter for local ABC affiliate WKBW, who had first reported on the alleged mishandling of sexual misconduct complaints at the seminary, and left him a message in which he threatened to kill him.

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