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Pope Gathers the Heads of Dicastries -- Vatican Media

Dicastry Heads in Meeting With Pope Francis
(Rome) On Monday Pope Francis gathered all of the dicastry heads of the Roman Curia.
As announced in the daily bulletin of the Vatican press office, the Catholic Church leader had called together all heads of dicastries for the morning. The chair at the meeting is led by the Pope.
According to Vatican Insider, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi SJ, says that the meeting is considering "the reform of the media and means of communication" of the Holy See.
Joint meetings of all of the dicastry heads chaired by the pope are rare events that take place usually at most once or twice a year.
The dicasteries include the nine congregations, the three secretariats, the twelve pontifical councils, the three courts and three curial offices.
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Monday, May 30, 2016

Countless Sexual Asaults During Festival in Darmstadt

DARMSTADT. In Darmstadt, many women have been sexually harassed and assaulted by asylum seekers during a city festival. So far, 18 women have reported to the police, the police headquarters southern Hesse said on Monday. The women were mostly at a young age. During the festival, three victims of sex assaults  had complained to the police and complained of harassment and assaults by "men from the South Asian region."

"The perpetrators should proceed in small groups, have surrounded and touched immoral women". The police could then arrested three alleged suspects Pakistani asylum seekers. However, the investigation lasted still on. The police are looking for victims and witnesses to report to the officials.

Irmer: Who does these things, has forfeited his right to guest status"

The Hessian CDU member of parliament Hans-Jürgen Irmer reacted in horror to the incidents."Here the right of asylum is outrageously abused. This is totally unacceptable," said Irmer  to Junge Freiheit"Let me say quite clearly who does these things, has forfeited his right to guest status. There's only one clear answer to this: after a final judgment, back on the next plane to Pakistan," demanded the CDU politician.

Unfortunately, the incident was not a "singular event", which is why the state should now show a "sharp edge". However, it is also important to make it clear that the majority of asylum seekers do not tend in Germany to such acts.

Only the beginning of May during the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin there have been numerous sex attacks on young women. On New Year's night, there had been numerous assaults for hours on women in Cologne and other cities by asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. The incidents made ​​for a discussion of the internal security and the refugee crisis. (krk)

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True or False Pope Part I: John Salza

Edit: on the novelty of sedevacantism from John Salza and Brother Andre at the SBC.

"Sedevacantists often fancy themselves as great canonists."

The topic is True or False Pope. My guest is Mr. John Salza, attorney and Catholic apologist, who co-authored, with Mr. Robert Siscoe, a new book on the subject, True or False Pope? For more please visit https://reconquest.net/

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Cardinal Lehman Doesn't Understand Why Catholic Days in Leipzig Are a Failure

Edit: these are satirical levels of cluelessness. Maybe Germans don't care about gender politics and the decadent and failing tax church?

Former President of the German Bishops' Conference states that there are mostly empty halls despite prominent politicians: "This will have to be carefully examined."

Leipzig (kath.net/KNA) Concerned about some half-empty halls despite the presence of prominent politicians has drawn comment from the Catholic Cardinal Karl Lehmann. "This will have to be carefully examined," said the former President of the German Bishops' Conference on Friday evening in Leipzig. With appearances by such as the Federal Minister Thomas de Maiziere (CDU) and Andrea Nahles (SPD) many places stayed empty.

Lehmann named as potential causes not only "the usual disenchantment", but also "a bit far hopelessness". Some people choose to withdraw from current issues. But he can see a danger in that their interest be declining permanently.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

University Dismisses Math Professor for Being Critical of Islam

BERLIN. The authorities of two Berlin universities have deprived a professor of his teaching positions for anti-Islamic statements. A mathematics graduate Wolfang Hebold has published "discriminatory, xenophobic and misogynistic forum entries," wrote the University of Economics and Law (HWR) in a statement. The Academy of Sciences Berlin (HTW) has dismissed the scientist. In addition to the criticism of Islam he's assigned questionable tasks in his statistics course.
Previously the RBB had learned from a student that allegedly, Hebold has assigned Islam-critical tasks in his seminars. In his blog, Hebold has expressed himself critically of headscarf-wearing Muslims, which he described as "the headscarf Muslim."
And if  it really isn't one of these obese Muslim women of Kreuzberg hidden underneath, then there often remains an open question, what sex is hidden here (...). But if a woman does not want to show that she is a woman - why should she still be encountered as a woman? Is it not far more appropriate, if they were not even perceived as a woman. They therefore are no longer spoken of as "she", but as neutral creatures? - Wolfgang Hebold
Lecturer relies on freedom of expression
The RBB quoted a student: "We should calculate what statistical relationship there is between the number of terrorist attacks and the proportion of Muslims in the population."  The students were also expected to make calculations  of the relationship between the Muslim population, and genital mutilation in Egypt.
Hebold replied, statistics aren't just about numbers. It could also be used in examples that were "relevant in everyday life" and  in politics. In addition, the mathematician pointed out to the broadcaster on the right toward freedom of expression.
"I have a feeling that what I wanted to say was viciously twisted by RBB," Hebold criticized the Berlin Tagesspiegel.  Some items of which he is now accused did not come from him. "I'm anti-Islamic as I am also anti-communist and anti-fascist. Political Islam is a problem, but I'm not racist."

So far, no abnormalities

According to the RBB, Hebold has regularly written comments about Islam on his blog. In it he referred to Muslims as "Muselmen" or "Mossis". Besides the political remarks he has published on his website, he also provides information for students. The Math Professor rejected the broadcaster's criticism of his methods: "Then you putting this on the table, that a lecturer should never make any statement in any case, where a student might feel hurt."
According to the HWR, where he has taught since 2011,  there have  been no irregularities so far. On the website of HTW, the profile of the professor has now been deleted. (Ls)

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Fabulous Guests at Catholic Day in Leipzig: The Aberrosexuals

"Sternberg-Fotograf-M-Thomas" Wikicommons
UPDATE 26 May 2016 : On May 26, 2016 MP Volker Beck at Catholic Day in Leipzig  "Leaeve the mosque inthe village - religious politics in 2016.  MP Volker Beck has campaigned for years against the Catholic Church and named a Cardinal Meisner Hatepreacher . On 25 May 2016, Beck demanded the opening of marriage to homosexual couples. The Greens as a party are also represented at Catholic Day, although much of its policy is anti-Catholic and anti-Christian.]

In recent weeks, it's often been discussed, who is at this year's  Catholic Day (25 to 29 may 2016)  and who is not. 

Now, a group seems to be particularly welcome and can not complain about lack of opportunities to appear: the homosexuals. 

Especially pervasive are representatives of various local groups like "Network of Catholic Lesbians."  Like in the bible work group,  "Pray Psalms today - submit a Psalm" or in the workshop "With my God I shoot over walls - in work, spirituality in everyday life, is a source of strength for me or for everyday life. "  

Since the Political must not be neglected, there is also a debate for an opening marriage to same-sex couples. In the panel discussion "Marriage for all? On the issue of equality between homosexual and heterosexual couples " speaks the openly gay Stefan Kaufmann, member (CDU) and Manuela Sabozin of the network of Catholic Lesbians in Essen.

In the workshop "Even lesbians and gay men get older. What is important, what is important to me" include representatives of the Association, "Homosexuals and Church" (HUK).

There is also the discussion "Coming out as a cross-ing. Experience between lesbian women," with the women of the "Network of Catholic Lesbians." 

What role do lesbians in the Church apparatus best serve, "Professional service to the Church - as a lesbian woman exchange among lesbian women."

As a continuous supply there is  "Center Rainbow," which oversees the clubs "Church Initiative from Below,"  "Network of Catholic Lesbians, " "Ecumenical group of homosexuals and Church."  These groups are even organizing a  church service. 

At the event,"Anger at ProfX " the "Lesbian and Gay federation of Germany "will question  gender stereotypes.

The working group "Homosexual and Church" will probably advertise about "Whoever stays true, changes. Spiritual people can not be bent." 

Dr. Michael Brinkschröder of the European Forum of Christian LGBT groups will present "a different view of the Bible."

An "experience for gay men" is on offer in the event "Strong in Faith. Catholic. Homosexual."  On the subject of "Homo- and heterosexual people together" we learn "to live in a relationship" in the workshop.   

Constanze Körner, project manager of Rainbow families, deals with the subject of "How to live in rainbow families?"

Surely, especially progressive things are going on  in "Gay and lesbian worship communities as a basic model." 

Of course, the subject  " transsexualism in the tension between faith and the Bible"  at Catholic Day must  not be missed. 

That these concerns are madness and that such  events are completely unnecessary, or even   harmful to the faith, does not need any further description. The image is that the Catholic Church in Germany is offering, is desolate.  It's a church that is completely losing its Catholic identity. It shows once again: The "Central Committee of German Catholics", the organizer of the Catholic Conference, is working  to destroy the Catholic faith in Germany.

Mathias von Gersdorf...

Cardinal Loris Capovilla, John XXIII, Fatima and his "Last Will"

John XXIII. and his Secretary Loris Capovilla
(Rome) On Sunday Cardinal Loris Capovilla died at the age of 100 years. Born near Padua in 1915 Capovilla was ordained in 1940 as a priest of the Patriarchate of Venice. There he acted as master of ceremonies in St. Mark's and from 1949 as editor of the church newspaper of the patriarchate.

Since 1925, a friend of Angelo Roncalli

In 1953 in the same year Cardinal Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was made Patriarch he was appointed as his private secretary. The two have known each other since 1925. From that year dates the first letter Capovilla wrote to the later Patriarch and Pope. In 1958 Roncalli who was elected Pope John XXIII. took Capovilla as his secretary with him to Rome. It was a  trust that would last until the death of the Pope in 1963.
Pope Paul VI. had appointed him Archbishop of Chieti in 1967. His successor in this position since 2004 is the theologian Bruno Forte, the author of the scandalous paragraphs on homosexuality in the interim report of the Synod of Bishops in 2014. However, Capovilla's activity did not last long as a diocesan bishop. In 1971 he was appointed by Paul VI. as prelate of Loreto  as an envoy to the territorially small see of Loreto, and as a papal envoy to the Marian shrine of Loreto. At the age of 73, Capovilla resigned in 1988 as a prelate and has lived since then in the birthplace of John XXIII., who worked as his executor and working on his beatification.
Capovilla published on John XXIII. and released parts of his correspondence and diaries. Recently, he published in 2013 along with a great-nephew of Pope Roncalli, excerpts from his own council diaries. Nevertheless, he did little to bring to light the actual motives of John XXIII., which lead to the surprising convocation of an ecumenical council. Yet his publications offer many other interesting pieces of information for the most recent Church history.

The Council, the "Fire" and the "Vultures"

At the center of Capo Villas conciliar representation is a "wind of change." From the published letters of John XXIII. and it is apparent that significant figures of the later Council, including Milan's Archbishop Giovanni Battista Montini, the future successor as Pope Paul VI., or the then auxiliary bishop of Malines, Leo Joseph Suenens, later Erzbsichof of Malines-Brussels and Cardinal, were neither surprised nor irritated by the convening of the council. Instead, they dealt in direct contact with the Pope and considered the issue of the council's alignment, where it would lead and by language it should be driven. Montini and Suenens were driven by a "fire", says Capovilla, by which he was convinced that "God has kindled this fire."  There were then "many" that tried "to smother the fire," said the Pope's secretary.
Thus, the large framework is already outlined by Capovilla of a certain conciliar transfiguration which affected also and especially the figure of the Pope John XXIII. who desired an "aggiornamento" that the Roman Curia and other forces in the church wanted to prevent. Capovilla's language, there  were "the old vultures who return after a first fright," as he confided to his diary.

Pope Francis and Capovilla recte John XXIII.

The aged Capovilla became quiet under Pope Benedict XVI. This changed with the election of Pope Francis. Less than three weeks after his election, Pope Francis grabbed the phone and called Capovilla on 1 April, 2013. He told the 97-year-old he wanted to meet him. He should come to Rome. Capovilla had last been to Rome for the beatification of John XXIII in the year 2000.
There was much speculation about the background of the Pope's interest. He was invited in connection with the Third Secret of Fatima, to provide information that  Francis had wanted. It was more likely  that the new pope wanted to signal his connection to John XXIII in the person of Capovillas.  This was to weave the image of a "second" John XXIII., which was seen by some as a message to progressive Church circles, who would bring the full implementation of the Council  through the pontificates of John Paul II. and Benedict XVI.
Capovilla is associated with the Marian apparitions of Fatima, because he had not only knowledge of the Third Secret as Pope's secretary, but for publishing documents of John XXIII. and Paul VI. which revealed inconsistencies in the official Vatican version. [LOL]

Saints and Church Policy

Cardinal Loris Capovilla (1915-2016)
On February 22, 2014 Capovilla was raised by Pope Francis in the state of Cardinal. Two months later, the canonization of John XXIII. It was a canonization which is considered controversial because Pope Francis  implemented it by overriding the conditions for a canonization. A requisite second miracle is still lacking for the canonization of the Council's Pope.
On April 27, 2014 was canonized from Pope John Paul II.. For the Polish Pope a decent canonization process was completed and the second miracle recognized.
It is an open secret in Rome  that Pope Francis felt that the canonization Karol Wojtyla came very inconveniently at the beginning of his pontificate. It would give the impression of continuity that Francis wanted to avoid. The Argentine pope sent a plurality of signals after his election, connecting him to the pontificate of John XXIII.  and overcoming the impression of  the Polish-German double pontificate of 1978-2013, which is decried by progressives decried as a "restorative phase."
To. "Neutralize" the inevitable canonization of John Paul II and yet of being able to send out "right" signal, he decreed with papal authority, at the same time, to raise John XXIII. to the altars. That his canonization process was not yet completed and lacked the necessary miracle, Francis passed autocratically. The double-canonization has since been considered a self-evident example of a dubious church policy. Francis is also criticized for doing a disservice to the veneration of saints and canonization practice of the Catholic Church, which has been criticized from the Protestant and secular sides.
The former neo-Cardinal Loris Capovilla, however, was impressed by the Pope's affection.

Last orders for the funeral

After his death Capovillas' last wishes were announced for the funeral yesterday.
"I want to go in silence, as I came into the world without applause and without sensation. My body will be laid in the Camaitino Chapel. Only a ceremony for the closest friends and for the faithful who were close to me in many years. The Mass is to be celebrated  by priests friendly to me priests in the  morning, companions of my whole life. After the celebration of the procession to the cemetery should pass by Fontalla where Maria Davide Turoldo is buried, one of the great poets, which the Catholic Church has had. No public celebration. If desired, a Mass can be read to my benefit, but only after my mortal remains have been placed in the earth."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Secretum meum mihi / Avvenire
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cologne Cardinal Welcomes Invaders -- Condemns Defenses Against Them in Grand Gesture

Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Rainer Woelki has, has sharply attacked the refugee policy of Germany and the EU  and called the agreement with Turkey to take back refugees as "infamous". "Our leaders want us to go back in the Sleeping Beauty sleep or to the Sandman," Woelki told the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. "You want to put us to sleep and tell us that everything is now back as before, we are again in the closed shop arriving in  'the good old Europe.'"

With a refugee boat of allegedly Libyan manufacture which Woelki Had sent to him from Malta to Cologne, it is now being used in worship at the feast of Corpus Christi in front of Cologne Cathedral, which reveals this "fairy tale unmasked" and "isolationist policy" of Europeans which are to be denounced by Woelki. "I am convinced Jesus now sits in the refugee boat." Therefore, it will take  "a place of God's presence" on Corpus Christi at the altar.

Seehofer and the "civilizational break??"
Woelki accused CSU chairman Horst Seehofer of cynicism. Who has  "sealed and notarized" the end of the welcoming culture in Germany by declaring a need for tighter border controls,  in the face of the obligation to receive and accommodate people in need "means a civilizational rupture with the values ​​of Europe and our German constitution." 

Woelki reiterated his call for an immigration law that would allow legal access to Europe and Germany. This would, for example, mitigate incentives to send unaccompanied minors with the aim of family reunification from crisis regions on the perilous road to Europe, explained Woelki.


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Religious Identity of 70 Year Old Woman's Murderer Known

BAD FRIEDRICHSHALL. [Junge Freheit] Police have released new details In the case of a murdered 70 year old woman from the Baden-Württemberg Bad Friedrichshall  about the alleged perpetrators. On the scene Arabic and English notes were found containing what was mainly religious in content, reported the SWR. What they mean exactly, the police do not say so, but that it concerns the identity of the perpetrators.

The alleged offender is likely a 26 years old, according to Pakistani police. He has been in Germany for three years. The man's identity could not be released because he has used a different personal repeatedly in the past. The suspect was already known to the police for theft and threats. He has not denied the fact.

Because of the DNA traces found at the scene, the man is still strongly a suspect of having murdered a 70 year old woman in Bad Friedrichshall-Untergriesheim in Baden-Württemberg last Thursday. Police had arrested the suspect on Monday. The investigators found an item from the victim's home during their search. The prosecution is convinced that the man has actually been in the house of the 70 year old. (Ls)


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Bishop: Islam will take power in Europe

[Gloria.tv] Isa Gürbüz, the Syrian Orthodox Church leader in Switzerland, is warning against Islam. The Muslims are starting to dominate in Europe and then the persecution of non-Muslims will begin.

In 20 or 30 years there will be a Muslim majority in Europe," said the Syrian Orthodox bishop in Switzerland, Dionysos Isa Gürbüz. In 1997 he was the first Syrian Orthodox bishop in Germany. Now he oversees  10,000 Syrian Orthodox faithful in Switzerland and 4,000 in Austria.

The Syrian Orthodox is the oldest of the Christian churches. In their homeland in what is now Syria and Iraq, the Syrian Orthodox Christians are persecuted. The monastery of Arth had therefore become a center "for the preservation of our endangered religion and culture", says the Swiss Tages-Anzeiger quoting the Syrian Orthodox Bishop.

"What today thousands of terrorist groups of IS, Taliban or al-Qaida are doing is the extension of the genocide of 1915," says Isa Gürbüz. At that time, nearly 2 million Syrians and Syrian and Greek Orthodox Christians perished. Millions converted to Islam.

Turkey is the enemy of Christians

"What happens to us today began 1,300 years ago," said the bishop. In the 7th century the Muslims had started the genocide of the Christians. The Agenda of Islam has remained the same until today. The Muslims want to drive Christians from the Middle East.

The 51-year-old bishop comes from the eastern part of Turkey, which formerly belonged to Syria. At the beginning of the century there were still 230,000 Syrians living there. Today, there are practically none. Turkey is an enemy of Christians, says Isa Gürbüz.

With collections of clothes, eatables and money, they to try to help their coreligionists in Syria. The bishop wishes  that Switzerland would receive more Christian refugees.

For 20 years he he has pursued the goal  to find a safe place for 2 million Christians  in the Middle East, a zone established under a UN mandate. Or do Christians like the Jews, need their own Israel in the Middle East? [Yes]

Islam wants to impose Sharia

Like many Christian bishops and patriarchs from the Middle East  Isa Gürbüz can hardly imagine a future Syria without Assad. Because a better man is not easy to find. So Syria was the only country in the Middle East before the war, where Christians could live their faith undisturbed.

"If Assad is eliminated, we could have the same thing happen as in Iraq, where, after the fall of Saddam Hussein,  democracy collapsed and Islamist groups took over," says the Bishop. The Arab Spring had only been an interlude. "Because Islam ultimately accepts no democracy, but wants to impose Sharia law."

Gulf countries want Europe to convert to Islam

The bishop calls for vigilance, especially those churches intent on political correctness. It is naive to think that the millions of migrants who are now coming through Turkey to Europe, will adapt  and all live together with Christians in Europe in peace. Also among the migrants there were terrorists.

"Why don't the Gulf states, the Emirates and Qatar take on any refugees?" Because they want to convert Europe to Islam, says Isa Gürbüz. The number of child-rich Muslims will grow rapidly in Europe. They would take power and begin the persecution of non-Muslims.

Isa Gürbüz no longer trusts the Muslims

"What is happening today in the Middle East, will happen here in Europe," said the bishop. The 1300 year long history of persecution had taught him not to trust the Muslims. The beginnings of Islamic proselytizing in Europe may be seen in the establishment of mosques by the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and the Turkish Ministry of Religion Diyanet.

The Patriarch of the Syrian Catholic Church Ignatius Youssif III. Younan urged earlier this year already the use of ground troops against the Islamists in the Middle East, in other words, a renewed crusade to save the Christians in the Middle East.

(Once they are numerically strong enough, Muslims will begin the persecution of Christians in Europe, says Bishop Isa Gürbüz (Photo:. Shutterstock)


Migrant Keeps German Town in Fear -- Police Are Powerless

[Wangen] A 20 year old asylum seeker from Gambia has terrorized the  Swabian municipality of Wangen  for weeks. Almost daily there are charges  of the man harrassing, stealing, threatening  or resisting police officials, say reports of  the Schwäbische Zeitung.

Most recently, he shouted at a woman in the street for no reason and threatened her with a bottle, rioted in a police cell and severed cable in his refugee center. Again and again, the asylum seeker is released. The police are powerless by their own account. "Many of the legal offenses do not stick, he moves in a gray area, which we must accept as fact," said Wangen police superintendent Wolfgang Gerke.

Although the man is now banned  at several local asylum centers, because of his contacts in the community this allows him to return regularly back to the city. At present, the situation was "satisfactory", Gerke admitted. However, the police keep close contact with the courts and city. (Ho)

Text: Junge Freiheit.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

1,000 Year Old Rose Tree at Hildesheim Cathedral Blooms Again

Eight weeks after the destruction of the cathedral by bombs in March 1945, when burned even the rosebush, sprouted from his spilled debris root out 25 new shoots.

Hildesheim (kath.net/KNA) The first pink blooms are opening on the famous millennial rose tree at the eastern apse of the Hildesheim cathedral. The main flowering is to be expected in the coming days, according to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hildesheim this Monday. They should attract many visitors to the Diocesan Church, as they do every year. The legend of the rose tree, a wild dog rose, goes back to the founding history of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hildesheim around the year 815.

 At that time, Emperor Louis the Pious,  built a chapel on the spot where a rose tree had twined about a precious reliquary [Of Our Lady's robe]. Ultimately this chapel was the site of the construction of the Hildesheim's St. Mary's Cathedral, whose outer wall goes back to where the legendary rose tree grows today. It has been testified in writing  for more than 400 years. Eight weeks after the destruction of the cathedral by bombs in March 1945, which even burned the rosebush, 25 new shoots sprouted forth from its spilled debris.

The diocesan church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which opened again after extensive renovation work since the summer of 2014. The rose tree, a landmark of the diocese and the city of Hildesheim, is surrounded by a low boxwood hedge. The greenhouse is accessible through a single access point at the cathedral foyer, daily from 10:00 to 18:00 hours. The Hildesheim Rosenstock (C) 2016 CBA

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Curial Cardinal Reacts Calmly to Charges of Embezzlement

Through dubious property transactions Cardinal Calcagnos allegedly caused the loss of millions

Vatican City (kath.net/KAP) The top Vatican property manager, Cardinal Domenico Calcagno, has reacted calmly to the allegation of misappropriation of Church funds. He wished to await the delivery of the documents by the Italian public prosecutor's office, said the Vatican press office with weekend. The prosecutor of Savona had previously launched investigations against the president of the Vatican administration of goods APSA. It accuses him, in his time as a bishop in northern Italy, Savona to have caused the loss of millions by questionable property deals.

Calcagno would point out that his alleged irregularities were mainly in the period after his move to the Vatican on July 7, 2007, so the inquest continues. The Vatican also stressed that the allegations have nothing to do with Calcagno's current task.

The Italian cleric was first secretary of the APSA; Since 2011 he was at the head of the authority that manages the real-estate of the Vatican.

Calgagno is supposed, according to prosecutors, to have misappropriated funds from the Church's own "Institute for the Support of Clerics" in Savona, the Church funds managed in order to pay for the social security of priests.

The mismanagement of the Institute was noticed according to media reports, upon a review of the balance sheets from the year 2009. According to the reports, there is also an investigation against Pietro Tartarotti, who headed the Institute until 2014 and his deputy, Gianmichele Baldi. The two were reportedly already asked about the incidents.

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Apparition of Saint Nicolás de Arroyos Recognized Officially by the Church

(Buenos Aires) The Apparitions of San Nicolás de los Arroyos in Argentina have been recognized. The competent diocesan bishop, Msgr. Hector Sabatino Cardelli, recognized the supernatural character of the events on Sunday, May 22.

San Nicolás de los Arroyos is located approximately 250 kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires and is the capital of a separate diocese of the ecclesiastical province Rosario. Since 1983 the Mother of God has appeared to a mother, Gladys Quiroga de Motta. The seer, a simple woman who is now already a grandmother, has the stigmata of Jesus.

Stigmatized seer

Gladys Quiroga de Motta submitted to obedience to ecclesiastical authority from the beginning. Annually an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary appears in  the same day. Most recently, 250,000 believers gathered on this particular day.

Gladys Quiroga de Motta lives in utmost seclusion and spends most of the day in prayer. The reigning Bishop of San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Msgr. Hector Sabatino Cardelli have already celebrated Holy Masses and led processions to to the place on the river Paraná, where a large church is built. The order for this have been received from the Blessed Mother by the stigmatist.

A spring was found said place, as indicated by the publication. Church history is replete with such visions, where the Blessed Mother appears to the  faithful, demands the establishment of a church and names the exact building site. In such places arose pilgrimage sites which drew numerous faithful to pilgrimage and pray.

White Scapular for those who suffer in body and soul

The Statue of San Nicolas de Arroyos

The white scapular of Gladys Quiroga de Motta is recognized by ecclesiastical authority, which is designated according to the Marian apparition in a special way for those who suffer in body and soul.

Father Carlos Pérez, the spiritual director of the stigmatized, has always been convinced of the authenticity of her statements. So far, more than 1,800 messages have been made, which were given to the seer according to  instructions. Their publication has been authorized by the former bishop of San Nicolas, Msgr. Domingo Salvador Castagna, bishop of 1984-1994. Bishop Castagna said at the time: "I firmly believe that it is an event of the Virgin Mary."

Now his successor has recognized the supernatural character of the apparitions of San Nicolás. A few days ago, Bishop Cardelli led the second diocesan annual pilgrimage to the new Church of St. Mary of the Rosary. On this occasion he announced the official recognition of the phenomenon. The Church had examined the event in the past for more than 30 years and checked it accurately. It was in followed in a process by the prescribed critea of the universal Church. The Chur h considers three questions in such events: "Is a phenomenon of natural origin, it is a work of the devil, or it is of supernatural origin?" The answer to these questions is in the specific case, constat de supernaturalitate. The apparitions are definitely given of a supernatural character.

Maria "Forever Queen and Mistress"

Recognition decree of the Apparitions

The assessment of such a phenomena is the responsibility and authority of the local bishop. As such, Bishop Cardelli, speaks with the judgment of the Church. The Apparitions of San Nicolás de los Arroyos are now among the officially recognized supernatural apparitions by the Catholic Church. The messages have been recognized as authentic. The recognition by the Church does not mean that believers have to believe in the messages or the authenticity. They are not part of the divine revelation.

The decree of approval of Bishop Cardelli ends with the words:

"Finally, and has just as the holy Virgin Mother of God asked, I beg to heaven on behalf of the whole diocese, that she may be forever the Queen and Mistress of San Nicolás de los Arroyos."

The Diocese of San Nicolás de los Arroyos was established in 1947 by Pope Pius XII. from parts of the former archdiocese of La Plata and what is today the Archdiocese of Mercedes. It has 422,000 Catholics, which corresponds to 92 percent of the population. There are 101 diocesan and 13 religious priests active in the diocese.

The number of priests has risen since the mid-80s, when the apparitions began, by 70 percent. Initially there was one priest to 7,100 faithful, now there is one for every 3,700 faithful m.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons / Diocese of San Nicolas de los Arroyos
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Farewell Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo y Gayarre -- Friend of the Immemorial Mass of All Ages

The World's Most Interesting Man
With the death of Don Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo y Gayarre, a reporter, a promoter of culture and tireless adventurer, not only a charismatic personality, but also a true friend of the traditional rite is gone from this world.
As Pope Benedict XVI. issued the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum  Quadra-Salcedo confessed in an interview that there was little that moved and pleased him in his exciting life inwardly more than strengthening and revitalization of the traditional form of the Roman Rite for the world Church.
Born in Madrid, Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo  felt himself as a Basque  by descent.  In his life he was an engineer, athlete, botanist, reporter and adventurer. In the Congo, he was even sentenced to death. All his life he traveled the world, but he was at home in the mountains of Navarre.
De la Quadra-Salcedo, born in 1932, studied at the University of Agriculture. In 1960 he represented Spain as a discus thrower at the Summer Olympics in Rome. In the same year he began his work for Spanish television after a trip to Colombia as a reporter. He reported on the war in Vietnam and the coup of Pinochet in Chile. In the Congo, he would have even been shot against a the wall, because he reported on the execution of 300 prisoners in Congo. Like many other dangerous situations, he also survived this.
Of particular interest, really more of a fascination, is the history of the discovery of America. He dealt with the actors like Bartolomé de las Casas, Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo, Pedro Arias de Avila or Núñez de Balboa and events associated with the discovery and the Spanish presence in America. Above all, he strove for a correction of historical representation. De la Quadra-Salcedo lamented the distorted image of the Spanish colonial history by the Protestant states of England and the Netherlands. Their early-onset historical propaganda had led to the idea prevalent today, but mistakenly believed by many, that Britain's penetration in North America was a (positive) colonization, while Spain's penetration in Latin America was considered a conquest (negative). The exact opposite was historically the case, said the Spanish globetrotter. The Latin American Mestizentum is the evidence of the respect that the Spaniards accommodated the  Indian population, and argued that on the other hand, they were wiped out in the Anglo-Saxon north almost entirely.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Accion Liturgica
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com

Cathedral Pastor Parks His Car in the Cathedral

Cathedral Pastor parks his car (For security or work reasons?) in the
(Rome) The Church crisis is often associated with the waning understanding of the sacred. After the priest and head of the Office for Family Pastoral of the Archdiocese of Palermo, who wants to raise one of the bitterest enemies of the Church to the altars and at the same time wishes for the death of Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, the Mediterranean island of Sicily provides another curious headline.

For "security reasons" a Sicilian cathedral minister parked his car in the cathedral of his diocese.

Curious pictures were published on Facebook. They show the car of the  Gaetano's Cathedral Pastor, Canal Ella, parked  in the nave of Santa Maria La Nova Cathedral of Caltanissetta. The car is indeed behind the main door, but in the central aisle of the nave.

"What sacrilege? It was necessary"

The canon finds nothing inappropriate about it. On this unusual method of parking, Meridio News . Interviewed Msgr Canal Ella yesterday who answered answer: "What sacrilege? That's for something that's actually banal."
The cathedral minister justified his parking practice then with the words: "What are we talking here? When you think in peace about it, there's nothing sacrilegious.  We had to repair the bells and needed special tools"  as to the question whether it would not have been possible to just carry the tools into the church, the priest replied: "No, that was not possible. "
Caltanissetta: Dom as Garage

Canon Canal Ellas needs security

In Caltanissetta, there is another explanation for the practice of  parking by the Cathedral Pastor which is considered credible. The monsignor has no garage. To park the car  on the street is considered too dangerous. Fearing car thieves (or the Mafia?), he therefore parks his car "safety's sake" in the cathedral.
Don Canal Ella was born in 1953. He was ordained a priest in 1980 to the diocese and appointed chaplain of His Holiness in 1999.  He belongs to the Council of Priests and the cathedral chapter of the diocese of Caltanissetta.
The present cathedral of the diocese was built 1570 over an older Marian church. The frescoes of the nave and the picture of the high altar were painted by the Flemish painter Wilhelm Borremans and his son, who worked mainly in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
The church's patrons are the Virgin Mary and the Archangel Michael. Both were already patrons of older archparish Santa Maria La Vetere, which was built in the 11th century at the beginning of the Norman period, and later became the palace church of the Staufer Palatinate.
Early 17th century, the new St. Mary's Church was the main church of the city. After the establishment of the diocese of Caltanissetta, it was elevated to a cathedral. The older marian church was managed by the Franciscan Order since 1622.
When, after the unification of Italy by the new rulers in 1873 all religious orders were abolished, the older Marian church was profaned. It served as a hospital and military barracks until it was left to decay and in 1964 the roof collapsed. After some initial shoring work in the 1970s, it was partly restored in recent years.
Your future use is still unsettled.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Facebook / Wikicommons (Screenshot)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Crux: Pope Francis Exploits Workers

Edit: just received this from Max Hanlon. It's amazing, Crux is turning on the Pope? What's wrong?

ROME— With a flourish he inherited from Argentina’s legendarily populist political force, Peronism, Pope Francis from the beginning has been a vocal champion of labor and workers’ rights, backing measures such as equal pay for equal jobs between men and women, affordable housing and land, and living wages.

Just this past Thursday, during his daily morning Mass, he dramatically condemned employers who exploit workers through temporary contracts or by not offering health insurance.

“[These employers] are true bloodsuckers, and they live by spilling the blood of the people who they make slaves of labor,” he said.


"Abbyssus Abysum Invocat" -- Priest Mourns Death of Pannella, andWishes Death of Cardinal

(Rome) The step from "Aperitif Mass" to samba and bossa nova rhythm, to shocking statement, is often only small.

Last Thursday  radical enemy of the Church, Marco Pannella, died. The Catholic priest Fabrizio Fiorentino regretfully wrote on his Facebook page:

"Such is the world: instead of Cardinal Bagnasco, Marco Pannella dies. I would rather have entrusted him with the presidency of the Italian bishops."

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, who the priest wants to die, is the archbishop of Genoa. The cardinal was appointed  in 2007 by Pope Benedict XVI. to take his place as President of the Italian Bishops' Conference.

Don Fabrizio Fiorentino was ordained in 1998 as a priest of the Archdiocese of Palermo in Sicily. He is the inventor of the "Aperimessa", a so-called "aperitif Mass."

"Trivialization of the sacred liturgy"

Don Fiorentina, born in 1971, is head of the Office for Family Pastoral of the Archdiocese of Palermo in 2008. With Samba, Bossa Nova and aperitif Masses, the former deputy head of the Office for the youth ministry of the Archdiocese, according to his statement, appeals to young people and the unchurched.

Critics speak of a "trivialization of the sacred liturgy, the great harm to the faith of participating believers, but also for the priesthood."

"Not even the greatest pessimist could imagine ever having to read a sentence like that by a Catholic priest," said Messa in Latino.

To critics of his "Aperitif Mass" Don Fiorentino responded by saying: "if it does not suit, to them we say, thank you and goodbye. The door is open…".

The church where Don Fiorentino celebrates his Apertif Mass is, incidentally, filled each Subday to bursting,  "because that's where the party happens," the weekly magazine quoted a participant.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Facebook (Screenshot) / Archdiocese of Palermo
Trams: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com

Green Candidate Wins in Contested Election in Austria

Edit: once again, an Old Liberal Catholic tips the scales.

VIENNA. The presidential election in Austria is decided by a head-to-head race. After the counting of mail-in absentee ballots on Monday the Green Alexander Van der Bellen has achieved a narrow place in the Hofburg. The former party leader of the Greens got 50.3 percent of the vote, 31,026 votes ahead of FPÖ candidate Norbert Hofer. The FPÖ has announced in advance their wish to contest the result.

Van der Bellen owes his victory, in this narrowest to date in Austria's history, especially the voters in the cities. On Sunday, the 72 year old received 61.1% of the votes in Vienna alone. In eight of the nine provincial capitals he was over Hofer. After counting the votes at polling stations on Sunday evening,  Hofer stood at 51.9 per cent lead. Decisive for the victory Van der Bellen were the mail-in votes. Of the approximately 700,000 absentee ballots about 60% were accounted  to the Green Party.

In the first round, Van had received the barking 21.3 percent of the vote. His opponent Hofer, 35.1 percent. Van der Bellen had made the promise during the election campaign that he would appoint an FPÖ politician as chancellor. In surveys the party led by  Heinz-Christian Strache is in first place with more than 30 percent nationwide.

Hofer has now admitted defeat:

Dear Friends!

I would like to thank you for your substantial support. Of course I'm sad today. I'd have liked to serve you as president of our wonderful country. I will remain loyal to you and my contribution for a positive future in Austria.
Please don't be despondent. Count this campaign not as a loss but an investment in the future.

Your Norbert Hofer

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