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Bergoglio Appoints Evil McCarrick Creature to Camerlengo

Cardinal Kevin Farrell was named Camerlengo. In the next Sedis vacancy, he will direct the affairs of state and convene the conclave.

(Rome) Pope Francis yesterday named US Cardinal Kevin Farrell as Cardinal Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church, better known simply as Camerlengo. Against Kevin Farrell has been repeatedly mentioned in recent months in connection with the case of ex-Cardinal McCarrick and homophilic Church circles. Pope Francis entrusted him with a key position at the next conclave one week before the start of the Abuse Summit in the Vatican.

Theodore McCarrick made Kevin Farrell general vicar of his archdiocese of Washington in 2001. As such he was promoted to auxiliary bishop at McCarrick's request and lived for six years, until McCarrcik's retirement, in the same house with McCarrick. After the scandalous homosexual double life McCarricks became known, Farrell asserted several times, not having heard anything, not even of suspecting something. Since the summer of 2018, repeated doubts have been expressed about this idea.

The career of the McCarrick protégé

McCarrick was pushed by Pope Francis to renounce cardinal status at the end of July last year after it became known that he had homosexually corrupted priests and seminarians in his dioceses and even reportedly molested minors.

Cardinal Kevin Farrell

The doubts about Farrell's statements are not only related to his close relationship with McCarrick, who sponsored the miserable career of his former auxiliary bishop to Pope Francis. Farrell also stood out for his homophile attitude. At his initiative as Prefect of the Dicastery for Lay, Family and Life, the World Family Meeting, which took place in Dublin, Ireland, in late August 2018, for the first time in the history of this event, he offered his own program for homosexuals. Despite considerable criticism, which was announced in advance and led to cancellations of participants, the Vatican stuck to it.

The World Family Meetings were initiated by Pope John Paul II to strengthen marriage and family. A promotion or even an intrusion of homosexuality into the family is diametrically opposed to his idea, say critics, who were not heard in Rome. The sodomy program was designed by the evil US Jesuit Fr. James Martin.

Investigations by the Congregation of Socteine and the Faith?

Against Farrell, the Roman Congregation of the Faith became active in connection with the McCarrick case. As the traditional Messa in Latino website reported, Pope Francis was preparing a trial about six months ago, after the McCarrick case had exploded, and a dossier was prepared by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The congregation asked Pope Francis to initiate an official case against Farrell. It is not known if Pope Francis granted the request, or if it was prevented as with Cormac Murphy-O'Connor.

Farrell's stellar career under Pope Francis continues unabated:

~ In August 2016, Francis appointed him to the Roman Curia and named him the first prefect of the newly established dicastery for lay, family and life.

~ Already in November of the same year he created Farrell Cardinal, making him a member of the College of Cardinals.

~ In June 2017, he was appointed a member of the Administration of Goods of the Apostolic See (APSA).

~ In December 2017, he was appointed to the Pontifical Commission for the State of the Vatican City;
and in February 2019 the appointment as cardinal chamberlain.

Key position in the conclave

As Camerlengo, Farrell takes a key position in the upcoming conclave. The cardinal's chamberlain manages not only the apostolic chamber and the papal treasure. He notes the death of the ruling pope and proclaims the vacancy. During the sedevacante he leads the affairs of state as well as the preparations and the convocation of the conclave.

In connection with the APSA, probably the most wealthy institution in the Vatican, which successfully dedicated itself to the dismantling of Cardinal George Pell, the first prefect of the Economic Secretariat, the question was asked whether Cardinal Farrell had anything to do with the accommodation of the Argentine Bergoglian, Bishop Gustavo Oscar Zanchetta. Zanchetta, appointed by Pope Francis against the strong reservations of the diocesan Bishop, had disappeared in the summer of 2017 from his diocese overnight. A few months later he reappeared in the Vatican and was given a high position in the APSA by Francis. The appointment caused horror among insiders, as Zanchetta was known for having shattered the finances of two dioceses, first as Vicar General and then as Bishop. In early 2019, allegations were made in Argentina that Zanchetta, like McCarrick  had committed preyed on his own seminarians. That was the reason for his sudden plunge. Rome has been informed about this since 2015.

Pope Francis is silent and sets the course.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred

Vatican Reluctantly Suspends Uncle Ted

Edit: defrocked doesn’t really mean much. I’d expect they’re suspending him a divinis, and so it’s a wonder, since that’s usually reserved for intransigents who believe that sodomy is a grave sin, like the late Bishop Rogelio Plan , who was shut out of his episcopal residence without warning and basically thrown on the street by the Gang of Mercy. He didn’t get a cushy retirement home in Kansas a reasonable drive from a large metropolitan area and a few blocks from a Catholic grade school like Uncle Ted.

VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Pope Francis has defrocked former U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick after Vatican officials found him guilty of soliciting for sex while hearing confession and sexual crimes against minors and adults, the Holy See said Saturday.

McCarrick, 88, is the highest-ranking churchman to be laicized, as the process is called. It means he can no longer celebrate Mass or other sacraments, wear clerical vestments or be addressed by any religious title.

The scandal swirling around him was particularly damning to the church's reputation in the eyes of the faithful because it apparently was an open secret that he slept with adult seminarians. Francis removed McCarrick as a cardinal in July after a U.S. church investigation determined that an allegation he fondled a teenage altar boy in the 1970s was credible.



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Brazilian Intelligence Service Warns Amazon Synod Will Be Abused by “Leftist Clergy”

(Rom / Brasilia) The Amazon Synod, convened by Pope Francis this coming October, wants to use the "progressive clergy" to attack the new Brazilian government. A report by the Brazilian secret service warns.

Yesterday's edition of the Brazilian daily O Estado de Sao Paulo opened with a big headline on the front page.

"The upper echelon is to fight the action for the 'left clergy'".

According to information from the Brazilian intelligence agency Agência Brasileira de Inteligência (ABIN), the "progressive clergy" wanted to use the Amazon synod to attack the new Brazilian government of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsanaro’s Vice President  is Antônio Hamilton Mourão. Mourão was general of the Brazilian army. He is from the state of Amazonas and is of indigenous descent. The Amazon as a space and the indigenous peoples are, according to official Church information, the central themes of the synod.

Conflict between Brazil's government and leftist clergy. 

Report of "O Estado de S. Paulo".

It is not part of the Synodmakers' Amazon image that the state of Amazonas was won by Bolsonaro and his coalition last fall. Since January 1, Wilson Lima of the Christian Social Party (PSC) is Governor of Amazonas. The Partido Social Cristão was also Bolsonaro’s party, until he founded in 2018 for the presidential elections his own party ticket. The Deputy Governor of Amazon represents with Carlos Almeida, the party of Vice President Mourão.

The state of Amazon spreads over a gigantic expanse of more than 1.5 million square kilometers, but is inhabited by only four million people. According to the Brazilian statistics office, only 0.1 percent of them refer to themselves as members of indigenous peoples. The Brazilian statistics office lists five "races". A quarter of the population are whites, three quarters are pardos ("browns"), which in Brazil means the different mixes of the other four races (whites, blacks, Asians and Indians).

The figures have prompted observers to assume that there is a "deeper agenda" behind the synod topics that are publicly mentioned.

The Brazilian intelligence service ABIN bases its report on its own findings and information from various military commands. The secret service report, says the daily O Estado de Sao Paulo, also discusses Pope Francis' recent meeting with Brazilian cardinals at the Vatican, which discussed the themes of the upcoming synod.

Organizer of the Amazon Synod is founded in 2014 Church network REPAM, which consists of an umbrella organization and national offshoots in the Amazon riparian states. Of real weight is only REPAM Brazil. The umbrella organization and the Brazilian offshoot are led by two Church representatives belonging to the progressive fringe of the Church. The umbrella organization is headed by Claudio Cardinal Hummes and REPAM Brazil, and emeritus missionary bishop Erwin Kräutler from Austria. Hummes and Kräutler are in favor of the abolition of priestly celibacy  nd the admission of married priests. Both have spoken repeatedly in the past for the introduction of women's priesthood. Both are close to the political left. Hummes is a personal friend of ex-President Lula, who has been imprisoned for corruption since April 2018. Kräutler is a darling of the left-wing media, as every home visit to Austria has confirmed.

The political left in Brazil, Latin America and beyond refuses to recognize Lula's condemnation. It claims that it was a political process to repress the influence of the left. Pope Francis expressed his sympathy and closeness to Lula. Even more unforgivable was Bolsonaro's election victory. The Brazilian left suffered a defeat in the fall of 2018, comparable to that of the Democratic Party in the US against Donald Trump.

Above all, Pope Francis again bet on "the wrong horse". His warning of a political electoral defeat in Brazil led to the new leadership recognizing the Catholic Church, significant parts of the Brazilian hierarchy, and the church leadership in Rome as declared government opponents.

Bolsonaro is a Catholic, his wife is a free-church member. In the election campaign, the new president has relied mainly on the Protestant free churches. Behind it is a massive emigration movement from the Catholic Church to the Free Churches. The reason is the massive political and theological left pressure in the nation’s Catholic Church which has been developing for decades and has led to an alienation of the faithful from their Church.

The Amazon Synod is pushing, as the intelligence report shows,  the intention of the world Church to install a new "other", "second" priesthood, the secular political dimension to score also by social and environmental statements in the left-liberal mainstream, but also an intra-Brazilian dimension of political explosiveness.

The impression is confirmed, with friends and opponents, that Pope Francis acts more as a politician than as a Church leader.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

priestly celibacy

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Cardinal Müller:"I did not like the praise of the Freemasons for the Pope"

Cardinal Gerhard Müller: "What does clericalism mean? Homosexual inclinations are responsible for most of the cases of sexual abuse by clerics "

(Rome) While Pope Francis was preparing to sign a document on "human brotherhood" in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), yesterday he signed his signature with the Islamic Grandimam of Al-Azhar, an authority of Sunni Islam, Nuova Bussola Quotidiana published an interview last Sunday with Gerhard Cardinal Müller, former prefect of the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In it, the German cardinal again criticized the "clericalism" thesis and talked about "the real reason" for sexual abuse by clerics, but also about "the biggest problem" that the Church has today. He rejects allegations that there is "a plot" against Francis and makes no secret of the fact that he does not like the "great praise" Francis receives from the Freemasons.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Vatican Issues a Clarification in Statement About Women Religious

According to Vatican spokesman Gisotti, the Pope was referring in particular to a 2013 scandal-ridden community in which sexual assaults on women by priests had “reached a certain level"

Edit: the article doesn’t point out that the female branch started a new order called,The Sisters of Mary, Morning Star. They have communities all over the world with about 250 women.

Vatican City ( The Vatican has issue a clarification by the Pope about the abuse of women religious. With his words of "sexual slavery" as the reason for the dissolution of a religious community of women, Francis had meant "'manipulation in the form of abuse of power', which also manifests itself in sexual abuse," reads a statement by the Vatican press office (Wednesday).  In his response to a similar question on the return flight from Abu Dhabi, the Pope said on Tuesday that there were also abuses of religious women by clerics in the Catholic Church.

He mentioned that, inter alia, a community had been dissolved when sexual assaults on women by priests "reached a certain extent". There had been real "slavery up to sexual slavery by clerics.” Francis had referred thereby to a spin-off of the Johannes Community (Congregation Saint -Jean), specified the acting Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti to "Kathpress.”

The Johannes Community, founded by the French Dominican Marie-Dominique Philippe in 1975, was recognized by canon law in 1986 and has branches in numerous countries, including Austria. Some time after the founder's death in 2006, a sister community split off from the new leadership appointed by the responsible bishop. This splinter group of the "Congregation of Saint Jean" caused scandals; Pope Benedict XVI. then shut the group down. Pope Francis has referred to this in his press conference on Tuesday, Gisotti said.

Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Pope Throws Spotlight on Traditional Female Contemplative Order

Edit: CNN just posted an article wherein it quotes Francis taking responsibility for priests and bishops who've allegedly raped nuns.  We all know what he thinks of contemplative orders, particularly the females. It's not an exaggeration to say they are in the cross-hairs.

For the purposes of this exercise, he's singled out a traditional contemplative female order was suppressed by Benedict XVI.  He excused his predecessor, as if to say, surely he did nothing wrong.  He was a strong leader.   

We'd already covered this, here, here,  and the superior's comment here

One of the commenters said they went on to form a new Society, Sisters of the Morning Star, which was founded in 2014 and has 250 members worldwide.

Photo from article by Marian T. Horvath....


Francis Signs Unprecedented Document With Sunni Imam

Pope Francis ends his historic visit to Arabia with a Mass - The joint statement was so explosive for Arab relations that their publication was not announced in advance -

correspondent report by Roland Juchem

Abu Dhabi ( 120,000 participants from 100 nations, including 4,000 Muslims: The Mass that Pope Francis celebrated on Tuesday morning in Abu Dhabi's stadium is the practical side of what he shared with the Grand Emam, Ahmad Ap-Tayyeb, of Cairo’s  Al-Azhar Mosque the night before, in a landmark document on "Human Brotherhood:” brotherhood, plurality, and lived faith in the peaceful coexistence of one Creator's children.

This religious document has enormous political significance, especially in this part of the world. As clearly as the Grand Imam and the Pope promote freedom of religion, women's rights and sustainability as clearly as they condemn violence and extremism in the name of God, but also anti-religious secularism and amoral individualism, not every ruler or traditionalist preacher wants to hear that, but not only in the Middle East.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) pretend to be patrons and protectors of tolerance and dialogue - also in contrast to their big neighbor Saudi Arabia. The Emirates not only provided the Zayed sports stadium for the Pope's Mass free of charge. No expense or effort was spared for the two-day interfaith conference on "Human Fraternity," and it was a major buzzword for what was said to be "historic gatherings of the world's two most important religious leaders."

"Brother and good friend" is what Francis and al-Tayyeb call each other. The Egyptian has hardly left the pope's side in the past two days. It is their fifth encounter. In his speech, al-Tayyeb calls for Christians to have full citizenship rights in the region. He receives applause just as much as for his criticism of Western caricatures of Muslims.

The Pope, in his subsequent speech, sharply criticizes the war and arms race in the region, but praises the Emirates for granting freedom of worship. However, according to Francis, true freedom of religion is "not limited to the free exercise of religion, but sees in the other one really a brother and a sister ... of the same humanity to whom God grants freedom."

On the evening of the first day, both will receive the Human Fraternity Award, given by Abu Dhabi's ruling family, the Zayed Dynasty. While gentle music and incense flow through the small arena in front of the founder's monument and rain down confetti, the head of the Catholic Church and the head of the main teaching authority of Sunni Islam, sign their joint statement.

This is so explosive - at least in this region - that its publication was not announced in advance. Its signing was not to be jeopardized by any political interference. Together, as well as in each of their denominations, Pope and Grand Imam want to promote peace, dialogue, tolerance and genuine piety, counteract any instrumentalization of religion for hatred and violence, and advocate equal rights for all.

"A justice that applies only to family members, compatriots, and believers of the same faith is a hobbled righteousness that is veiled injustice," the Pope had warned in his speech on Monday night. Even in the tolerant emirates, non-Muslims enjoy worship, but not religious freedom. Every believer is allowed to practice his religion, many in official churches and temples, others - for lack of space - in rented hotel meeting rooms.

Mission and pastoral care among the "others" are prohibited. For Muslims who turn their backs on religion, the death penalty is officially still in force. "You have achieved a lot which is praiseworthy - but all this can be improved," could be summed up with the polite, but certain estimation by the esteemed guest. 

On Monday, when interfaith dialogue took place, Tuesday morning was for Christians in the Middle East. At the Mass with tens of thousands of people in the stadium and tens of thousands more before, Francis gave consolation to the Christians in Arabia, who come from more than 100 different ethnic groups and countries living far from their homeland. He encouraged them and thanked them for living their faith as described in the document signed the day before.

This also corresponds to the spirit of the Sermon on the Mount, the Pope said in his sermon - unlike the standards of this world, according to which the rich, powerful and successful are blessed and cheered by the masses. He calls for "serving rather than being served". That sounds a bit different to the tens of thousands of people from abroad who are workers and servants in Arabia and are confronted everywhere with the large, theatrical images of powerful local emirs.

With the largest Christian worship on Arab soil to date, Christians in the Islamic world have been brought to the light of the global public. With the declaration signed by Francis and al-Tayyeb, the Catholic Church and the highest teaching authority of Sunni Islam have set a milestone behind which Christians and Muslims can not easily recede.

Video of the Mass in Abu Dhabi


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Catholic Priests in China Feel Betrayed by the Vatican -- Facial Recognition Tracks Chinese People on New Year's

(Beijing) The authorities of the People's Republic of China expect a record number of lunar new year human movements to be celebrated in China. Mass exodus is systematically monitored by the regime for the first time using facial recognition systems.The Catholic priests of the communist empire are also monitored.
About 1.5 billion Chinese will participate in the largest mass movement in the world. Whether by train, plane, car or even on foot, most Chinese are still on the move for the next 35 days to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which is all about the pig. This superlative human movement started on March 21st and will last until March 1st. The Chinese traditionally return to their family homes to celebrate New Year's celebrations with relatives and friends to celebrate the New Year. There are no lack of bottlenecks in the means of transport and on the transport routes to transport such crowds.
The official New Year's date in China is February 5, 2019. Authorities are officially expecting 2.99 billion people. Thousands of additional trains and aircraft are used to deal with this. According to the authorities estimate, air traffic alone is expected to increase by 12 percent over the previous year.
New high-speed lines are being put into operation for the New Year, including the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong line.
For the first time, the new social credit system will also be used. Human movements are monitored and controlled with the most systematic facial recognition possible. The system uses a gigantic database and new artificial intelligence technologies.

Underground priests feel "betrayed" by the Vatican

Catholic priests are also being monitored in the People's Republic of China. To officially serve as a priest, you must join the regime approved Patriotic Association. AsiaNews has released the news of such an "official" priest. He reports that underground priests with whom he is associated, feel betrayed by the Vatican, especially since the agreement between Beijing and the Holy See. Despite the agreement, the Patriotic Association continues to work for a Chinese national church independent of the Holy See and dependent on the communist regime.

Only the Patriotic Association is recognized by the state

The priest therefore calls on the Vatican to discuss the role of the Patriotic Association in future talks with Beijing.
The reason for this message is an alarming development for the priest. Several priests of the faithful underground church with whom he is friends are about to give up their priesthood. They feel betrayed by the Vatican. Pope Francis declared after the signing of the Episcopal Agreement "The last word is mine," but the role of the Patriotic Association has not been clarified. The Patriotic Association "is a controlling body of the Chinese Communist Party and wants to build a self-sufficient church independent of the Holy See."
Pope Benedict XVI, in his 2007 Letter to Chinese Catholics, declared the Patriotic Association "incompatible with Catholic doctrine," said the priest. Pope Francis repeatedly emphasized that the letter of his predecessor is "still valid".
But the reality gives a different impression, said the priest. Francis draws on bishops and priests of the Patriotic Association, as a kind of "lesser evil." Membership in the Patriotic Association is still a prerequisite for being recognized by the state as a priest. Benedict XVI. stated, however, that membership of organizations and bodies that deny the indispensable principles of the faith and the ecclesial community is not permitted.
The Patriotic Association is doing just that, as the 60th anniversary of its founding has once again proved.
The priest tells of various underground priests who are so disappointed by recent developments that they feel abandoned and betrayed by the Vatican. Several people know that they have returned to their hometowns or want to return. They are "victims of the Sino-Vatican Agreement," said the priest.
"I'm afraid there are many priests throughout China who are going through this now: they were faithful and defended the Catholic faith, but suddenly they were betrayed by Rome. They can not rape their consciences and even less can they act against their faith. "
The priest's concern is that his confreres may lose their "missionary vocation". If the secular power knows their priesthood and they do not even get hold of the Church, "are they really like the crucified Christ, and can only cry with all their might, 'Father, why have you forsaken us?'"

Text: Andreas Becker / Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: AsiaNews
Trans: Tancred

The Great Cardinal Cipriani is Fallen -- Another Communist Replacement

The new Archbishop of Lima, "the opposite of Cipriani Thorne"

(Lima) As announced recently, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne was retired as Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru by Pope Francis. At the same time Francis immediately appointed his new successor. 

The retirement and new appointment was announced on Friday by the Vatican Press Office. Peru's daily newspaper has already put the picture of the successor on the front page of their current issue.

The Spanish columnist Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña puts it more clearly than the daily bulletin of the Vatican:

"Cipriani has fallen".

Like Archbishop Aguer of La Plata, the Argentinean opponent of Bergoglio, Francis also granted Cardinal Cipriani "not a month of extra time" after reaching the age of 75.

Pope Francis appointed his ghostwriter, Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez, as successor to Monsignor Aguer in La Plata. "The successor to the Archbishop of Lima is even worse," said Fernandez de la Cigoña.

The opposite of Cipriani

For the new Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru, Pope Francis has appointed Carlos Castillo Mattasoglio, priest of the Archdiocese and professor of theology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

It corresponds exactly to the description that he published yesterday.
"It is a diocesan priest of Lima, student of Gustavo Gutierrez and friend of the leadership at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.
And to sum up the other side of the coin, he is totally against the Cipriani line. 
He is a priest who rebelled against the bishop during the 20 years of Cipriani in Lima. He never participated in retreats or priestly meetings with the Cardinal. He never participated in liturgical ceremonies with the Cardinal, such as Corpus Christi, Chrism Mass, etc. "

Fernandez de la Cigoña, very knowledgeable about the Church in the Hispanic world, uses harsh words:

"What happened in Peru today is not describable. It's a shame. Never before would an unsuitable person obtain the seat of the primate of Peru. But you do not know where  the  greater blame lies, with the appointee or with the appointed."
Close association to the terrorist organization Shining Path?

The appointment takes place in a rather eventful moment for the Church in Spanish America. Pope Francis is in Panama. The Church in Chile is in a serious crisis. Venezuela faces the abyss and the Church does not know which side it is on. The church in Venezuela already knows it, against Maduro, but Pope Francis does not seem to know. Peru was a relatively quiet port under Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, although liberation theologians never gave up their rioting.

Cardinal Cipriani Thorne

According to InfoVaticana, Carlos Castillo Mattasoglio was close to the Maoist Partido Comunista del Perú - of Sendero Luminoso de José Carlos Mariátegui (Communist Party of Peru - on the Shining Path). The "Shining Path" terrorist attacks from 1980 to the arrest of their leader Abimael Guzman in 1992, cost at least 70,000 Peruvians lives. The terrorist organization still exists today, albeit on a smaller scale, and continue to commit crimes. Elena Iparraguirre, name "Camarada Miriam," Abimael Guzman's longtime companion, pen name "Presidente Gonzalo," recently wrote a letter to Pope Francis asking him to visit the terrorist leader in prison. Iparraguirre, who held a high rank in the terrorist organization, was arrested in 1992 with Guzman and also sentenced to life imprisonment. Guzman and Iparraguirre were arrested in 2010.

The territory of the Archdiocese of Lima, whose Archbishop Carlos Castillo is now suffering, suffered particularly from Communist terrorism.

Castillo and the rebel university

Castillo, who was ordained a priest of the archdiocese of Lima in 1984, acquired in 1987 at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome a doctorate in Dogmatics. His focus in recent years has been on the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, which Cardinal Cipriani called a rebel university. Castillo was there until then university professor and adviser to the local campus ministry for the university. In other words, he "overwintered" during the episcopate of Cardinal Cipriani Thorne at the Rebel University, where the Primate was in a long-standing dispute. Not least because he accused the university of spreading heresies.

Under Benedict XVI., the Cardinal found support in Rome, although the Vatican showed the greatest patience and forbearance with the rebels. Pope Francis stood on the side of the rebels and left the Cardinal in the rain. It was a decision for Peru, and it was only a matter of time before Cardinal Cipriani Thorne reached the age limit of 75.

With today's appointment, Pope Francis has radically changed the situation in the Church of Peru. Fernandez de la Cigoña wrote after this news:

"And Cipriani, an extraordinary archbishop whose immense work they want to destroy, knows that at the last moment one can not prevent the decreed death by shameful moaning, as some have said. Today it was shown that it was pointless. He will now die with dignity without lamenting the dagger that struck him down. That's the way it is with Opus Dei. Just like that."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred

Friday, January 25, 2019

Conspiracy Is Afoot Against Pope — Kasper Convinced

Is a plot against Pope Francis in progress? Cardinal Kasper is convinced of it.

(Rome) Cardinal Kasper, the spirit rector of the current pontificate, warns against a forced resignation of Pope Francis.

The former bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart and emeritus Prefect of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity is one of the figures who prepared the pontificate of the reigning pope. Kasper joined in, shortly after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.,
even though publicly warned by the recently resigned church leader, not to interfere in the election of his successor during the 2013 sedevacant. wrote: 

 Today it is known that Kasper belonged to the internal church secret circle of Sankt Gallen, in which high and highest churchmen have gathered since the 90s. He was also a member of the Bergoglio team, a four-member "executive body" of the secret society charged with preparing for the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The secret circle had chosen him as the candidate of the progressive Fronde.

Since the election of Pope Francis Cardinal Kasper, whose theology is Hegelian, is considered "the theologian of the pope". In the most controversial moments of the current pontificate, the handwriting of Kasper can clearly be seen: from the admission of so-called remarried divorced to the sacraments to the admission of Protestants to Holy Communion. In both cases one can speak of a real existing Protestantization of the Catholic Church.

Yesterday, Kasper warned in a newspaper interview of a "forced resignation,” i.e. a de facto deposing of Pope Francis. The interview was published by the left-liberal Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano (FQ). The occasion was an ARD interview, in which he spoke of internal Church opponents of Pope Francis, who want to force the Argentine church leader to resign. The word "conspiracy" then went around the world. The Italian daily Libero spoke of "Kasper's bomb". The opponents of the Pope want to "shift Francis out to get to a new conclave.”

The interviews bear witness to a certain amount of nervousness associated with the recent abuse scandals and doubtful ways of the lives of bishops and cardinals who have come to prominence over the past 12 months and do not show Pope Francis in the best light in various ways. There was the impression that in several cases, despite being aware of misconduct or abuse, he remained inactive or even protected potential perpetrators. All cases known in this context concern bishops or cardinals who are close to Pope Francis.

The aforementioned nervousness has increased abruptly since the end of August as the former nuncio to the US, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, published a dossier on the case of ex-Cardinal McCarrick and made serious allegations against Pope Francis in it. And since October 2018, when a direct response to this, an initiative by Catholic laymen in the US announced that they wanted to screen all cardinals for a future conclave in order to expose abusers or cover-ups. Above all, the initiative with dossiers aims to prevent the cardinals, but also the journalists and the world public, from knowing almost nothing about some cardinals, especially the positions they represent, as was the case with Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The initiative provides more than $1 million annually for expert and professional research.

Since the emergence of this lay initiative, liberal secular and progressive church media have seen a backlash from the New York Times. It claims a "conspiracy" against Pope Francis and gives the impression that there is something like a conservative secret circle of St. Gallen. But there is no trace of such a thing. The intention behind this attempt is all the clearer. The unveiling of the progressive secret circle of St. Gallen is perceived as a burden in the circle of the collaborators of Pope Francis. The piquant thing is that it was just a member of the secret circle itself, namely the progressive pederast enabler, Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels, who in obvious conquest of the successful choice of Francis and the new course of the Church divulged the existence of a Secret St. Galen “mafia”.

Kasper's speeches show that with the nearing of the Abuse Summit at the end of February, which is overshadowed by new abuse scandals, there is mounting tension among the Pope’s clique of favorites.

The cardinal does not want the word "plot" in the ARD interview, at least not openly. In the matter, however, he repeated his testimony and sent out several signals with his carefully considered words.

"A forced resignation would not be valid"

Q: If you're talking about a plot against Pope Francis, what exactly are you referring to?

Cardinal Kasper: I still have to look at the translation of my German text. I can not say if the translation is correct. Still, I'm talking about groups that are publicly critical of Pope Francis.

Q: Who wants the end of this pontificate today and why?

Cardinal Kasper: The answer can be found on the Internet, on Catholic websites, in Italian, German, English ...

Q: What happens to the Curia at the moment of such high tension: are dossiers in circulation?

Cardinal Kasper: I am an emeritus cardinal. I do not have access to these dossiers. I'm doing theology again.

Q: You claim that the subject of sexual abuse has become a mode of discrediting Francis rather than an old and very serious evil.

Cardinal Kasper: I am not saying that the scandal of sexual abuse is only an instrument against Pope Francis. On the contrary, it's a real scandal and a crime to me, and you have to do everything to eradicate it and make it clear. I'm just saying that some are taking advantage of this scandal to harm the Pope. Others use it for their agenda against celibacy. That's what I call a misuse of abuse.

FQ: You have always supported Francis and his reform. Have you never talked to the Pope about the plot?

Cardinal Kasper: It is true that I am on the side of the Pope, but there are only very rare, personal encounters. I do not use the term conspiracy. I never spoke to him about it.

Q: Would Francis never resign?

Cardinal Kasper: According to the rules of canon law and the conditions laid down there, a pope can resign. This is a completely personal and free decision, which in reality has been very rare so far. A forced resignation would be invalid. For me: Habemus Papam and I'm glad about it. That's why I had no reason to think about and discuss such an unlikely eventuality.

Q: The resignation of Joseph Ratzinger took place spontaneously?

Cardinal Kasper: I’ve  known Benedict XVI. for 55 years. I know that he thought and prayed for a long time long before he announced his resignation from the Petrine ministry. He has explained, and I take that seriously, that he did it in complete freedom and for the reasons he gave in his statement to the Cardinals. It was a humble, generous and courageous decision that deserves all respect.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: FQ (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

"Warning to Benedict XVI. of a Kasper - Anti-Ratzinger pontificate in planning.”
"Warning to Benedict XVI. of a Kasper - Anti-Ratzinger pontificate in planning.”
"Warning to Benedict XVI. of a Kasper - Anti-Ratzinger pontificate in planning.”

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Pope Taking Swipe at Legacy of Pope Benedict

Benedict XVI. with Pope Francis

"Two More Threads That Connect Pope Francis With His Predecessor Are Severed"
(Rome) The Italian daily Libero today published the following text, which is reproduced in full.
"The thesis is one of the most serious. This is also shown by the evidence. Pope Francis has a plan to eliminate the legacy and disciples of Benedict XVI. The operation has stirred up the Vatican, which has not by any means significantly opposed the incumbent Pope.
The thesis is voiced by Riccardo Cascioli [chief editor of the Catholic Internet newspaper Nuova Bussola Quotidiana ] in the daily Il Giornale:
"It's just a matter of days and two more threads that connect Pope Francis with his predecessor are severed. More voices are being raised that the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household is being abolished, its incumbent - and at the same time personal secretary to Benedict XVI. - Msgr. Georg Gänswein, and the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, established in 1988 for dialogue with the Society of St. Pius X (the Lefebvrians), is today the reference point for the application of Summorum Pontifiicum, the motu proprio of Benedict XVI, with which the Latin Mass in the traditional rite was freed."
These are two decisions of very grave symbolic value, similar to the expulsion of Cardinal Raymond Burke, whom Joseph Ratzinger had called to Rome in 2008 as Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura. In November 2014, he was deposed by Pope Francis, who had already replaced him as a member of the Congregation of Bishops the year before. The same fate befell Cardinal Gerhard Müller.
Now one has arrived at the last link, with Msgr. Gänswein, a person inconvenient to Francis. The abolition of the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household, with the relocation of duties (appointments and audiences of the Pope) to a section of the Secretariat of State, would allow the Pope to get rid of Gänswein and to justify the operation with the need for a reform of the Curia.
As for the end of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, which has been talked about for some time: The consequences are explosive. This would give more weight to those who want to eliminate Summorum Pontificum and Mass in the 'Extraordinary Form' of the one Roman rite whose 'proper form' is the Missal enacted in 1969. This is the next blow against Ratzinger's legacy, which Francis seems to want to eradicate.
Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Libero (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Archbishop Viganò Calls On Evil Archbishop to Do Penance

Edit: still alive and hiding in an undisclosed location, the Archbishop calls upon his brother bishop to do penance and reveal what he knows.

Part of doing Penance demands contrition. The once invulnerable McCarrick has not given any indication he is sorry for his sins.

Link to Motley Monk...

Ht: Canon212


Sunday, January 13, 2019

The New Catholic "Far Right" in France

by Gary Potter] For the first time in decades there is visible on the French political landscape politics rooted in France’s historical Catholicism. From the point of view and in the parlance of secular liberal globalists that makes the politics “far right,” “extreme right” or even “fascist”.

Given France’s position as one of the world’s leading nations, its role as a main actor in history and the lamentable fact that in 1789 it became the first country in Christendom to experience the overthrow of Christian government, the emergence of the new politics inspired by traditional Church teaching is of considerable significance.

It excites fear and loathing in some. One such is Mark Lilla, author of an article about the movement recently published by the New York Review of Books, that flag-bearer journal of the political left in the U.S. He fears that it can serve, at least in its “aggressive form,” as a “powerful tool for building a pan-European reactionary Christian nationalism.”


Friday, January 11, 2019

More Victims Coming Forward Against St. Gallen Conspirator, McCarrick

Pope Francis with ex-Cardinal McCarrick.

(Rome) The Washington Post has also reported in its January 10 issue that the Vatican wants to speed things up in the McCarrick case. This had previously been reported by other media. The US newspaper refers to an anonymous source in the Vatican that is familiar with the case.

The source confirmed to the Washington Post that more victims have come forward. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith requested that the witnesses be examined in the first week of January, which was entrusted to the Archdiocese of New York.

The newspaper suggests that Pope Francis can increase the pace to close the case before the Abuse Summit in late February. The source from the Washington Post confirmed that the law provides for the possibility of a shortened procedure rather than a complete process that could take "years".

"In rare cases", the Pope even "directly decided such cases", with which a third option was addressed.

It is always about "preserving the rights of individuals" and "not being theatrical". This part "they have already done" in the case of McCrrick, meaning the competent bodies in the Vatican, "by stripping him of his cardinal rank," the source said.

Edit: and also, Viganò Vindicated.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, January 10, 2019

With New Sexual Abuse Case Francis May Go From Cleanup Man to Accused

(Rome) In July 2017, Bishop Gustavo Oscar Zanchetta, although only 53 years old, became emeritus diocesan bishop of the Argentine diocese of Oran. The reason given was his health. "Many were worried that he was suffering from a deadly disease, because it was not even enough to celebrate a mass for farewell," said the US Daily Beast on January 4th. The departure from the diocese was extremely abrupt. Now the evidence is mounting, that the reason for it was a completely different one.

A true Bergoglian

Monsignor Zanchetta belongs to the circle of Bergoglians among the bishops with whom the Pope's former Primate of Argentina is rebuilding the Episcopate of his native land. On July 23, 2013, Francis Gustavo had appointed Oscar Zanchetta Bishop of Oran.
Four years later, the bishop left his diocese in a shambles on August 1, 2017. He subsequently justified his hasty disappearance from an unknown location with unspecified "health problems". He merely said that these problems would have to be dealt with elsewhere. 

Then, as is now known, he stopped in Corrientes, 900 kilometers away, and then reappeared further away in Madrid - and apparently in good health again.

Bishop Lopez Celebrates Mass for the Aberrosexual Lobby

Raul Vera Lopez is known as the bishop of the gay lobby and is tolerated by the Vatican.

Edit: and not a word was said from Rome.

(Mexico City) On the 20th of January Bishop Raul Vera Lopez, Bishop of Saltillo, will be celebrating Mass at the 17th founding of the Comunidad San Aelredo. The aberrosexual organization is part of the gay lobby.
José Raul Vera Lopez, born in 1945, belongs to the Dominican Order. In 1975 he was ordained a priest by Pope Paul VI. in Rome. Pope John Paul II appointed him Bishop of Ciudad Altamirano in 1987. In 1995 he was appointed bishop coadjutor of San Cristobal de Las Casas. In 1999 he was appointed Bishop of Saltillo.
His mediating role as coadjutor in the Diocese of San Cristobal de Las Casas after the Zapatista riots and his social commitment accelerated the inner-church rise of the Dominican. Since then, he has received numerous awards for his commitment to the indigenous population and human rights. However, this is also an agenda that is in open contradiction to parts of the Church doctrine.

Under Benedict XVI. he was warned, under Francis gets free ride

While Bishop Raul Vera Lopez under Pope Benedict XVI. was warned by the Vatican in 2011, he enjoys free travel under Pope Francis.

Bishop Lopez with homo colors in the church
Under the current Pope, the Mexican bishop was noted for his open commitment to abortion [murder] and aberrosexuality. Both the killing of unborn children and the practiced aberrosexuality are claimed by Vera Lopez in step with the left mainstream as "human rights".
On October 3, 2015, one day before the start of the Second Synod of Bishops on the Family, the bishop appeared as the "star guest" of a meeting of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, which are gay organizations calling for aberrosexuality to be recognized by the Catholic Church. In his speech, Bishop Raul Vera told deviants:
"You are our saviors. Please help us! Pope Francis needs you now. He has set aside the doctrine and has taken up the gospel of mercy, peace and love. Please help us! The little ones, but well-organized ones defeat the monsters, and you're well organized and you'll win."

The bishop likes to be "different"

Several months later, the Mexican newspaper Capital Coahuila published photos of a carnival party. Thereupon the bishop was disguised like a female doctor or male doctor remained unclear.
The journalist Emiliano Ruiz Parra, sympathetic to the bishop, wrote about him:
"The Bishop of Saltillo is convinced that there is no salvation in heaven without deliverance on earth. (...) He defends the Central American migrants, the miners, the homosexuals, the Indians, the sex workers, the families of the disappeared in the civil war"
The journalist sums up the behavior of Bishop Raul Vera Lopez by saying that he likes "being different".
Other media already saw it in 2011:
"People think that the bishop is not Catholic."
The reason for this was the request of the bishop to legalize abortion in Mexico. Since 2011 Raul Vera works together with abortion organizations. His nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2012 can be seen in this context.

Homosexuality "God-given"?

The bishop is of the opinion that deviant behavior like sodomy is willed by God, which is why no aberrosexual can do anything about his inclination. In an interview with El Pais, Bishop Raul Vera Lopez proudly related what he said to a mother who had come to him to complain to him about her homosexual son:
"You have to judge yourself, because your son has become like that in your womb. If he has become as he is, then he came from your womb."
Criticism of Pope Benedict XVI.  during his pontificate was given a "good hearing" in the Church paper of Saltillo.
In 2013 Vera Lopez spoke at the 33rd Congress of Liberation Theology in Madrid and ridiculed what the Catholic Church's Catechism teachings about aberrosexuality. The bishop did not mind that the congress was sponsored by organizations that advocate abortion.

Whoever rejects homosexuality "is insane"

Anyone who rejects homosexuality, according to the bishop, is "homophobic" and "homophobes" are "mentally ill". Mexican Catholics protested in Rome against petitioning the bishop "who calls the Catholic teaching on homosexuality insane".

Energetic for false "human rights"
But Bergoglian Rome did not respond. While Pope Francis intervened quickly against conservative and traditional bishops and sent an Apostolic Visitor, the opposite happened to Bishop Vera Lopez.
When Pope Francis visited Mexico in February 2016, he held the Mexican bishops a veritable pomp. Bishop Raul Vera Lopez, on the other hand, belonged to a small group of 20 chosen, mainly lay people, including journalists, who were invited by Francis to a confidential meeting.
Francis thus made the episcopate of the most Catholic country in America to understand for whom its doors are closed and for whom they are open. At that time, the Mexican episcopacy was still led by Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, who was at the beginning of the second family synod among the signatories of the complaint letter, which weighed against the manipulation of the synod with its prefabricated results.

Pope Francis is "muy cuco"

Raul Vera Lopez had described Francis in early February 2016 in an interview with the newspaper El Universal attesting him to be "muy habil, muy cuco", so "very clever, very smart". The bishop thus meant how it is that Francis paves the way of the sacraments to the remarried divorced. That was two months before the publication of the controversial post-synodal letter Amoris laetitia.
The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, says the bishop on the same occasion, has nothing to do with homosexuality. The two cities were "barbarian" inhabited "economic centers" that "exploited" other people. Such is the liberation theological reinterpretation.

Faust and dove of peace united in the diocese
In 2016 , Raul Vera, who likes to show his aberroosexual flag, christened the child of a lesbian couple. It is not an issue for the bishop to this date that homosexuals who use artificial insemination to "bear" children in vitro often have their sex selected. Gay men prefer a son, lesbians a daughter. Bishop Vera Lopez also christened an in vitro the "begotten" daughter on 25 May 2016 in Monclova for the lesbian couple who live in a "gay marriage".
He also didn't worry about their "gay marriage". The two lesbians, one of them the mother of the child, described the bishop as a "parent". He justified his actions by saying, "How could I refuse baptism? If the parents want it, it's because they have a Christian faith." He did not ask where the girl's father was, and whether she was conceived naturally or through artificial insemination. "Does it matter?" The bishop said in a telephone interview with

The community of San Aelredo

The year 2019, Bishop Raul Vera Lopez began with a Mass for the gay lobby. For the Comunidad San Aelredo it is the start of their activities in the new year. In their invitation it states:
"As a community and social group, in 2006 the Comunidad San Aelredo helped to create a law that brought major changes for the LGBTTTI people in the state of Coahuila and across the country: the Civil Solidarity Pact, which was adopted in January 2007; Talks on the introduction of equal civil marriage, adopted in September 2014, and the Citizens' Register of the Civil Code in Coahuila de Zaragoza, introduced by the Comunidad San Aelredo in June 2017 and adopted by the State Parliament on 13 November 2018.
San Aelredo organizes various events in Coahuila, including the Lesbian Gay Film Festival, Saltillo Diversity March, Sexual Diversity Cultural Week and Homosexual Homosexuals in Saltillo."
The community was founded in 2002 by the American Robert Coogan. The New York journalist moved to Mexico, where Bishop Vera Lopez consecrated him a priest for the diocese of Saltillo. When it came to the conflict with the Vatican in 2011, the bishop claimed that it was all about "dialogue". The community was then formally unbundled from the diocese, but the relationship of the bishop did not change anything. The predominantly gay male community promotes the participation of children and adolescents in gay pride.
Their representatives, assisted and encouraged by Coogan and Bishop Vera Lopez, are invariably practicing homosexuals.

Abuse of a saint

The great Agelred of Rievaulx (1110-1167), an important mystic, came to the dubious honor of becoming the patron saint of this and other homosexual organizations because a British historian put forward the no less dubious thesis that the saint could have been homosexual. Such "homosexual" reinterpretations of history are especially popular since the 90s in fashion and in the gay milieu, albeit mostly arbitrarily. The reason for the misinterpretation in this particular case is the Christian love commandment, which today is often mistaken for lack of understanding with sexuality. Saint Aelred dealt intensively with his love of God and neighbor in his mystical texts.

Rievaulx was destroyed under Henry VIII
In fact, all that can be said of him is that the saint, who entered a Cistercian monastery at the age of twenty-four, may have previously sinned at the Scottish royal court. What kind of sins these were is not known. As a monk, he championed chastity and virginity in his writings and warned against extramarital relations and aberrosexuality. Any form of sexuality, he emphasized in his writings, was a threat to the celibacy of priests and religious.
He was one of the most important religious men in England and Scotland. The monastery Rievaulx in the north of England, whose abbot he was in 1147, he led to great flowering. The convent of initially 25 monks grew under his spiritual guidance to 300 monks. Records say: "Monasticism and love tripled". At that time, 58 Cistercian abbeys were built in the British Isles.
As with so much, Bishop Raul Vera Lopez is not bothered by the abuse of this saint by the gay lobby.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Facebook / Wikicommons (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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